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Christmas on the Sea

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Wikipedia article

'"Christmas on the Sea'," also known as "Christmas by the Bay," is an old New England song ('c.' 1883) with music by George Frederick Root and lyrics by Hezekiah Butterworth.The Connecticut Peddler: "North Country Christmas": [http://www.stanransom.com/favorite.htm link] Reportedly it was President Theodore Roosevelt's favorite Christmas song.Burl Ives, 'Christmas at the White House', back of album cover Among the few artists who have recorded it are Burl Ives on the albums 'Christmas at the White House' (1972) and 'Christmas by the Bay' (1977) and Stan Ransom on his albums 'North Country Christmas' (1994) and 'My Long Island Home' (1997).The Connecticut Peddler: "My Long Island Home": [http://www.stanransom.com/longislandhome.htm link]

Further reading

* Hezikiah Butterworth, 'Poems for Christmas, Easter and the New Year's'. Boston: Estes and Lauriat, 1885.Library of Congress Catalogue, LCCN 13010749: [http://catalog.loc.gov/ link]


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