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Klapka Indul

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Wikipedia article

The 'Klapka Indul' ('Klapka March'), also known as 'Fel, fel vitzek a csatra' ('Rise, Rise Soldiers to the Battle') is a Hungarian military march written on the 19th century. It is named after General Gyrgy Klapka who served as the Minister of War during the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.Zsolt Vesztrczy [https://ujszo.com/kultura/125-eve-hunyt-el-klapka-gyorgy-komarom-hos-vedoje/ 125 ve hunyt el Klapka Gyrgy, Komrom hs vdje], (2017) It was written in 1849 by composer and translator Bni Egressy to honor Klapka as a great commander and Hungarian patriot. Specifically, it was composed during the defense of the Komrno fortification system in the Fourth Battle of Komrom from Austro-Russian forces. On 4 August 1849, who was in the besieged Komrom at the time he wrote his composition, handed over the piece to revolutionary personnel.[http://www.jakd.hu/index.php?p=evfordulo&id=1163 1892. mjus 17-n halt meg Klapka Gyrgy] (Jzsef Attila knyvtr, Dunajvros) The lyrics to the march were later written in 1861 by Klmn Thaly.[https://mult-kor.hu/hires-komarom-vedoje-20150407/ "Hres Komrom" vdje] , (2015)[http://www.hirek.sk/itthon/20140523234830/Egressy-Beni-bicentenariumara-emlekeztek-Revkomaromban.html Egressy Bni bicentenriumra emlkeztek Rvkomromban] (hrek.sk)

It is the official marchpast of the Hungarian Defence Forces and the preceding Hungarian People's Army and is played is played often today during the military parades in Budapest.



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