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Die Nacht (Strauss)

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Wikipedia article

"'" ("The Night") is an art song composed by Richard Strauss in 1885, setting a poem by the Austrian poet Hermann von Gilm. It was included in the first collection of songs Strauss ever published, as Op. 10 in 1885 (which included also "Zueignung"). The song is written for voice and piano.

Composition history

In 1882, his friend Ludwig Thuile introduced Strauss to the poetry of Gilm contained in the volume ' (last leaves), published in the year of the poet's death (and the composer's birth) 1864, which contained the poem 'Die Nacht'.Del Mar, pp. 2647. The Opus 10 songs were all intended for the tenor voice.Del Mar, p. 267 Alan Jefferson wrote:

Die Nacht is a song of trembling and yearning, a song tinged with fear that the night, which takes away the familiar shapes of daylight, will also steal the beloved...Strauss manages to convey the manner in which the all-embracing power of night is stealing so mercilessly over everything: first by the a powerful (though gentle) rhythmic beat; and then by the minor seconds (two adjacent black and white notes put down together) which create the effect of merging two objects into one until they resolve into something else, musically as well as visually...Die Nacht is a supreme example of Strauss's art.jefferson page 98-9.

Norman Del Mar notes that the opening musical phrase for the line "" is very similar to the "wonderful oboe solo from Don Juan, to be composed five years later".Del Mar, page 266

Strauss recorded the song twice with himself at the piano: in 1919 with the Baritone Heinrich Schlusnus, and again for a 1942 wartime radio broadcast from Vienna with tenor Anton Dermota.Getz, page 376.


, the author of the lyrics


!!!The NightJefferson, page 99.



|Out of the forest steps Night,

Out of the trees she softly steals,

Looks around her in a wide arc,

Now beware..

All the lights of this world,

All flowers, all colors

She extinguishes, and steals the sheaves

From the field.

She takes everything that is dear,

Takes the silver from the stream,

and from the Cathedral's copper roof,

She takes the gold.

The bushes are left, stripped naked,

Come closer, soul to soul;

Oh, I fear that the night will also steal

You from me.





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