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A Song of Autumn

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"'A Song of Autumn'" is a poem by Adam Lindsay Gordon set to music by Edward Elgar in 1892.

The song was dedicated by Elgar to 'Miss Marshall'.According to , Mrs. Marshall and her daughter were friends of Lady Elgar. It was first published by Orsborn & Tuckwood, then by Ascherberg in 1892 before it was re-published in 1907 as one of the 'Seven Lieder', with English and German words (German words by Edward Sachs).


'A Song of AutumnAccording to Gordon's biographer, Douglas Sladen, the poem was written in October or November 1868, while he was staying with Mr. Robert Power at Toorak (near Melbourne, Australia), for Mr. Power's little daughter

Where shall we go for our garlands glad

At the falling of the year,

When the burnt-up banks are yellow and sad,

When the boughs are yellow and sere?

Where are the old ones that once we had,

And where are the new ones near?

What shall we do for our garlands glad

At the falling of the year?

Child! can I tell where the garlands go?

Can I say where the lost leaves veer

On the brown-burnt banks, when the wild winds blow,

When they drift through the dead-wood drear?

Girl! When the garlands of next year glow,

You may gather again, my dear

But I go where the last year's lost leaves go

At the falling of the year.


Wo soll ich pflcken den Blumenstrauss,

Wenn der Herbst zieht in das Land,

Wenn die drren Bltter gelb sind und kraus,

Und der Bsche Grn verschwand?

Wo sind die einst schmckten unser Haus,

Und wann sind die neuen zur Hand?

Wo soll ich pflcken den Blumenstrauss,

Wenn der Herbst zieht in das Land?

Kind! kann ich sagen wo Blumen blh'n?

Wohin Blatt, wohin Blte schwand?

Ob sie fielen unter der Sonne Glhn,

Ob die Winde sie streuten ins Land?

Frhling bringt Blumen fr dich, mein Kind,

Pflcke sie mit der weissen Hand;

Doch ich werde ruh'n, wo die Bltter sind,

Wenn der Herbst zieht in das Land.


*[http://www.emusic.com/album/The-Works-Songs-Piano-Music-By-Edward-Elgar-MP3-Download/11044195.html 'Songs and Piano Music by Edward Elgar'] has "A Song of Autumn" performed by Amanda Pitt (soprano), with David Owen Norris (piano).

*[https://web.archive.org/web/20081121200306/http://www.elgarfoundation.org/trolleyed/2/12/40/index.htm 'Elgar: Complete Songs for Voice & Piano'] Konrad Jarnot (baritone), Reinild Mees (piano)

*[http://www.mvdaily.com/articles/2000/02/somm220.htm 'The Songs of Edward Elgar' SOMM CD 220] Christopher Maltman (baritone) with Malcolm Martineau (piano), at Southlands College, London, April 1999



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