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Norges Skaal

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Wikipedia article

'Norges Skaal' , was first written in 1771 by Johan Nordahl Brun in Copenhagen during the period when Norway was in a personal union with Denmark as a drinking song for the Norwegian literary society in Copenhagen.

Norges Skaal (also sometimes referred to as For Norge, Kimpers Fdeland from the first line of the song) gained popularity in the early 1800s when Norwegian nationalism was increasing, and the song was banned by Danish-Norwegian officials in 1772, when it was first performed. It quickly gained a reputation as being anti-Danish and revolutionary, and was referred to as the Norwegian Marseillaise. It was first published in 1782, and became very popular in Norway, and was an unofficial national anthem of Norway from 1800s and beyond.[http://www.nationalanthems.info/no-20.htm www.nationalanthems.info]


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