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Calling Me Home to You

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Wikipedia article

"'Calling Me Home To You'" is an American song written by Edward Teschemacher and composed by Francis Dorel. The song was first recorded on May 31, 1916, by Alfred De Manby, a baritone vocalist, for Columbia Records.

Recording and commercial success

The score was mentioned in the "New Music Vocal and Instrumental" section of 'Musical America' in November 1916 as a new ballad by Boosey & Co.

In 1917, the sheet music for Dorel's 'Calling Me Home to You' was described by 'Billboard' as being "still one of the most appealing ballads".

'Calling Me Home to You' was recorded along with "My Irish Song of Songs", "Little Mother of Mine", and "God be with our boys tonight" by John McCormick for Victor "Red Seal" records on April 30, 1918. The former three songs required two takes each, with the latter requiring only one. Both 'Little Mother of Mine' and 'God Be with our Boys Tonight' by McCormack charted #3 on US charts in 1918, with McCormack's renditions of 'Calling Me Home to You' and 'My Irish Song of Songs' both failing to chart. 'Calling You Home to Me' was McCormack's third recording of a composition by Francis Dorel, the first two recordings being 'When My Ships Come Sailing Home' in 1915 and 'Love Bells' in 1916. Neither 'When My Ships Come Sailing Home' nor 'Love Bells' succeeded on American Charts in their respective years.

A prior recording of 'Calling Me Home to You' sung by Oscar Seagle in March charted #4 on US charts that same year. The flip side of Seagle's rendition included a recording of 'There's a Long, Long Trail' which Seagle recorded with the Columbia Stellar Quartette.

Another performer who is known for having this song in their repertoire is Topliss Green.


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