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The King of Love My Shepherd Is

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| text = Henry Williams Baker

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| written = 1868

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| melody = "Dominus Regit Me" by John Bacchus Dykes, "St. Columba", and "Remsen"

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'The King of Love My Shepherd Is' is an 1868 hymn with lyrics written by Henry Williams Baker, based on the Welsh version of Psalm 23 and the work of Edmund Prys.[http://www.hymnary.org/text/yr_arglwydd_yw_fy_mugail_clau Yr Arglwydd yw fy Mugail clau]Towner, W. Sibley. "'Without Our Aid Did He Us Make': Singing the Meaning of the Psalms". In It is sung to four different melodies: Dominus Regit Me, the traditional Irish tune St. Columba, "Ich dank' dir schon" by Michael Praetorius, and Remsen, the Welsh original.[http://www.hymnary.org/tune/remsen_thomas REMSEN (Thomas)] Henry Baker's last words were reportedly lyrics from this hymn. In 1997, the hymn was sung at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales.



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