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Songs from 1995

'Round Here

'Til You Do Me Right

(He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River

(I Do It) For the Money

(I Wanna Be a) Dumbcharger

(If You're Not in It for Love) I'm Outta Here!

(This Thing Called) Wantin' and Havin' It All

1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin' New)


13th and Euclid

15 Seconds

1979 (song)

1990-Sick (Get 'Em All)

1nce Again

1st of tha Month

2 A.M. (Iron Maiden song)

2 Bad

24/7 (3T song)

3 Is Family

32 Flavors

4 to 1 in Atlanta

50/50 Luv

7 (Shizuka Kudo song)

7 Words

86 (song)

A Cruel Angel's Thesis

A Girl's Gotta Do (What a Girl's Gotta Do)

A Good Flying Bird

A Kind of Christmas Card

A League of Notions

A Little Bit of You

A Medio Vivir (song)

A Past and Future Secret

A Question of Honour (song)

A Red Letter Day

A Salty Salute

A Small Plot of Land

A Stroke of Luck

A Winter's Tale (Queen song)

Above All (song)

Abriendo Puertas (song)

Abriendo Puertas A La Navidad

Absolute E-Sensual

Accidentally Cool

Acrid Placidity

Aeroplane (Red Hot Chili Peppers song)

Affection (song)

Again (Alice in Chains song)

Agua Dulce, Agua Sal

Ahora Es (2 in a Room song)

Ai ga Mienai

Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up

Ain't Nobody (Faith Evans song)

Ain't Nuthin' But a She Thang

Alice Childress (song)

Alien (I Am)

All Along (Blessid Union of Souls song)

All Glocks Down

All Homeboys Are Dickheads

All I Need (Jesse Powell song)

All I Need to Know (Kenny Chesney song)

All I Really Want (Alanis Morissette song)

All I Want Is Everything (Bon Jovi song)

All I Want Is a Life

All Mixed Up (311 song)

All She Can See

All That I Got Is You

All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down

All Your Way

All the Things (Your Man Won't Do)

All the Way (Jason McCoy song)

Almost a Memory Now

Alone + Easy Target

Alphabet Town

Alright (Cast song)

Alright (Supergrass song)

Always Be My Baby

Always Crush Me

Always Have, Always Will (Shenandoah song)

America (I Love America)

American Pompeii

Amin (song)

Among the Walking Dead

Amor (Cristian Castro song)

Amsterdam (Van Halen song)


An Ordinary

Anata no Sedai e Kuchizuke o

And Fools Shine On

And the Story Ends

Ang Huling El Bimbo

Angel (Goldie song)

Angel (Ladadi O-Heyo)

Angel Boy

Angel Love Story (Akiiro no Tenshi)

Angry Johnny

Another Holy War

Another Lonely Day

Anthem (Moby song)

Any Emcee

Any Man of Mine

Anything (3T song)

Anything for You (Snow song)

Anywhere Is

Aoi Usagi

Apple Eyes

Are You Blue or Are You Blind?

Ariel (Rainbow song)

Armatage Shanks

As Heaven Is Wide

As We Go Up We Go Down

As Wicked

Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)

Asche zu Asche

Ask of You

Ask the Dragon

Athair ar Neamh

Atom Age Vampire in 308

Attitude (Sepultura song)

Bab's Uvula Who?

Baby Boy (Me & My song)

Baby He's Your Man

Baby It's You (MN8 song)

Back in Your Arms Again

Bad News (Camouflage song)

Ballbreaker (song)

Be My Lover (La Bouche song)

Beautiful (Ivy song)

Beautiful Life (Ace of Base song)

Beautiful Life (Lydia Canaan song)

Beer (song)

Before You Walk Out of My Life

Best Friend on the Payroll

Best Imitation of Myself

Better Things to Do

Betty Boop's Birthday

Big Chief Chinese Restaurant

Big Guitar

Big Me

Big River (Jimmy Nail song)

Big Time (Whigfield song)

Bigger Than the Beatles

Birmingham (Amanda Marshall song)

Black Masquerade

Black Nite Crash

Black Star (Radiohead song)

Bleed (Collective Soul song)

Bleeding You Dry

Blessed (Elton John song)

Blimps Go 90

Blind (Silverchair song)

Blinded by Rainbows

Blood on the World's Hands

Blubber Boy

Blue in the Face (song)

Blurred (song)

Bo Diddley (Arvingarna song)

Bobbie Ann Mason (song)

Body Feels Exit

Bombn de Azcar (song)


Bones (Radiohead song)

Boogie Woogie (song)

Boom Biddy Bye Bye

Booyah (Here We Go)

Bored (Deftones song)

Born in '69

Born in a Mourning Hall

Born in the Dark

Box Full of Letters

Boxers (song)

Boxing (song)

Brain Stew / Jaded

Brat (song)

Breakfast at Tiffany's (song)

Breakin' Away (song)

Breakin' Down

Bright Eyes (Blind Guardian song)

Bring 'Em All In (song)

Bring Back My Happiness

Brinx Job

Broken Stones

Brother's Keeper (Rich Mullins song)

Brown Sugar (D'Angelo song)

Bruise Pristine

Brush Away

Brute (song)

Building the City of Light

Bullet (Fluke song)

