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Movies from 1961

20,000 Eyes

20,000 Leagues Across the Land

5 marines per 100 ragazze

A Bomb Was Stolen

A Cold Wind in August

A Day for Lionhearts

A Difficult Life

A Fever in the Blood

A Flower of Evil

A French Mistress

A Killer Without a Grave

A Majority of One (film)

A Man Named Rocca

A Matter of Morals

A Matter of WHO

A Raisin in the Sun (1961 film)

A Revolutionary Family

A Scent of the Matterhorn

A Soldier's Prayer

A Song About the Gray Pigeon

A Storm of Love

A Story of David

A Taste of Honey (film)

A Thunder of Drums

A Touch of Magic

A Train Leaves in Every Hour

A Weekend with Lulu

A Wife Confesses

A Woman Is a Woman

Aas Ka Panchhi

Absolutely Seriously


Ada (1961 film)

Adult Children

Adventurer at the Door

Adventures of Krosh

Akiko (film)


Ak Rshi (1961 film)

Alba Regia (film)

Ali Baba Bujang Lapok

Alias Big Shot

Alice in the Navy

All Hands on Deck (1961 film)

All in a Night's Work (film)

All the Gold in the World

Allures (film)

Alphabet of Fear


Amar Rahe Yeh Pyar

Amazons of Rome

Amelie or The Time to Love

Amorina (film)

An American in Buenos Aires

An Angel Has Arrived

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (film)

Ana wa Banati

Anatomy of a Psycho

Anbu Magan

Anchor Button (1961 film)

And Love Has Vanished

Angel Baby (1961 film)

Anna Karenina (1961 film)

Antigone (1961 film)

April (1961 film)




Armored Command

As a Wife, As a Woman

At Five O'Clock in the Afternoon

Atlantis, the Lost Continent

Atlas (film)

Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops

Attempt to Kill

Auf Wiedersehen (film)

Auguste (film)

Babes in Toyland (1961 film)

Bachelor in Paradise (film)

Back Street (1961 film)

Bad Boys (1961 film)

Bankraub in der Rue Latour

Barabbas (1961 film)

Barbara (1961 film)

Barrier of the Unknown


Battle at Bloody Beach

Battle of the Worlds

Beep Prepared

Behind Closed Doors (1961 film)

Beloved Impostor (1961 film)

Bhabhi Ki Chudiyan

Bhagyalakshmi (film)

Bhakta Chetha (1961 film)

Bhakta Jayadeva

Bharya Bhartalu

Bitter End of a Sweet Night

Black City (film)

Black Gravel

Black Silk

Black Tights

Blast of Silence

Blind Justice (1961 film)

Blood Feud (1961 film)


Blue Hawaii

Blueprint for Robbery

Bomb in the High Street

Bootleggers (1961 film)

Boy Friend (1961 film)

Boy Who Caught a Crook

Boys Beware

Brave Pigeon

Breakfast at Tiffany's (film)

Breaking the Language Barrier

Bridge to the Sun

Brutality in Stone

Bungala Boys

Bussen (film)

But What If This Is Love

By Love Possessed (film)

Caccia all'uomo

Calypso Cat

Captain Fracasse (1961 film)

Carey Saheber Munshi

Carry On Regardless

Cash on Demand

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Chasing Two Hares

Chhaya (film)

Christmas Rathri

Chronicle of Flaming Years

Chronicle of a Summer

Cirkus Buster

Claudelle Inglish

Clear Skies (film)

Clue of the Silver Key

Cocagne (film)

Come September

Compressed Hare

Constantine and the Cross

Corinth House

Cradle of Genius

Creature from the Haunted Sea

Cry Vengeance!

