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Var hlsad, skna morgonstund

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'Var hlsad, skna morgonstund' is an 1819 Christmas hymn with lyrics by Johan Olof Wallin. It is set to a tune composed by Philipp Nicolai.,[http://www.hymntime.com/tch/non/sv/varhalsa.htm Var hlsad, skna morgonstund: accessdate: 3 August 2014] There is also an English language-version called "All Hail to Thee, O Blessd Morn!" with lyrics by Ernst W. Olson published in the Augustana Hymnal of 1901.[http://www.hymntime.com/tch/htm/a/l/l/h/allhailt.htm All Hail to Thee, O Blessd Morn! accessdate: 1 January 2015]


*1819 rs psalmbok as number 55 under the lines "Jesu krleksfulla uppenbarelse i mnskligheten: Jesu fdelse (julpsalmer)".

*Stockholms sndagsskolfrenings sngbok 1882 as number 87 under the lines "Psalmer" with the verses 1 and 4.

*Sionstoner 1889 as number 446 under the lines "Psalmer", verses 1-4

*Herde-Rsten 1892 as number 94 under the lines "Jul-snger".

*Svenska Missionsfrbundets sngbok 1894 as number 32 under the lines "Jesu fdelse".

*Hjrtesnger 1895 as number 46 entitled "Julsng"

*Musik till Frlsningsarmns sngbok 1907 as number 414

*Svensk sndagsskolsngbok 1908 as number 22 under the lines "Julsnger"

*Lilla Psalmisten 1909 as number 16 under the lines "Kristus: Hans fdelse, dd, uppstndelse."

*Svenska Frlsningsarmns sngbok 1922 as number 25 under the lines "Hgtider, Jul".

*Svensk sndagsskolsngbok 1929 as number 37 under the lines "Advents- och julsnger"

*Frlsningsarmns sngbok 1929 as number 543 under the lines "Hgtider och srskilda tillfllen - Jul".

*Svenska Missionsfrbundets sngbok 1920 as number 82 under the lines "Jesu fdelse"

*Segertoner 1930 as number 104

*Sionstoner 1935 as number 151 under the lines "Jul"

*1937 rs psalmbok as number 55 under the lines "Jul".

*Frbundstoner 1957 as number 43 under the lines "Guds uppenbarelse i Kristus: Jesu fdelse".

*Segertoner 1960 as number 104

*Psalmer fr bruk vid krigsmakten 1961 as number 55 verses 1-4.

*Frlsningsarmns sngbok 1968 as number 604 under the lines "Hgtider - Jul".

*Sionstoner 1972 as number 109

*1986 rs psalmbok as number 119 in 1986 rs Cecilia-psalmbok, Psalmer och Snger 1987, Segertoner 1988 and Frlsningsarmns sngbok 1990 under the lines "Jul".

*Finlandssvenska psalmboken 1986 as number 27 under the lines "Jul".

*Lova Herren 1988 as number 100 under the lines "Jul".

*Julens nskesngbok, 1997, under the lines "Traditionella julsnger".

*Barnens svenska sngbok, 1999, under the lines "ret runt".


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