Bullet Proof..I Wish I Was

Bumpy Ride (Robyn song)

Burn One Down (Ben Harper song)

Bury Me in Smoke

Bury the Shovel

By Myself (Ivy song)

By Your Side (Jimmy Somerville song)

By the Way (No Doubt song)


Cain's Blood

California (Mylne Farmer song)

California Love

Call It Love (Deuce song)

Can I Touch You...There

Can't Be Really Gone

Can't Stop Lovin' You

Can't Stop Raving

Can't You See (Total song)

Candle (Jason McCoy song)

Cannon (song)

Captain Jack (Captain Jack song)

Captive Heart (song)

Car Song (Elastica song)

Caralho Voador

Carnival (Natalie Merchant song)

Carnival (The Cardigans song)

Caroline (Kirsty MacColl song)

Caroline (The Badloves song)

Carousel (Blink-182 song)

Cast No Shadow (song)

Catch a Fire (song)

Cathy's Clown (You Am I song)

Cayenne (instrumental)

Celebration (Fun Factory song)

Champagne Supernova

Change of Heart (Jimmy Barnes song)

Charity (song)

Charlene (Bjrk song)

Charlie Brown's Parents

Charmless Man

Charms (The Philosopher Kings song)

Chase the Chance

Check Yes or No

Cheers for You

Cherokee Highway

Chicken Blows

Childhood (Michael Jackson song)

Children (composition)

China Roses

Choice in the Matter

Cicada (Silverchair song)

Cigarette Tricks

Cinta Kita

Circuitry (song)

Circus (Lenny Kravitz song)

Clap Yo Hands

Close to You (Whigfield song)

Closer Still

Closer You Are

Closer than Close (Rosie Gaines song)

Cloud of Dust

Clubbed to Death (instrumental)

Cocktails (Too Short song)

Cold Hearted Woman

Cold Rock a Party

Collection of Goods

Colors of the Wind

Colour of Love (Trancylvania song)

Come Back Home (Seo Taiji and Boys song)

Come Over (Faith Evans song)

Come Take My Hand

Coming Home Now

Comme j'ai mal

Common People

Como Decirte Adis

Como Te Extrao

Con te partir

Corazn (Ricky Martin song)

Count On Me (Whitney Houston and CeCe Winans song)

Counting Blue Cars

Cover Me (Bjrk song)

Cover You in Oil

Cowboy Love

Crazy Cool

Crown Victoria Custom '51

Cry on the Shoulder of the Road

Crying in the Rain (Culture Beat song)

Cuando Respiro En Tu Boca


Cupid (112 song)

Cynical (Extreme song)

D.S. (song)

Da Funk

Dagenham Dave


Dante's Inferno (song)

Dark Horse (Amanda Marshall song)

Dark Therapy (song)

Das alte Leid

Dave's Gone Skiing

Decay (Ivy song)

Deep (Collide song)

Deep Down (song)

Deep Kick

Demented (song)

Dementia (Tad song)

Der Meister

Desire (Luna Sea song)

Destin (song)

Destination Eschaton

Destinazione paradiso (song)

Det vackraste

Det r ver nu


Did I Shave My Legs for This? (song)

Die Antwort weiss der Wind

Dieu m'a donn la foi

Different People

Digging the Grave

Disco 2000 (song)

Disco's Revenge

Do What's Good for Me

Do You Always (Have to Be Alone)?

Do You Really Want Me (Show Respect)

Do You Sleep?

Domingo (Tits song)

Don't Be Shy (Arisa Mizuki song)

Don't Break My Heart (Vaya Con Dios song)

Don't Cry (Seal song)

Don't Give Up (Island Inspirational All-Stars song)

Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Sonic Dream Collective song)

Don't Know How to Be

Don't Let the Feeling Go

Don't Look Back in Anger

Don't Stay Home

Don't Stop (CDB song)

Don't Stop (Wade Hayes song)

Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)

Don't Want You Back (Robyn song)

Don't Want to Forgive Me Now

Don't You Know (Pandora song)

Donde Quiera Que Ests

Down (311 song)

Down Low (Nobody Has to Know)

Down in a Ditch

Downtown (Neil Young song)

Drag Him to the Roof

Dreaming My Dreams (The Cranberries song)

Dreaming of You (Selena song)

Drop (The Pharcyde song)

Drop Dead Gorgeous (song)

Drop the Ball

Drugs (song)


Duden (song)

Dulce Amor (song)

Dune Buggy (song)

Dust on the Bottle

Dnde Estars

Earth Song

East 1999

Eating Cookies All Seasons


Eifersucht (song)

El Beso de la Ciguatera

El Palo (Juan Gabriel song)

El Phantasmo and the Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama

El reloj cuc

Electric Head, Pt. 2 (The Ecstasy)

Electric Trains

Elevators (Me & You)

Ella us mi cabeza como un revlver

End It on This

Enjoy (Bjrk song)

Envy (Fat Joe song)

Es (Theme of Es)

Esperndote (Tito Rojas song)

Estamos Solos

Estoy Aqu

Estoy Enamorado (Donato & Estfano song)

Even Men with Steel Hearts

Evert (song)

Every Little Thing (Margaret Ulrich song)

Every Shade of Blue

Every Time My Heart Calls Your Name

Every Year, Every Christmas

Everyday (Ivy song)

Everything Changes (Scatman John song)

Everything Falls Apart (song)

Everytime You Touch Me

Evidence (Faith No More song)

Evil Speakers


Excalibur (song)

Excuse Me Mr.

