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Wikipedia article

'Siebenbrglied' '(Transylvania song)' is a regional anthem composed by Johann Lukas Hedwig with lyrics by Maximilian Leopold Moltke originally as a regional anthem for Transylvania Saxons. The anthem has been translated into both Hungarian by Ritok Jnos[https://web.archive.org/web/20091021160404/http://geocities.com/erdelyilobby/htm/moltke.htm Az erdlyi szszok himnusza][https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gxYZ01Jy0Y Transylvanian Anthem, Siebenbrgenlied , Erdly Himnusz,Imnul Transilvaniei]. Siebenbrglied translated into Hungarian and Romanian by Dan Dnil,[http://www.siebenbuerger.de/zeitung/artikel/alteartikel/1028-siebenbuergenlied-ins-rumaenische.html 'Transylvania song translated into Romanian'] (German) thus becoming an unofficial anthem for Transylvania as a whole.



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