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Hora Unirii

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Wikipedia article

"'Hora Unirii'" is a poem by Vasile Alecsandri, published in 1856. The music of the song was composed by . The song is sung and danced especially on January 24, the anniversary of the day in which the Romanian United Principalities were formally united in 1859. It was, in fact, considered the "unofficial anthem" of the unification of the Romanian principalities and its supporters in 1859.[http://repository.utm.md/bitstream/handle/5014/7363/Simpozion_Cucuteni-5000_Redivivus_2018_pg32-33.pdf Documentarea arheologic a celui mai vechi dans din Europa][https://www.academia.edu/download/63967760/SJKS_Weathering_the_Storm_final20200719-31987-1qm4fsu.pdf Weathering the Storm, Toppled by the Storm: North Korea's Non-transition Compared with the Transitions of Romania and Albania, 19891991][http://ojs.hasdeu.md/index.php/bibliopolis/article/view/93 OMAGIERI I CONSEMNRI LA CENTENARUL MARII UNIRI]

The poem 'Knga e bashkimit' ("The Song of Unit") of Aleksandr Stavre Drenova, published in 1912, is a clear adaptation of Alecsandri's "Hora Unirii".Robert Elsie, Albanian literature: a short history, 2005, p.104

Use in TVR

It was used by TVR for its station sign-off during the "energy saving program" between 1985 to 1989, when its schedule was severely limited to two hours per day.

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*Hora (dance)


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