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Cannoneer Jabrek

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'Cannoneer Jabrek' , published in 1884, is a cantastoria that mocks war propaganda that often made up stories about military heroism.[http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/1017594093-letopisne/201323231800030-udatny-rek-kanonyr-jaburek-1888/ "Udatn rek kanonr Jabrek - 1888"], 'Czech TV'[http://www.esbirky.cz/predmet/3862889 "Udatn rek kanonr Jabrek"], at Czech National Museum It is one of the most popular parodies of 'kramsk pse', the Czech form of cantastoria.

The song is a story of a valiant cannoneer Jabrek who, as the song says, took part in the Battle of Kniggrtz (1866). Even after the enemy's cannonballs tore off both his arms, he continued to load his cannon with bare feet, etc. When his head was torn off, it flew to the general and said: "Reporting, I cannot give a salute." The song further says that for his valiance he was promoted into nobility to be named Edler von den Jabrek, and that he had no head, no big deal, because there was plenty of headless nobility already. No real event is described in the song; however, at the times there were newspaper reports and legends describing various kinds of exaggerated heroism.

The song about Jabrek is sung in the book about the good soldier vejk.

The brave cannoneer is in the center of the plot of a satirical radio play 'Jaburek' by Austrian playwright Franz Hiesel.[http://www.hoerdat.in-berlin.de/select.php?S=0&col1=au.av&a=Franz&bool1=and&col2=au.an&b=Hiesel A search result for works of Franz Hiesel]

There is a tavern 'U Kanonra Jabrka' in Sadov, a place around which the battle was held.[http://www.hradecko.eu/files/munzee/munzee-brozura-vnitrek-web-strana16.pdf "Sadov - Hostinec U kanonra Jabrka"] (retrieved August 29, 2015)

In 1968 recorded a single KRLOV HRADECK ZVONY / KANONR JABREK.

In 1985 the Czech folk band recorded the song with Supraphon in the LP album 'Tam u Krlovho Hradce'.

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