Cry for Happy

D' Fightin' Ones

Daffy's Inn Trouble

Daigaku no Wakadaish

Dancing in the Rain (film)

Dangerous Afternoon

Dans l'eau qui fait des bulles


Dark Odyssey

Darling (1961 film)

Das Riesenrad

Day by Day, Desperately

De Laatste Passagier

Debatik (film)

Dentist on the Job

Der Arzt von Bothenow

Dersu Uzala (1961 film)

Destination Fury

Det store varpet

Devil's Partner


Diary of a Nudist

Die Liebe und der Co-Pilot

Dima Gorin's Career

Divorce Italian Style

Do Raste

Doctor Blood's Coffin

Dog Barbos and Unusual Cross

Don Camillo: Monsignor

Don Frutos Gmez

Don Kihot (1961 short)

Don't Bother to Knock (1961 film)

Donald and the Wheel

Double Bunk

Down and Outing

Dreams Die at Dawn

Drifting Detective: Black Wind in the Harbor

Drifting Detective: Tragedy in the Red Valley

Duel of Champions

Duel of the Titans

During One Night

Dynamite Jack

Een blandt mange

El Cid (film)

El Hub Keda

El buena suerte

El jinete negro (1961 film)

El mundo de los vampiros

El proceso de las seoritas Vivanco

Ellam Unakkaga

Enclosure (film)

Ennai Paar

Enter Inspector Duval

Erik the Conqueror

Esther and the King

Eve and the Handyman

Everything's Ducky

Exo oi kleftes

Famous Love Affairs

Fanny (1961 film)

Far til fire med fuld musik

Fate Takes a Hand

Fear No More (film)

Fetters (film)

Fiend of Dope Island

Fire and Ashes (film)

Five Day Lover

Five Days, Five Nights (1960 film)

Five Golden Hours

Five Marines

Five Minutes to Live

Flame in the Streets

Flight of the Lost Balloon

Flitterwochen ohne Ehemann

Flower Drum Song (film)

Follow That Man (1961 film)

Follow a Star

For Men Only (1960 film)

Force of Impulse

Francis of Assisi (film)

Freddy and the Millionaire

Freedom to Die

From a Roman Balcony

Frontier Uprising

Fury at Smugglers' Bay

Garibaldi (film)

Gas, Inspector Palmu!

Gastone (film)

Ghalib (film)

Gharana (1961 film)

Ghosts of Rome

Gidget Goes Hawaiian

Girl from Hong Kong

Girl in the Window

Girl on Approval

Girl with a Suitcase

Give Us Barabbas!

Go Naked in the World

Gold of Rome

Gold of the Seven Saints

Golden Gloves (1961 film)

Goliath Against the Giants

Goliath and the Vampires

Good Night, My Love

Goodbye Again (1961 film)

Gorgo (film)

Green Harvest (1961 film)

Greyfriars Bobby (film)

Guddi (1961 film)

Gun Fight (film)

Gun Street (film)

Gunga Jumna

Guns of the Black Witch

Guns of the Trees

Hamari Yaad Aayegi

Hamlet (1961 film)

Hand in Hand (film)


Hans Nielsen Hauge (film)

Happiness Comes at Nine o'Clock

Harano Din

Harry and the Butler

Havoc in Heaven

Hercules and the Conquest of Atlantis

Hercules in the Haunted World

Hercules in the Valley of Woe

Hey, Let's Twist!

High Steaks

Highway to Battle

His Women

His and Hers (film)

Hled se tta


House of Mystery (1961 film)

How Robinson Was Created

Hum Dono (1961 film)

Hunted in Holland

Hunting Rifle (film)

Husband of His Wife

I Like Mike (film)

I Will Not Confess

Iddaru Mitrulu (1961 film)

Igre na skelama

Il Posto

Immortal Love

In Writing

Indrajeet (Sati Sulochana)

Information Received

Intiki Deepam Illale

Invasion Quartet

Invasion of the Neptune Men

Isola Bella (film)

It's Greek to Me-ow!

Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai

Jagadeka Veeruni Katha

Jedermann (film)


Jhinder Bondi


Johnny Nobody

Journey Beneath the Desert

Juana Gallo

Judgment at Nuremberg

Judgment of the Mad

Jungle Street

Junglee (1961 film)

Kaanal Neer

Kabuliwala (1961 film)

Kahl (film)

Kaiwara Mahathme

Kalasi Vunte Kaladu Sukham

Kandam Becha Kottu

Kantheredu Nodu

Kappalottiya Thamizhan

Kauf dir einen bunten Luftballon

Kill Yourself, My Love

Killers on Parade

King of Kings (1961 film)

King of the Roaring '20s: The Story of Arnold Rothstein

Kittur Chennamma (film)

Kokhono Asheni

Komal Gandhar


Konga (film)

