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At the Name of Jesus

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Wikipedia article

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| name = At the Name of Jesus

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| genre = Hymn

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| text = Caroline Maria Noel

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| written = 1870

| based_on =

| meter = D

| melody = "King's Weston" by Ralph Vaughan Williams, "Evelyns" by William Henry Monk, "Camberwell" by Michael Brierley

| composed =

| published =

| misc =


"'At the Name of Jesus'" is an 1870 hymn with lyrics written by Caroline Maria Noel.

The hymn appears in at least 206 hymnals. It was first published with the Ralph Vaughan Williams tune "King's Weston" in 'Songs of Praise', 1925, from Oxford University Press.'Songs of Praise' (1925). London: Oxford University Press. #443. An Expanded Edition of this hymnal appeared in 1931. This tune was also found in the Episcopal Church's 'The Hymnal 1940'.'The Hymnal of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, 1940'. New York: Church Pension Fund. #356.


There are various versions of the text. One example has four verses, with a new verse 2 replacing verses 2-4 and verse 6 starting "Brothers" rather than "Christians". The text below is attributed to Oxford University Press on the Hymnary website. 'Further information and full 6-verse text'


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