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Valeureux Ligeois

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Wikipedia article

'Valeureux Ligeois' (French; literally "Valiant people of Lige") is a patriotic song written in 1790 by Abbot Gilles-Joseph-Evrard Ramoux in the town of Lige at a time when the Lige Revolution was threatened by Austrian forces seeking the restoration of the Prince-bishop Csar-Constantin-Franois de Hoensbroeck.


Abbot Ramoux wrote Valeureux Ligeois in 1790 at the request of Lambert-Joseph de Donceel, a revolutionary and commander of the Lige militia who wanted a national song "to expel from the homes of our citizens the enemies of the fatherland who dared to enter".

The lyrics of the song had a patriotic air, though they were subsequently added to or modified several times. The original song only had two verses.


'Valeureux Ligeois,'

'Fidles ma voix,'

'Volez la victoire!'

'Et la libert de notre Cit'

'Vous couvrira de gloire.'


'Clbrons par nos accords'

'Les droits sacrs d'une si belle cause,'

'Et rions des vains efforts'

'Que l'ennemi nous oppose.'

'Que peut craindre notre ardeur?'

'Sous Chestret nous portons les armes:'

' ct de ce vainqueur'

'Le pril a des charmes.'

'Csar vainqueur de lunivers'

'Te dcerna le titre de brave,'

'Des Romains tu brisas les fers,'

'Jamais tu ne vcus esclave.'

'Tendres poux, jeunes amants'

'Pour quelques jours, quittez vos belles;'

'Reparaissez triomphants,'

'Vous en serez plus dignes d'elles.'



'Brave people of Lige,'

'Loyal to my voice,'In some versions, the phrase "'Fidles ma voix'" ("Loyal to my voice") in the chorus is replaced with "'Marchez ma voix'", or "March to my command".

'Fly to victory!'

'And the liberty of our state'

'Will cover you in glory.'


'Let us celebrate with our agreement'

'The sacred rites of such a beautiful cause,'

'And laugh at the vain efforts'

'Of the enemy who opposes us.'

'Why fear our zeal?'

'Under Jean-Remy de Chestret|[Jean-Remy de] Chestret we bear our arms:'

'At the side of the victor'

'danger has charm.'

'Caesar conqueror of the universe'

'You bestowed the title of the brave,'

'Your smashed the Roman's chains,'

'Never did you live as slave.'

'Tender husbands, young lovers'

'For several days, you must leave your sweethearts;'

'When you return triumphant,'

'You will be more deserving of them.'

Student fokelore

Students from the University of Lige (ULg) have a tradition of modifying the song to a version with the refrain:

'Valeureux Ligeois,

'Fidle ma voix,

'Vole la victoire.

'Et la libert

'De notre cite

'Te couvrira de gloire.'

('Brave people of Lige,

'True to my voice,

'Steal to victory.

'And freedom

'Of our city

'Will cover you with glory.')

Along with verses 3 and 1.


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