Exhale (Shoop Shoop)

Exhausted (song)

Experiencia Religiosa

Explode (Dishwalla song)



Facer (song)

Fades Em All

Fairground (song)

Faith in Me, Faith in You (song)

Faithlift (song)

Fall in Love (Kenny Chesney song)

Falling Down (Tears for Fears song)

Falling into Grace

Fantasy (Mariah Carey song)

Farmer in the City

Fast Life (Kool G Rap song)

Faultline (Silverchair song)

Fear My Wraith

Feather in Your Cap

Feel Like Dance

Feel Me Flow

Feel the Funk

Feel the Sunshine

Feels So Good (Show Me Your Love)

Feels like Home (Randy Newman song)

Filling Up with Heaven

Find Another Way



Fire in the Head

Firestarter (The Prodigy song)

First Time (The Kelly Family song)

Fiskarna i haven

Flavour of the Old School

Flood (Jars of Clay song)

Fly (Through the Starry Night)

Fly Away (DJ Company song)

Fly Away (Haddaway song)

Foe Life

Foolish Games

For Your Love (Stevie Wonder song)

Forever (Mariah Carey song)

Forgiven, Not Forgotten (song)

Fortunes of War (Iron Maiden song)

Forty Days and Nights

Free as a Bird

Freedom (DJ BoBo song)

Fretwork Homework

Friday Night and the Gates Are Low

Friend of Mine (The Screaming Jets song)

Friends (Scooter song)

Frogs (song)

From Where I Am

Fuego de Noche, Nieve de Da

Fun Tonight (Riverdales song)

Funk It Up


Futari wa Koibito

Galaxie (song)

Game of Pricks

Gangsta's Paradise

Geek Stink Breath

Genshi, Onna wa Taiy Datta

Geordie in Wonderland (song)

Get Money

Get Real (David Bowie song)

Get Wild

Get on Up (Jodeci song)

Gettin' off on You

Ghost Ship (Robyn Hitchcock song)

Ghost of You and Me

Gift of Faith (Toto song)

Gin & Juice (DeVante Swing song)

Girl from Mars

Girlfriend (The Pillows song)

Give (Dishwalla song)

Give Me One Reason

Give Me a Little More Time

Give My Life

Give Up the Goods (Just Step)

Give a Man a Home

Givin' Water to a Drowning Man

God Am

God Bless the Child (Shania Twain song)

God Fearing Man

God Moving Over the Face of the Waters

God's Mistake

Gold Hick

Gold to Me

Golden Boy (Sin with Sebastian song)

GoldenEye (song)

Golpes en el Corazn

Gonna Make You Mine

Good Thing (Eternal song)

Good Thing (Rebecka Trnqvist song)

Goodbye Heartbreak

Goodbye My Love (Yoko Ono song)

Gotta Be You (3T song)

Gracias a Dios (song)

Grandpa Told Me So

Grave Architecture

Graveland (song)

Great Things (Echobelly song)

Greener Pastures

Grind (song)

Ground on Down

Grunt and Click

HIStory (song)

Hallo Spaceboy

Hand in My Pocket

Hands Up (Hype song)

Happiness (Pizzaman song)

Happy Now? (No Doubt song)

Have Fun, Go Mad

Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?

Haze (Dishwalla song)

He Lives in You

He's on the Phone

Head Creeps

Head over Feet

Headbone Connected

Headphones (Bjrk song)

Heart Half Empty

Heart of Steel (song)

Heart's Desire (song)

Heaven (Solo song)

Heaven Beside You

Heaven Knows (Squeeze song)

Heaven in My Woman's Eyes

Heirate mich

Hello (Masaharu Fukuyama song)

Hello, Again (Mukashi kara Aru Basho)

Hem till Norden (song)

Here Comes the Rain

Here We Go (Robyn song)

Here for You (FireHouse song)

Heroin Girl

Herzeleid (song)

Hey God

Hey Lover

Hey Man Nice Shot

Hey You (Scatman John song)

Hey You!

Hi, Louis

Hip Today

History (The Verve song)

Hit (Guided by Voices song)

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

Holdin' Onto Something

Hollywood (The Cranberries song)

Hope Has a Place

House Keeper (song)

How (Robyn song)

How Bizarre (song)

How Can Heaven Love Me

How High (song)

Hundido En Un Rincn

Hunting Humans (Insatiable)

Hurricane (The Click song)

Hurt to Heart (Itami no Yukue)


Hypnotised (Simple Minds song)

Hypnotize the Moon (song)

Hgre mark

I Am Free (Mariah Carey song)

I Am with Name

I Believe (Happy Clappers song)

I Brake for Brunettes

I Can Dream

I Can Give You Love (Fancy song)

I Can Love You Like That

I Can't Do That Anymore

I Can't Sleep Baby (If I)

I Could Fall in Love

I Could Sing of Your Love Forever

I Didn't Know My Own Strength (Lorrie Morgan song)

