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Home in Pasadena

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Wikipedia article

'"Home in Pasadena"' is a song with music by Harry Warren and lyrics by Grant Clarke and Edgar Leslie.[https://secondhandsongs.com/work/184815/all "Home in Pasadena"] SecondHandSongs. Retrieved December 23, 2018.[https://digitalcommons.library.umaine.edu/mmb-vp/1880/ "Home in Pasadena"] Digital Commons, University of Maine. Retrieved December 23, 2018. In the song, the singer, about to travel to Pasadena by Pullman Train, describes the attractions of his destination.

It was published in 1923, early in Warren's songwriting career, a year after his first published song "Rose of the Rio Grande".[https://www.nytimes.com/1981/09/23/obituaries/harry-warren-songwriter-is-dead.html "Harry Warren, songwriter, is dead"] 'The New York Times', September 23, 1981. Retrieved December 23, 2018. In 1924 it was recorded by Paul Whiteman, by Billy Murray with Ed Smalle, and by Al Jolson.

The British band The Temperance Seven recorded the song, with the title "Pasadena", in 1961.[https://www.discogs.com/The-Temperance-Seven-Pasadena/master/665909 "The Temperance Seven Pasadena"] at Discogs. Retrieved December 23, 2018. The Pasadena Roof Orchestra, a British band founded in 1969, was named after the song.[http://www.pasadena-roof-orchestra.com/history.html History] Pasadena Roof Orchestra. Retrieved December 23, 2018.


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