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(I'll Be with You) In Apple Blossom Time

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Wikipedia article

'"(I'll Be With You) In Apple Blossom Time"' is a popular song written by Albert Von Tilzer and lyricist Neville Fleeson, and copyrighted in 1920. It was introduced by Nora Bayes, who also recorded the song.


The song has been recorded by numerous artists including:

*Artie Shaw (1937)

*Harry James

*The Andrews Sisters (US no. 5, 1941). Patty Andrews of the Andrews Sisters describes how they performed the song "in 4/4 [time] when originally it was a waltz."

*Vera Lynn

*Nat King Cole

*Jo Stafford (1946)

*The Four Aces as a B side single to Mr. Sandman(1954)

*Anne Shelton

*Chet Atkins

*Louis Prima

*Tab Hunter (US no. 31, 1959)

*Rosemary June (UK no. 14, 1959)

*Ray Conniff

*The Bachelors

*Wayne Newton (US Hot 100, no. 52; US Easy Listening, no. 17, 1965)

*Barry Manilow

*Emmy Rossum.[http://www.allmusic.com/search/track/I%27ll+Be+With+You+in+Apple+Blossom+Time/order:default-asc Allmusic.com]

Popular culture

*The Andrews Sisters recording was also included in the 1941 film, 'Buck Privates'.


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