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Wikipedia article

'Krummavsa' (English: 'Raven Verse') or 'Krummi krunkar ti' (English: 'A Raven Croaks Outside') is an Icelandic folk song or nursery rhyme. The song was published in 1906 in the book 'slenzk jlg' ('Icelandic Folk Songs') by . Bjarni learned the song from lafur Davsson, who in turn learned it as a child in .

As with all traditional Icelandic poetry, Krummavsa conforms to the set of rules called 'bragfri' (prosody). According to this system, a poem must be alliterative: a line of verse must have two words beginning with the same letter, and the first word of the next line must also begin with the same letter. Here, for example, the first line has two words beginning with a K ('krummi' and 'krunkar') and the first word of the second line also begins with a K ('kallar').


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