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Nu s kommer julen

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Wikipedia article

"'Nu s kommer julen', nu r julen hr", or titled 'Julvisa', is originally a poem published by Zacharias Topelius in 1857. It has been set to music several times, originally by Richard Norn in 1875.


* Richard Norn (1847-1922), published 1875.

* Alice Tegnr, published 1895 in Sjung med oss, Mamma!, issue 3.

* Gustaf Stolpe, unknown year.

* Cid Smedberg, unknown year (circa 1900).

* Jean Sibelius, composed 1913.

* Ellen Heijkorn, published 1920.

*N. Herman, unknown, year unknown.

The song is in the film "Sagan om Karl-Bertil Jonssons julafton", using the Ellen Heijkorn tune.


An early recording was done by Inga Berentz in Stockholm in September 1909.


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