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Beef and Butt Beer

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Wikipedia article

"Beef and butt beer, against mum and pumpernickle" was an 8-page drinking song published in 1743 in London.Anon, "Beef and Butt Beer, against Mum and Pumpernickle", Published for B. C., London, 1743. This work can be found at the British Library

A protest song published with the specific intent of stirring up trouble for the King, at the time George II of Great Britain who, like his father George I of Great Britain was originally from Germany, the song was anti-German.

In one of the verses of the song "Calverts Butt" is compared as a crystal clear alternative to "Muddy Mum". The drinkers of the day would have recognized Calvert as one of the main producers of porter beer, while Muddy Mum was a German style of wheat beer flavored with herbs and, as the term 'muddy' implies, thought of as less pure than the English porter.


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