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Comme facette mammeta

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Wikipedia article

"'Comme facette mammeta'" is a song published in 1906 by Salvatore Gambardella and Giuseppe Capaldo, whose title may be translated as "How your mother made you".


*Mario Lanza in 1961 (see Mario Lanza discography)

*Sergio Franchi (see List of songs recorded by Sergio Franchi)

*Renzo Arbore with L'Orchestra Italiana. This version was played throughout the opening credits and introductory scene of the film 'OK Garage'.Closing credits of film 'OK Garage'. An English translation appears as subtitles during the introductory scene (New York freeway traffic).

*As performed by Pietra Montecorvino in the 2010 film 'Passione'

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"Comme facette mammeta" in the Italian Wikipedia.


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Buy Comme facette mammeta now from Amazon

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