I Dig You (song)

I Do Believe (The Highwaymen song)

I Don't Wanna Be a Star

I Don't Wanna Live My Life Like You

I Feel It

I Feel You (Peter Andre song)

I Fell (So You Could Catch Me)

I Give You My Heart (Hillsong song)

I Go Humble

I Got a Girl (Tripping Daisy song)

I Hate Rock 'n' Roll

I Have Not Been to Oxford Town

I Juswannachill

I Kiss Your Lips

I Kissed a Girl (Jill Sobule song)

I Know (Dionne Farris song)

I Know She Still Loves Me

I Let Her Lie

I Like It, I Love It

I Live My Life for You

I Live for You (Chynna Phillips song)

I Love Rock 'n' Roll (The Jesus and Mary Chain song)

I Love to Love

I Might Be Crying

I Never Loved a Man Before

I Shot Ya

I Think About It All the Time

I Think About You (song)

I Thought That We Were Still In Love

I Wanna B with U

I Wanna Be a Hippy

I Wanna Go Where the People Go

I Want My Goodbye Back

I Want You Back (Pure Soul song)

I Want to Come Over

I Will Remember

I Will Remember You (Sarah McLachlan song)

I Wish (Skee-Lo song)

I Wish You Well

I Wonder Why (Sonic Dream Collective song)

I'd Lie for You (And That's the Truth)

I'd Like Your Hair Long

I'll Be There for You/You're All I Need to Get By

I'll Follow the Sun (Mr. President song)

I'll Never Break Your Heart

I'll Try

I'm Afraid of Americans

I'm Alive (Blind Guardian song)

I'm Deranged

I'm Dying

I'm Getting Used to You

I'm Jealous

I'm Living Up to Her Low Expectations

I'm Not Ashamed (song)

I'm Not Strong Enough to Say No

I'm Still Dancin' with You

I'm a Cow

I, Trog

Ice Cream (Raekwon song)

If I Never Knew You

If I Were You (Terri Clark song)

If I Were You (k.d. lang song)

If It Don't Take Two

If You Belong to Me

If You Could Only See

If You Loved Me

If You Only Let Me In

If You're Not Gonna Love Me Right

Illusions (Cypress Hill song)

Imaginations from the Other Side (song)

In My Heart (Robyn song)

In My Lifetime (song)

In Spite of All the Danger

In Too Deep (Jenny Morris song)

In a Zone

In the Meantime (Spacehog song)

In the Shadows (Ivy song)

Inside Out (Culture Beat song)

Insomnia (Faithless song)

Into Another

Into the Blue (Moby song)

Ireland's Call

Is It Me?

Is There Life After Love?

Isolation (Kreator song)

Israel's Son

It Could've Been You

It Matters to Me (song)

It Works

It Wouldn't Hurt to Have Wings

It's All About Feeling Good

It's All in Your Head (song)

It's Alright (Deni Hines song)

It's Better People

It's Gonna Be Alright (Deep Zone song)

It's Lonely I Can't Stand

It's Lonely Out There

It's Midnight Cinderella

It's Not the End of the World (song)

It's a Shame (Kool G Rap song)

Itzy Bitzy Spider (Joyspeed song)

Jackson Cannery

Jag vill inte vara rdd


Je sais pas

Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz

Jesus (Spiderbait song)

Jesus Freak (song)

Jewels and Bullets

Jin Jin Jingle Bell

Jive Into the Night (Yaban na Yoru ni)

Joe the Georgian

Juanita (Underworld song)

Judgement of Heaven

Juke Joint Jezebel

Julia Says

Julianne (song)

Jump for Joy (song)

June Afternoon

Just (song)

Just Another Girlfriend

Just Around the Riverbend

Just Can't Get to You

Just Communication

Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over

Just a Girl

Just tah Let U Know

Just to Hear You Say That You Love Me

Juulikuu lumi

Kaleidoscope World (Francis Magalona song)


Keep It Real (Jamal song)

Keep On Tryin'

Keep the Fire Burnin' (Dan Hartman song)

Ken Carter (song)

Kennel District

Killa Whale

Kimi ga Ita kara

King and Caroline

King of the Kerb

King of the World (Blackhawk song)

Kisapmata (song)

Kissing the Sun

Koisuru Velfarre Dance (Saturday Night)

Kong Foo Sing

Kung Fu (song)

Kung av sand

Kung-Fu Devil

Kurushi (song)

L'Instant X

L.A., L.A.

