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Mizerna cicha

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Wikipedia article

'Mizerna, cicha' is a popular traditional Christmas carol in Poland, whose lyrics were written by

Teofil Lenartowicz in 1849. The original melody was written by Jakub Wrzeciono in the 19th century, but nowadays the best-known version was composed by Jan Gall around the year 1900.[http://www.opoka.org.pl/biblioteka/I/IM/mizerna.html Mizerna, Cicha, Stajenka Licha], opoka.org.pl[http://dziedzictwo.ekai.pl/text.show?id=3621 Mizerna cicha stajenka], dziedzictwo.ekai.pl


The song originally had 11 verses[http://spiewnikreligijny.pl/teksty/410,mizerna_cicha_stajenka_licha/ Mizerna, cicha], spiewnikreligijny.pl

of which people nowadays typically sing four or five,[https://teksciory.interia.pl/koledy-mizerna-cicha-tekst-piosenki,t,471900.html/ Koledy Mizerna cicha], teksciory.interia.pl which are listed below.


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