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'Sockerbagaren', is a Danish song rewritten by Alice Tegnr. Tegnr's version was published in volume 3 of 'Sjung med oss, mamma!' in 1895.

Song lyrics refer to a pastry chef. The final lines were originally; 'Och har du pengar s kan du f, men har du inga s fr du g.' Elsa Beskow, who illustrated many of Alice Tegnr's songbooks, is said to have disliked this, and proposed instead the lyrics with 'snller' and 'stygger'. The song is heavily associated with Saint Lucy and Christmas, with references to "Christmas tree" decorations and "gingerbread".


*Sjung med oss, Mamma! 3, 1895

*Nu ska vi sjunga, 1943, under the lines "Andra vackra snger och visor".


An early recording is dated February 1901, with childrens voices and female speaking, but was never released commercially. Another early recording was done by a girls' choir in Solna in April 1931 and released in November that year. In 1990 the song was released by Kurt Olsson with Damorkestern at 'Julkurt med damorkestern' and the writers Anders Jacobsson and Sren Olsson on 'God jul frn Bert och Sune'

The song has also been recorded in Spanish by Maria Llerena as "El dulcero" on 1988 album 'Chiquitico mio'.

Other versions

*The song has been parodized, as 'Punkrockaren' (from the Lindemans 'Punkrockare Trindeman Lindeman') and 'En pilsnerdrickare'.

*Trazan och Banarne performed the song lyrics to the melody of 'Some of These Days', which even Kerstin Axelsson and Margaretha Evmark did in 2007.


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