La Parranda

La Soadora (song)

La Tierra del Olvido (song)

La mia storia tra le dita

Lady (D'Angelo song)


Laila (song)

Last Dayz

Learning a Lot About Love

Leave Home (song)

Leave Me Out

Leave Virginia Alone

Leaving Is the Only Way Out

Lejos de T

Les derniers seront les premiers

Let It Flow (song)

Let Me Live

Let Somebody Know

Let's All Go Together

Let's Go to Vegas

Let's Lay Together

Let's Live

Let's Play House

Leysh Nat' Arak

Liberation (Lippy Lou song)

Lie to Me (Bon Jovi song)

Lies to Me

Life Goes On (Little Texas song)

Life Is Sweet (song)

Lifer (Down song)

Lifted (Lighthouse Family song)

Light Years (Jamiroquai song)

Light of My Life

Like There Ain't No Yesterday

Like This and Like That

Like a Child (Jars of Clay song)

Lindy Comes to Town

Line Up (Elastica song)

Liquid (Jars of Clay song)

Liquid Swords (song)

Listen with Your Heart (Pocahontas song)

Little Piece of Heaven

Little Susie (song)

Little Trouble Girl

Little Whirl

Llegaste a Mi (Marc Anthony song)

Lonely Too Long

Long Ago (Mariah Carey song)

Long Gone Day

Long Road (song)

Long Shot (Aimee Mann song)

Long as I Live

Look for the Truth

Looking In (Mariah Carey song)

Loose (Therapy? song)

Lord Winter

Lord of the Flies (song)


Love & Devotion

Love City Groove (song)

Love Is All Around (DJ BoBo song)

Love Killer (The Killer Barbies song)

Love Lessons (song)

Love Love Love (Dreams Come True song)

Love Remains (song)

Love Rendezvous

Love Sensation (911 song)

Love U 4 Life

Love You All

Love to Love You (The Corrs song)

Lover's Groove

Loving Every Minute (Lighthouse Family song)

Loving You More

Lucky (Radiohead song)

Lucky Love

Lukey's Boat

Lgrimas (Thala song)

Lbus maja


MC's Act Like They Don't Know

Made in England (song)

Madman (Silverchair song)

Magic Carpet Ride (Mighty Dub Katz song)

Malibu (Chick song)

Mama Say

Mambo Jambo (Scatman John song)


Marion the Chatelaine

Marta's Song

Mary Mac

Mara (Ricky Martin song)

Mara la del Barrio (song)

Maxwell Murder

Maybe We Should Just Sleep on It

Me Estoy Enamorando (Paulina Rubio song)

Me and You (Alexia song)

Me and You (Kenny Chesney song)

Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna

Mellow Doubt

Melt Away (Mariah Carey song)

Meri Awaz Suno

Message (Masaharu Fukuyama song)

Microphone Master

Midnight Express (song)

Miffy's Simplicity

Milk (Garbage song)

Mine, Mine, Mine

Mint Car


Miss Emma Peel

Miss Jones (The Negro Problem song)

Miss Sarajevo

Moisture (Dishwalla song)

Molly (16 Candles Down the Drain)

Money / Kill Me

Monkey & the Turtle

Monty (song)

Moon Water

Moonlight Densetsu

Mordred's Song

More Human than Human

Morning (Wet Wet Wet song)

Morning Song (song)

Mother Love (song)

Motor Away

Move Your Car

Moving On Up (on the Right Side)

Mr. Ice Cream Man

Mr. Milk

Mr. Personality (song)

Mrs. Blaileen

Music Makes Me High

Mutual Feeling

Muzzle (song)

Mueca Cruel

My Best Was Never Good Enough

My Dj Vu

My First Night with You

My Flying Saucer

My Friends (Red Hot Chili Peppers song)

My Love Is for Real

My Lover's Box

My Son Cool

My Valuable Hunting Knife

Mysterious Girl

Ms All

Nada es Imposible (song)

Nadie Como Ella

Naked (Goo Goo Dolls song)

Naked and Sacred (song)

National Anthem of South Ossetia

Natsu no Yuu-utsu (Time to Say Good-bye)

Natural (Peter Andre song)

Natural One

Naveed (song)

Needle in the Hay

Negai (B'z song)

Negasonic Teenage Warhead (song)

Neil Jung

Never Forget (Take That song)

Never Gonna Let You Go (Tina Moore song)

Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry

Never Never Love (song)

New World (Beneath Our Feet)

New York Woman (song)

No Doubt (song)

No Guarantee

No Ha Parado de Llover

No Llores Por M

No Man's Land (John Michael Montgomery song)

No Mercy (Marky Mark song)

No More Love

No News

No One Else

No One Needs to Know

No Pride

Nobody Better

Nobody Knows (Tony Rich song)

Nobody Lives Without Love

Nocturnal Transmission

Nocturne (Secret Garden song)

Not Enough (Van Halen song)

Not Enough Hours in the Night

Not Gon' Cry

Not That Different

Not a Dry Eye in the House

Not an Addict

Not on Your Love

Nothin' Song

Nothing (Dwight Yoakam song)

Nothing from Nothing (Ayumi Hamasaki song)

Now I've Found You

Number 1 Crush

Nr det blser p mnen

O Baby

O Siem

Oh, Baby All

On My Way Home (song)

On Them Thangs

On Your Own (The Verve song)

On a Rope

On and On (Lodestar)

On the Bible

On the Verge (song)

Once You Had Gold

One Big Mob

One Boy, One Girl

One Child (Savatage song)

One Hot Minute (song)

One Man in My Heart

One More Chance (Madonna song)

One Night (Mariah Carey song)

One Road to Freedom

One Sweet Day

One of Us (Joan Osborne song)

Only Happy When It Rains

Only Love Can Conquer All

Only You (Scatman John song)

Only for So Long

Only on Days That End in "Y"

Open Your Heart (M People song)

Open the Gate


Oriel Window (song)

Original (Leftfield song)