Kongunattu Thangam

Krishna Kuchela


Kula Gotralu

Kumara Raja (1961 film)


Kurulu Bedda

L'onorata societ

La Belle Amricaine

La Fayette (film)

La Notte

La Princesse de Clves (film)

La colpa e la pena

La maestra enamorada

La novia (film)

Landing Stripling

Last Year at Marienbad

Le Gros et le maigre

Le Miracle des loups (1961 film)

Le Tracassin

Le ambiziose

Leoni al sole

Les Mauvais Coups

Liar Wanted

Libertad bajo palabra


Light Up the Sky! (film)

List of LGBT-related films of 1961

List of Malayalam films of 1961

Little Presents

Living Venus

Lola (1961 film)

Look in Any Window

Los Inundados

Love Mates

Love Play

Love Without End (1961 film)

Love in a Goldfish Bowl

Lovely Is the Summer Night

Lovely Memory

Lover Come Back (1961 film)

Lon Morin, Priest

Macbeth (1961 film)

Maciste alla corte del Gran Khan

Mad Dog Coll (1961 film)

Madame (1961 film)

Madison Avenue (film)

Male and Female Since Adam and Eve

Malliyam Mangalam

Mamiyarum Oru Veetu Marumagale

Man Detained

Man Wants to Live

Man at the Carlton Tower

Man with a Shotgun



Manik (1961 film)


Marines, Let's Go

Marriage of Convenience

Martin in the Clouds

Marutha Nattu Veeran

Mary Had a Little...

Master of the World (1961 film)

Masters Love

Maya (1961 film)


Mi Buenos Aires querido (1961 film)

Middle Course

Mine tossede drenge

Mission (film)

Misty (film)

Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules

Most Dangerous Man Alive

Mother Joan of the Angels

Mothra (film)

Mouse into Space

Mr. India (1961 film)

Mr. Topaze

Mudiyanaya Puthran

Murder in Eden (film)

Murder, She Said

Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder (film)

My Baby Is Black!

My Friend, Kolka!

My Husband, the Economic Miracle

My Love Is Called Margarita

My Wedding Night

Mysterious Island (1961 film)

Naaga Nandhini

Nagarjuna (film)

Naked Youth

Naked as Nature Intended

Nallavan Vazhvan


Napolon II l'Aiglon

Nazrana (1961 film)

Nearly a Nasty Accident

Nebeski odred

Nefertiti, Queen of the Nile

Nelly's Folly

Never Back Losers

Night Tide

Night Without Pity

Nikki: Wild Dog of the North

No Love for Johnnie

No My Darling Daughter

Noli Me Tngere (1961 film)

Nothing Barred

Nude in Charcoal

Nude on the Moon

Offbeat (film)

Oh Islam

Old Mac

Ole Rex

On the Double (film)

On the Fiddle

On the Tiger's Back

One Hundred and One Dalmatians

One, Two, Three

One-Eyed Jacks

Only the Wind

Opera House (1961 film)

Operation Bottleneck

Operation Eichmann (film)

Our Crazy Aunts

Our House in Cameroon

Out of the Shadow (1961 film)

Over the Odds

Paava Mannippu

Palum Pazhamum

Panam Panthiyile



Papoose on the Loose

Parinam (1961 film)

Paris Belongs to Us

Paris Blues

Parrish (film)

Part-Time Wife

Partners in Crime (1961 film)


Passport (1961 film)

Passport to China

Patricia ma

Payroll (film)

Peace Never Comes

Peace to Him Who Enters

Pecado de amor (film)

Pegando con tubo

Pendli Pilupu

Peters baby

Petticoat Pirates

Pigs and Battleships

Pirates of Tortuga

Pit of Darkness

Play of Daniel (TV play)

Please, Not Now!

