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Hosianna, Davids son

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Wikipedia article

'Hosianna, Davids son' is an Advent song with music by Abb Vogler (circa 1795) for mixed choir and church organ, with lyrics in Swedish-language. It's one of the more popular Christmas songs in Sweden and Finland.


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*Guds lov 1935 as number 20 under the lines "Advents- och julsnger".

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*Sions Snger 1981 as number 178 under the lines "Tack och lov".

*Levande sng 1984 (tillgg till Segertoner) som nummer 631 under the lines "Advent"

*1986 as number 105 under the lines "Advent".

*Finlandssvenska psalmboken 1986 as number 1 under the lines "Advent".

*Finska psalmboken 1986 as number 1 under the lines "Advent".

*Psalmer och Snger 1987 as number 487 under the lines "Advent".

*Lova Herren 1988 as number 92 under the lines "Advent".

*Barnens svenska sngbok, 1999, under the lines "ret runt".


An early recording was done by Solistkvintetten in Stockholm in October 1908. Kikki Danielsson recorded the song on her 1987 Christmas album 'Min barndoms jular'.[http://smdb.kb.se/catalog/id/001548791 Information] p Svensk mediedatabas


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