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What a Mouth (What a North and South)

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Wikipedia article

"'What a Mouth (What a North and South)'" is a music hall song written by R. P. Weston in 1906 and first sung by Harry Champion. It is better known for the version recorded by Tommy Steele in 1960, which peaked at number 5 on the UK Singles Chart.

Early versions

The song was often performed by Harry Champion, and was published as sheet music by Francis, Day & Hunter in 1906 as one of 'Francis & Day's Album of Cockney Songs'.[https://www.sheetmusicwarehouse.co.uk/20th-century-songs-f/francis-days-album-of-cockney-songs-with-full-words-music-tonic/ "Francis & Day's Album of Cockney Songs ", 'Sheet Music Warehouse']. Retrieved 14 February 2022 The first commercially released recording was by The Two Bills from Bermondsey — Bill Burnham and Bill French — who were recorded by Peter Kennedy at "The Cock & Monkey" in Bermondsey on 13 February 1954. The 78 rpm record, Parlophone R 3953, was released in January 1955.[http://www.45worlds.com/78rpm/record/r3953 The Two Bills From Bermondsey: What A Mouth, What A Mouth (What A North And South), '45worlds.com']. Retrieved 14 February 2022[https://folktrax-archive.org/menus/cassprogs/331londoners.htm "The Londoners", 'Folktrax Archive']. Retrieved 14 February 2022

Tommy Steele version


Steele recorded a cover of "What a Mouth" as it was one of his father's favourite songs. Steele's father told him that he knew he would be successful if he "became as successful as the Two Bills". As with the rest of the album 'Get Happy with Tommy', "What a Mouth" was recorded live at Decca Studios.

Track listing

'7": Decca / F 11245'

# "What a Mouth (What a North and South) 2:45

# "Kookaburra" 1:58



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