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What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For?

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Wikipedia article

"'What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For?'" is a song written by Joseph McCarthy, Howard Johnson and James V. Monaco in 1916 for the Broadway production 'Follow Me', in which it was performed by Henry Lewis.Copyright 1916 Leo Feist Inc., USA. Sub-published Francis Day & Hunter Ltd., U.K.

Early recordings

Lewis' version was released as a single on Emerson Records in early 1917. Around the same time, a version by Sam Ash was released in February on Columbia Records, having been recorded on 11 December 1916. It was first a hit when released in March that year by Ada Jones and Billy Murray on Victor Records, peaking at number 3 on the US 'Billboard' chart.

Emile Ford and the Checkmates version

The song became a UK hit in 1959 when a doo-wop version was recorded by Emile Ford and the Checkmates as the B-side of their single "Don't Tell Me Your Trouble". This B-side became more popular and it topped the charts for six weeks over the Christmas and New Year of 1959/60. It retained the number one position for the first three weeks of 1960. This earned Ford his first gold disc for sales of over a million, which was "an incredible feat for an unknown singer with his debut recording". The song was co-produced by Ford and Joe Meek.


* Emile Ford lead vocals, guitar

* George Sweetman saxophone

* Dave Sweetman bass

* Ken Street guitar

* Pete Carter guitar

* Les Hart tenor saxophone

* Alan Hawkshaw piano

* John Cuffley drums


Shakin' Stevens version

In 1987, Welsh singer Shakin' Stevens covered the song for his album 'Let's Boogie'. It became his first UK Top 10 hit in two years, peaking at number 5 on the Singles Chart and became his last until the re-entry of "Merry Christmas Everyone" in 2018.

Track listings

'7": Epic / SHAKY 5 (UK)'

# "What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For" 2:49

# "(Yeah) You're Evil" 2:11

'7": Epic / 651255 7 (Australia)'

# "What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For" 2:49

# "If You're Gonna Cry" 3:43

'EP: Epic / SHAKY G5 (UK, Limited Edition)'

# "What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For" 2:49

# "(Yeah) You're Evil" 2:11

# "Merry Christmas Everyone" 3:39

# "With My Heart" 2:45


Other versions

* The 1945 film 'Nob Hill', starring George Raft, Joan Bennett and Peggy Ann Garner, featured Vivian Blaine singing this song.

* The 1950 film 'Wabash Avanue', starring Betty Grable, Victor Mature and Phil Harris, had used the chorus as a transition between scenes, following "I've Been Floating Down the Old Green River"

* In 1960, Danish rock singer Otto Brandenburg recorded a cover of the song that gave him his breakthrough on the Danish music scene.

* In 1963, Italian singer Don Backy recorded another cover of the song, using Italian lyrics, under the title "Ho rimasto". The title is intentionally grammatically wrong (it should have been "Sono rimasto") to catch public attention.

* Les Gray's 1977 recording is on Warner Bros. Records K 17007.

* Swedish rock band Hep Stars incorporated the song into their repertoire, and a live version of it was recorded on their 1965 live album 'Hep Stars on Stage'.

* Another Swedish singer, Christer Sjgren released recorded the song on his 2008 album 'Mitt skna sextiotal'.

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