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Himno de Yucatn

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Wikipedia article

The 'Anthem of Yucatn' was officially adopted on September 15, 1867. The lyrics of the state anthem were composed by Manuel Palomeque and the music composed by Jacinto Cuevas. The Anthem of Yucatn was the first state anthem in Mexico (the second was the state of Veracruz). During almost all the 20th century, the anthem was sung in schools.

On In mid-2000, after many years of not being heard at an official ceremony, the Anthem of Yucatn was heard in the fifth governance report of then Governor Vctor Cervera Pacheco. Some media called it a political campaign of the then governor against then President Vicente Fox Quesada.

Similarly there was a resurgence of the Flag of the Republic of Yucatn, which made its appearance in several places and items such as stickers (attached to motor vehicles and homes), cups, mugs, clothing and caps. Also by order of the Ministry of Public Education in Yucatn the anthem began to be sung again in schools.[http://www.larevista.com.mx/ed557/info4.htm Cervera Pacheco y el resurgimiento de la bandera de Yucatn] [https://archive.today/20090803195543/http://www.yucatan.com.mx/especiales/banderadeyucatan/default.asp Aniversario de la bandera de Yucatn] Currently, the flag of Yucatn still appears in public acts but has not been officialized.


'Short version:'

This anthem refers to the victory of the Republic over the Empire imposed after the Second French intervention in Mexico and the execution of Maximiliano of Habsburgo in 'Cerro de las Campanas' in the state of Quertaro.

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