Our Radio Rocks

Out for the Cash

Out with a Bang (song)

Outside (David Bowie song)

Over (Ivy song)

Over Now (Alice in Chains song)

Oxbow Lakes

Pa' Mayte

Pain (Tupac Shakur song)

Panic Song

Paparazzi (Xzibit song)

Paradise (John Anderson song)

Party Crowd

Pathway to the Moon

Pax Deorum (song)

Pea (song)

Peaches (The Presidents of the United States of America song)

Pearl's Girl

Pelados em Santos

People Lead

Perfect (PJ & Duncan song)

Perfect Day (EMF song)

Philosophy (Ben Folds Five song)

Phones Are Ringin' All Over Town

Physical Funk (song)

Pieces (Fool's Garden song)

Piel morena

Pies Descalzos, Sueos Blancos

Pimple Zoo

Pinky and the Brain (song)

Planta (song)

Plasticity (song)

Please Me Like You Want To

Please Remember Me

Point of View (Ivy song)

Por Amarte

Possibly Maybe

Pour que tu m'aimes encore

Power of One (song)

Power of a Woman (song)

Power of the Gospel

Pretty Babies (Dishwalla song)

Pretty Girl (Jon B. song)

Pride of Africa (song)


Purple Sneakers

Queer (song)

Quiero hacerte el amor

Quiet Desperation (Scatman John song)

Rainbowland (song)


Raining on Our Love


Rammstein (song)

Rappaz R. N. Dainja

Rattled by the Rush

Reach (Gloria Estefan song)

Ready, Willing and Able (Daron Norwood song)

Real Hip-Hop

Reality (Adriana Evans song)

Red Eye Angel

Relax (Crystal Waters song)

Remembering the First Time

Renegade Master

Respect (Alliance Ethnik song)

Return of Da Livin' Dead

Reunion (Collective Soul song)

Revelations (Yoko Ono song)

Reverend Black Grape

Rhythm Emotion

Ricochet (Faith No More song)

Right Time (Mango Groove song)

Right Type of Mood

Rising (song)

River of Deceit

River of Love (Rick Price song)

Robyn Is Here (song)

Rock Steady (Bonnie Raitt and Bryan Adams song)

Roll Tide

Roll to Me

Roll with It (Oasis song)

Roots Radicals

Roses of Red

Rough with the Smooth

Round & Round (Twinz song)


Runaway (E'voke song)

Runnin' (The Pharcyde song)

Runnin' Away with My Heart

Runnin' for the Red Light (I Gotta Life)

Runnin' from tha Police

Running Around Town

Russian Lullaby


Sally (Kerbdog song)

Salva Mea

Samba Magic

Sandstorm (Cast song)

Santa Maria (Tatjana song)

Santa Monica (Everclear song)

Savages (Pocahontas song)

Say I (Alabama song)

Say a Prayer

Sayonara wa Ima mo Kono Mune ni Imasu

Scandy Randy

Scatman's World (song)

Scrapbook X's

Scream (Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson song)

Se Pareca Tanto a Ti

Se Quiere, Se Mata

Se p mig

Secret Garden (Bruce Springsteen song)

Secret Heart (Ron Sexsmith song)

Secrets (Tears for Fears song)

See You on the Other Side (Ozzy Osbourne song)

See-Saw Game (Ykan na Koi no Uta)

Seemann (Rammstein song)

Selling Jesus

Sensitive Outsider

Sentimental (Deborah Cox song)

Serpentine Pad

Set U Free (Planet Soul song)

Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream

Sex on the Streets

Sexy Girl (Snow song)

Seorita (Juan Luis Guerra song)


Shallow (Ivy song)

Shame in You

She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl

She Drew a Broken Heart

She Gathers Rain

She Never Lets It Go to Her Heart

She Said Yes

She's All on My Mind

She's Every Woman

She's Got a Mind of Her Own

Shook Ones (Part II)

Shoot Me with Your Love

Should've Asked Her Faster

Shut It

Shut Up (and Sleep with Me)

Shut Up, Make Love

Shy Guy

Si T Supieras (Giro song)

Si T Te Vas (Enrique Iglesias song)

Sick & Tired (The Cardigans song)

Siempre hace fro

Sign of the Cross (Iron Maiden song)

Silence (Rainbow song)

Sim City (song)

Simple & Funky

Simple (Collective Soul song)

Sinaloa Cowboys

Sing Now!

Sitata Tirulala

Sittin' Up in My Room

Sittin' on Chrome (song)

Sixteen (No Doubt song)

Skin Up Pin Up / Flourella

Slapshot (song)

Sleep (Marion song)

Sleeping Dogs (song)

Slow Jams

Sludge Factory

Slug (song)

Smashing Young Man

Smells Like Queer Spirit

Smelly Cat

Snakes (No Doubt song)

So Close (Alice in Chains song)

So Pure (Baby D song)

Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)

Solid Wood

Solo Por Ti

Som vatten

Some Things Are Meant to Be (song)

Somebody's Crying

Someday (Michael Learns to Rock song)

Someone Else's Dream

Someone to Love (Jon B. song)

Something Changed

Something for the Pain

Sometimes I Forget (Doug Stone song)

Sometimes She Forgets

Somewhere Somehow

Song for Europe (song)

Song of Scatland

Soon as I Get Home

Sorry Louie

Sorry You Asked?

