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Rien dans les mains, rien dans les poches

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Wikipedia article

'Rien dans les mains, rien dans les poches' is a French popular song composed in 1948 by Henri Betti with the lyrics by Andr Hornez.[http://www.chansonsretros.com/index.php?param1=BO01882.php 'Chansons Retros']


In 1948, Henri Betti, Andr Hornez, Paul Misraki and Ray Ventura were invited by Bruno Coquatrix to discuss a lawsuit that was declared by Eudore Rancurel for the music of the song 'Bolro' that was composed by Paul Durand.

At the end of the discussion, Henri Betti played on the piano the seven notes of the musical scale and asked the others who was the author. Nobody answered him and Henri Betti declared that he appropriated them and that he will write a song. He used the Foxtrot genre that was fashionable to fit the seven musical notes then Andr Hornez will write the lyrics.

On December 10, 1948, Yves Montand recorded the song with Bob Castella and his Orchestra. On the other side of the disk, he recorded another song composed by Henri Betti : 'Matre Pierre' (lyrics by Jacques Plante) but with an orchestra conducted by Henri Betti himself.[http://www.encyclopedisque.fr/disque/66635.html 'Encyclopdisque']

Cover versions

On December 28, 1948, the Surs tienne recorded the song with Raymond Legrand and his Orchestra. In 1994, they sang the song with Jean Sala and his Orchestra at the TV show 'La Chance aux chansons' hosted by Pascal Sevran.

On January 4, 1949, mile Carrara recorded the song with his Orchestra.

On February 3, 1949, Pierre Mingand recorded the song with mile Stern and his Orchestra.

On March 20, 1949, Luc Barney recorded the song with Daniel White and his Orchestra.

On February 8, 1950, Henri Betti performed the piano song on the radio show 'Gala de Bernay'.

The same year, Jula De Palma recorded the song with Bruno Quirinetta and his Orchestra with which she recorded two other hits by Henri Betti : 'C'est si bon' (lyrics by Andr Hornez) and 'Matre Pierre' (lyrics by Jacques Plante). Yvonne Blanc recorded the song this year as well.

In 1955, Fred Ermelin and his quintet play music in a medley for the album 'Festival Dancing' where he also plays the music of 'C'est si bon'.

In 1957, Louise tienne sang the song with Georges Derveaux and his Orchestra at the TV show '36 Chansons' hosted by Jean Nohain.

In 1985, Dominique Val sang the song with Robert Quibel and his Orchestra at the TV show 'Th Dansant' hosted by Charles Level.


In 1949, Flix Marten sang the song with Camille Sauvage and his Orchestra in the short film 'Htel des Artistes : Saisie' directed by Jean Perdrix.

In 1954, the melody of the song is played in 'L'il en coulisses' directed by Andr Berthomieu.


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