Plcido (film)

Pocketful of Miracles

Poeten og Lillemor i forrshumr

Pohdka o star tramvaji

Police Dog Story

Portrait of a Mobster

Posse from Hell

Potraga za zmajem

Prey for the Shadows

Prince Violent

Prince Yeonsan (film)

Proces k Panence

Professor Mamlock (1961 film)

Project Hope (film)


Punar Janmam

Puss in Boots (1961 film)

Puteri Gunong Ledang (film)

Pyaar Ka Saagar

Queen of the Seas

Question 7

Quiet Night (play)

Quinto ao nacional

Rabindranath Tagore (film)

Rag Doll (film)

Rage of the Buccaneers

Raising the Wind (1961 film)

Raja Satyavrata

Ramona (1961 film)

Rebelde con causa

Red Guards on Honghu Lake (film)


Return of a Stranger (1961 film)

Return to Peyton Place (film)

Revenge of the Conquered

Revolt of the Mercenaries

Rififi in Stockholm

Ring of Fire (1961 film)

Robert and Bertram (1961 film)

Romanoff and Juliet (1961 film)

Rome 1585

Romulus and the Sabines



Sabaash Mapillai

Sabhash Raja

Sail a Crooked Ship

Sampoorna Ramayana

Samson (1961 Italian film)

Samson (1961 Polish film)

Sanctuary (1961 film)

Santha (1961 film)

Santo Contra los Zombies

Santo contra el cerebro del mal

Saptapadi (1961 film)

Saranga (1961 film)

Sasural (1961 film)

Savage Guns (1961 film)

Scarlet Sails (film)

Season in Salzburg (1961 film)

Seawards the Great Ships

Secret of Deep Harbor

Seniman Bujang Lapok

Sennin Buraku

September Love

Seven Keys (film)

Seven Women from Hell

Sevitiimiz Gnler

Shadow of the Boomerang

Shola Aur Shabnam (1961 film)

Shri Shaila Mahathme

Sita Rama Kalyanam (1961 film)

Sky Above and Mud Beneath

Slave of Rome

Sniper's Ridge

Snow White and the Three Stooges

So Evil, So Young

Some Like It Cool

Something Wild (1961 film)

Spare the Rod

Splendor in the Grass

Spotlight on a Murderer

Square of Violence

Sri Valli (1961 film)

Strangled Eggs

Stree (1961 film)

Strip Tease Murder

Striped Trip

Strongroom (film)

Stv p hjernen (1961 film)

Sua Eccellenza si ferm a mangiare

Sudar na paralelama

Summer Skin (film)

Summer and Smoke (film)


Susan Slade

Susanne (1961 film)

Swingin' Along

Switchin' Kitten

Sword in the Shadows

Sword of the Conqueror

Tammy Tell Me True

Tarnished Heroes

Taste of Fear

Taxi Ramudu

Taxi for Tobruk

Teen Kanya

Teenage Millionaire

Teenagers (film)

Ten Dark Women

Terminus (1961 film)

Thai Sollai Thattathe

That Forward Center Died at Dawn

Thayilla Pillai

The Abduction from the Seraglio (film)

The Abominable Snow Rabbit

The Absent-Minded Professor

The Adventures of Count Bobby

The Adventures of Lucky Pierre

The Army Game (film)

The Artillery Sergeant Kalen

The Assassin (1961 film)

The Bacchantes (film)

The Bashful Elephant

The Beast of Yucca Flats

The Best of Enemies (1961 film)

The Big Gamble (1961 film)

The Big Show (1961 film)

The Black Monocle

The Boy and the Dove

The Boy in the Tree

The Breaking Point (1961 film)

The Brute (1961 film)

The Canadians (1961 film)

The Cat Burglar

The Cat and the Canary (1961 film)

The Centurion (film)

The Children of Golzow

The Children's Hour (film)

The Choppers

The Clown and the Kid

The Clue of the New Pin (1961 film)

The Coachman (film)

The Colossus of Rhodes (film)

The Comancheros (film)

The Connection (1961 film)

The Continental Twist

The Corsican Brothers (1961 film)

The Cossacks (1961 film)

The Count of Monte Cristo (1961 film)

The Counterfeiters of Paris

The Court Martial of Major Keller

The Crimebusters

The Cry of the Wild Geese

The Curse of the Crying Woman

The Curse of the Doll People

The Curse of the Werewolf

The Day the Earth Caught Fire

The Dead Eyes of London

The Dead One (1961 film)

The Deadly Companions

The Devil at 4 O'Clock

The Devil's Daffodil

The Devil's Hand

The Devil's Messenger

The Downfall (film)

The Dream of Lieschen Mueller

The Dress (1961 film)

The Emperor's New Clothes (1961 film)