Soul A

Soul H

Soul Machine (song)

Soul O

Southbound Pachyderm

Southpaw (Morrissey song)


Spaceman (Babylon Zoo song)

Spanish Steps (song)

Sparky's Dream


Spiderwebs (song)

Spirit of a Boy, Wisdom of a Man

Sponsoring the Moshpits

Sports & Wine

Spread Your Love (2 Unlimited song)

Squeeze Me In

St. Ides Heaven

Stand (Susan Ashton song)

Stand and Fight (song)

Standing on the Edge of Goodbye

Star A.D.

Stars (Dubstar song)

Stay Together (Barbara Tucker song)

Stay with Me Tonight (The Human League song)

Stjrnorna (Lena Philipsson song)

Stone the Crow

Stories (Therapy? song)

Strange World (K song)

Stranger in Moscow

Strangers When We Meet (David Bowie song)

Stretch (song)

Stricken (No Doubt song)

Striped White Jets

Stuart and the Ave.

Stuck On U

Stuck with Me

Stupid Girl (Garbage song)

Styx Gig (Seen by My Mates Coming Out of A)

Suck My Pussy

Suddenly (Sean Maguire song)

Suddenly Single

Suffer Never (song)

Sugar Hill (song)

Suicidal Dream

Sulk (song)

Summertime Healing

Sunday Morning (No Doubt song)

Super-Charger Heaven

Supermodel (Jill Sobule song)


Surrender Your Love

Survival of the Fittest (song)

Suteki ni Once Again

Suzi Q (Ammonia song)

Sweet '69

Sweet Intuition

Symbols of the Sun

Tabloid Junkie

Taffy (song)

Take Me Away (Culture Beat song)

Take Me Higher (song)

Take Me to Your Heart (Bananarama song)

Take Me to Your Leader (Incubus song)

Take My Hand (Dido song)

Tales from the Hood (song)

Talk Tonight

Talking to the Universe

Taste of the Sun

Tattva (song)

Te Conozco Bien

Te Dara Mi Vida

Te Extrao, Te Olvido, Te Amo

Tea-House Moon

Tearjerker (song)

Tears of Pearls

Tease Me (3T song)

Tell Me (Groove Theory song)

Tell Me the Way

Temperature's Rising (song)

Temptation's Wings

Tequila Talkin'

Tha Crossroads

Tha Muthaphukkin' Real

Thank God It's Friday (R. Kelly song)

That Ain't My Truck

That Ol' Wind

That's What I Get for Lovin' You

That's Why (You Go Away)

That's as Close as I'll Get to Loving You

The Aftermath (Iron Maiden song)

The Bazaar

The Beaches of Cheyenne

The Beauty in Black

The Bends (song)

The Boy Racer

The Boy with the X-Ray Eyes (song)

The Car (song)

The Changingman

The Checkered Demon (song)

The Child (Inside)

The Climb (No Doubt song)

The Day I Went Away

The Diamond Sea

The Edge of Darkness (song)

The Fall (Ministry song)

The Feeder (Dishwalla song)

The First the Last Eternity (Till the End)

The Garden of Allah (song)

The Gentle Art of Making Enemies (song)

The Gift of Christmas (song)

The Girlfriend Song

The Gunman (song)

The Last Polka (Ben Folds Five song)

The Last Time (Robyn song)

The Light (Spock's Beard song)

The Mad Scientist (song)

The Magnificent (song)

The Maker Said Take Her

The Masterplan (song)

The Memory of Trees (song)

The Modern Things

The Motel (David Bowie song)

The Natural (song)

The New Timer

The Other End of Time

The Pod (song)

The Resurrection (Lenny Kravitz song)

The Right Time (The Corrs song)

The River and the Highway

The Road Goes On

The Sad But True Story of Ray Mingus

The Script for My Requiem

The Sound of My Tears

The Story of My Life (Millencolin song)

The Swamp Song

The True Believers (song)

The Ugly Vision

The Unbeliever (song)

The Universal

The Virginia Company (song)

The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (as Beauty)

The Way Love Is

The White Lady Loves You More

The World I Know

The World Tonight (song)

The World in My Hands (song)

There Is a Party (DJ BoBo song)

These Days (Bon Jovi song)

They Don't Care About Us

They're Not Witches

Think of You (Whigfield song)

Thinking About You (Anata no Yoru wo Tsutsumitai)

Thirty-Three (song)

This Ain't a Love Song

This Crazy Heart of Mine

This Hard Land

This Here Giraffe

This Is Me Missing You

This Is Music

This Summer (Squeeze song)

This Time Around (Michael Jackson song)

This Time I'm Free

This Used to Be Our Town

Three Mules

Three Words, Two Hearts, One Night

Throw Your Set in the Air

Tie My Pecker to My Leg

Tight Wad Hill

Time (Take Your Time)

Time Bomb (Rancid song)

Time of My Life (George Fox song)


To Love You More

Tokyo Rose (Akina Nakamori song)

Tomb pour elle

Tomorrow (Ozzy Osbourne song)

Tonight, Tonight (The Smashing Pumpkins song)

