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Gacho (song)

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Wikipedia article

'Gacho' or 'Corta Jaca' is the Brazilian tango (maxixe) composed by Chiquinha Gonzaga, her most recorded song. It was a song from the burlesque operetta 'Zizinha Maxixe' first staged in 1895.

The original title being 'Gaucho,' the song had the subtitle 'Dana do Corta-jaca'. Eventually 'Corta jaca' had become the best known title of the song. The dance in question is a Brazilian traditional dance, characterized by energetic individual spins, gymnastic moves, and percussive footwork. The expression "corta jaca" literally means "cut the jackfruit" and has a sexual innuendo, seen in the number 'Gacho' itself.

The song caused a minor scandal when the First Lady of Brazil, Nair de Teff, performed it on guitar in public in 1914.


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