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Der Mondabend

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Wikipedia article

"'" ("The moonlit evening") is a poem by , who published his poetry under the pseudonym Ermin in ', a periodical he had founded in 1811.

In 1815 Franz Schubert set "Der Mondabend" for voice and piano. It was first published in 1830 in Vienna, as No. 1 of Op. posth. 131. Later the song was known as 141. The other two songs of Op. 131 were (for tenor, men's choir and piano), and 23 (for voice and piano).Otto Erich Deutsch in collaboration with Donald R. Wakeling. 'Schubert: Thematic Catalogue of all his Works in Chronological Order.' London: Dent New York: W. W. Norton, 1951, [https://books.google.be/books?id=SL3VXT875IQC&pg=PA67 p. 67]Otto Erich Deutsch, with revisions by Werner Aderhold and others. '[https://www.baerenreiter.com/en/sheetmusic/product/?artNo=BVK571 Franz Schubert, thematisches Verzeichnis seiner Werke in chronologischer Folge]' (New Schubert Edition Series VIII Supplement, Volume 4). Kassel: Brenreiter, 1978. ISMN 9790006305148 , [https://archive.org/stream/FranzSchubert.ThematischesVerzeichnisSeinerWerkeInChronologischerFolge/SchubertDeutsch-verzeichnisDv#page/n121/mode/2up pp. 9899] The only other poem by Kumpf that was set by Schubert was "", D 305.Shirlee Emmons and Wilbur Watkins Lewis. [https://books.google.be/books?id=WQdfpYGW6KoC 'Researching the Song: A Lexicon'.] Oxford University Press, 2005. , [https://books.google.be/books?id=WQdfpYGW6KoC&pg=PA266 p. 266]

"Der Mondabend", WAB 200, is a reminiscence in the same key (A major), meter and first four notes of Schubert's "Der Mondabend", that Anton Bruckner composed for Aloisia Bogner .Uwe Harten, 'Anton Bruckner. Ein Handbuch'. Residenz Verlag, Salzburg, 1996. ,


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