Tonite's tha Night

Too High to Fly

Too Late for Tears (song)

Too Much Fun

Torn (Ednaswap song)

Torpedo (song)

Tosh (song)

Totes Fleisch

Tour Jacket with Detachable Sleeves

Toys for Boys

Tragic Kingdom (No Doubt song)



Tre gringos

Treat Her Like a Lady (Diana King song)

Treat Her Right (Sawyer Brown song)

Tres Deseos

Trigger Happy Jack (Drive By a Go-Go)

Tropic Island Hum

Trouble (Todd Snider song)

Trust (KMFDM song)

Try Me Out

Try Try Try (Julian Cope song)

Turn It Out (song)

Turn It Up (Peter Andre song)

Turned the Corner

Twenty Foreplay

U Krazy Katz

Un Poco de Amor

Una Vez Mas (Barrio Boyzz song)

Uncle Walter (song)

Undecided (Silverchair song)

Under the Water

Underground (Ben Folds Five song)

Underneath the Stars (song)

Untitled (Collective Soul song)

Untold Stories (Buju Banton song)

Untuk Apalagi

Uruwashiki Kamen no Shoutaijou


Video (Ben Folds Five song)

Vivid Colors

Vivo per lei

Volveras (Ricky Martin song)

Vow (song)

Vulveme a Querer (Cristian Castro song)

Waiting for Tonight (song)

Waiting for Wednesday (Lisa Loeb song)

Waiting on You (Charlie Major song)

Wake Up Boo!

Waking Up (song)

Walk on Water (Aerosmith song)

Walkabout (Red Hot Chili Peppers song)

Walkaway (song)

Walkin' Away (Diamond Rio song)

Walking to Jerusalem


Warped (song)

Warzone (Yoko Ono song)

Wasting Time (Blink-182 song)

Watashitachi Rashii Rule

Watch Me Jumpstart

Water's Edge

We Must Be in Love

We're Gonna Do It Again

We've Got It Goin' On

Weak (Skunk Anansie song)

Wear My Hat

Weenie Beenie (song)

Weisses Fleisch

Welcome (Erick Sermon song)

Welcome to Scatland

Westbound Sign

Westside Slaughterhouse

What Do I Do Now?

What Do I Know

What I Meant to Say

What I'm After (Lords of the Underground song)

What If I Stumble?

What If Jesus Comes Back Like That

What Love?

What Mattered Most (song)

What's Holding Me

When Boy Meets Girl

When Cowboys Didn't Dance

When I Call Your Name (Mary Kiani song)

When I Kiss You (I Hear Charlie Parker Playing)

When I Saw You (song)

When Love & Hate Collide

When U Cry I Cry

When a Woman Loves a Man (Lee Roy Parnell song)

When and Where (song)

When the Money's Gone

When the Water Falls

Where Did Our Love Go (Robyn song)

Where Do We Go from Here (Deborah Cox song)

Where Do We Go from Here (Vanessa Williams song)

Where Do We Go from Here? (Yoko Ono song)

Where Do You Go (La Bouche song)

Where Your Road Leads (song)

Where the River Flows

Where the Wild Roses Grow

Where's Summer B.?

Where'z Da' Party At ?

Wherever You Are (Mic Geronimo song)

Which Bridge to Cross (Which Bridge to Burn)

While the Earth Sleeps

Who Do U Love

Who Needs You Baby

Who Will Save Your Soul

Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?

Whutcha Want?

Why (3T song)

Why Does It Hurt So Bad

Why I Love You So Much

Why Why Why

Why You Treat Me So Bad (Shaggy song)

Wild Angels (Martina McBride song)

Wild Days

Will I

Willy Use a Billy... Boy

Winn Coma

Wiser Time

Wishful Beginnings

Wolf to the Moon

Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?

Won't Run Away

Wonderful Shadow

Wonderwall (song)

Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check

World Go 'Round (No Doubt song)

World of Magic

Wouldnit (I'm a Star)

Wrap Me Up

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Wut Would You Do

Wynona's Big Brown Beaver


Yalla Chant

Yasumi no Gogo

Yer So Sweet (Baby Donut)

Yes (McAlmont & Butler song)


You (Staxx song)

You Are Not Alone

You Belong to Me (JX song)

You Can Do It (No Doubt song)

You Can Feel Bad

You Can't Lose Me

You Do

You Do Something to Me (Paul Weller song)

You Don't Fool Me

You Don't Understand Me

You Dreamer

You Feel the Same Way Too

You Gotta Love That (song)

You Have the Right to Remain Silent (song)

You Have to Be There

You Know What to Do

You Learn

You Remind Me of Something

You Used to Love Me

You Were Meant for Me (Jewel song)

You Were Mine

You Win My Love

You'll Be Mine (Beatles song)

You'll Never Know (Kim Richey song)

You'll See

You're the One (Bonnie Tyler song)

You're the One (Shane MacGowan and Mire Brennan song)

You've Been Flirting Again

You've Got That Somethin'

You've Got a Friend in Me

Young Livers

Youngstown (song)

Your Blue Room

Your Little Secret (song)

Zero (The Smashing Pumpkins song)

24.99 from Argos

Dnde Ests Corazn?

Primeira Vista (song)


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