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Snner av Norge

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Wikipedia article

"'Snner av Norge'" (originally "Snner af Norge", ) is the common title of the song "'Norsk Nationalsang'" , which was the 'de facto' national anthem of Norway from 1820 until the early 20th century. From the mid-1860s, "Ja, vi elsker dette landet" gradually came to occupy the unofficial position as national anthem, but was used alongside "Snner af Norge" until the early 20th century, with "Snner af Norge" being preferred in official situations.


The lyrics were written by Henrik Anker Bjerregaard (17921842) and the melody by Christian Blom (17821861), after the Royal Norwegian Society for Development had announced a competition to write a national anthem for Norway in 1819. "Norsk Nationalsang" ("Snner af Norge") was announced as the winner.'Sangen har lysning : studentersang i Norge p 1800-tallet', Anne Jorunn Kydland, 1995, 'Viktige trekk fra Norges vels historie 1809-1995', Kristian Kaus, 1996, 'Norsk litteraturkritikks historie 1770-1940, Bind 1', Edvard Beyer og Morten Moi, 1990,



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