The End of Summer

The Errand Boy

The Exiles (1961 film)

The Explosive Generation

The Fascist

The Festival Girls

The Fiercest Heart

The First Mass

The Flight That Disappeared

The Forger of London

The Fourth Square

The Frightened City

The Gambler Wore a Gun

The Game of Truth

The Gentle Terror

The George Raft Story

The Giant of Metropolis

The Girl on the Boat (film)

The Gleiwitz Case

The Grand Olympics

The Great Heroes

The Great Impostor

The Green Archer (1961 film)

The Green Helmet

The Greengage Summer

The Guns of Navarone (film)

The Hand in the Trap

The Happy Thieves

The Hellfire Club (film)

The Hellions

The Honeymoon Machine

The Hoodlum Priest

The Horizon (1961 film)

The Horsemasters

The Houseguest and My Mother

The Human Pyramid (1961 film)

The Hustler (film)

The Illiterate One

The Impersonator

The Innocents (1961 film)

The Invincible Gladiator

The Joy of Living

The Key (1961 film)

The Kitchen (1961 film)

The Knife (1961 film)

The Ladies Man

The Lady from the Sea (1961 film)

The Last Hungry Cat

The Last Judgment (1961 film)

The Last Sunset (film)

The Last Time I Saw Archie

The Last War (film)

The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1961 film)

The Last of the Vikings

The Lawbreakers

The Liar (1961 film)

The Lions Are Loose

The Litterbug

The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come (1961 film)

The London Scene (film)

The Long Absence

The Long Rope (1961 film)

The Long Shadow (1961 film)

The Long and the Short and the Tall (film)

The Lovemakers (film)

The Magic Fountain

The Magic World of Topo Gigio

The Man from Nowhere (1961 film)

The Man in Gray

The Man in the Back Seat

The Mark (1961 film)

The Marriage of Mr. Mississippi

The Marriage-Go-Round (film)

The Mask (1961 film)

The Menace (1961 film)

The Mighty Crusaders (film)

The Miracle of Father Malachia

The Misfits (1961 film)

The Mishap

The Moises Padilla Story

The Mongols (film)

The Murder Men (film)

The Musketeers (film)

The Naked Edge

The Naked Witch

The Night Before Christmas (1961 film)

The Night Guest

The Night We Got the Bird

The Nina B. Affair

The Orderly (1961 film)

The Outsider (1961 film)

The Parent Trap (1961 film)

The Passion of Slow Fire

The Passionate Demons

The Phantom (1961 film)

The Phantom Planet

The Phony American

The Pied Piper of Guadalupe

The Pit and the Pendulum (1961 film)

The Pleasure Garden (1961 film)

The Pleasure of His Company

The Power and the Glory (1961 film)

The President (1961 film)

The Purple Hills

The Pursuers

The Queen's Guards (film)

The Rebel (1961 film)

The Red Detachment of Women (1961 film)

The Rejected

The Reprieve (1961 film)

The Return of Doctor Mabuse

The Right Approach

The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

The Romance of a Gaucho (film)

The Saga of Windwagon Smith

The Salonika Terrorists

The Scarlet Dove (1961 film)

The Sea Knows

The Second Time Around (1961 film)

The Secret Partner

The Secret Ways

The Secret of the Black Falcon

The Sergeant Was a Lady

The Seven Revenges

The Shadow of the Cat

The Shadows Grow Longer

The Silent Call

The Silent Hedonist

The Singer Not the Song

The Sinister Man

The Sinister Urge (film)

The Sins of Rachel Cade

The Snake Woman

The Soldiers of Pancho Villa

The Spiral Staircase (1961 film)

The Steel Claw (film)

The Story of Joseph and His Brethren

The Story of Osaka Castle

The Strange Countess

The Sun Will Never Set

The Tartars

The Terror of the Tongs

The Thief of Baghdad (1961 film)

The Third Alibi

The Three Musketeers (1961 film)

The Tough Guy (1961 film)

The Treasure of Monte Cristo

The Triumph of Michael Strogoff

The Trojan Horse (film)

The Trunk

The Two Little Bears

The Two Little Rascals

The Two Marshals

The Vengeance of Ursus

The Wastrel

The Wind of Change (film)

The Wonders of Aladdin

The Young Doctors (film)

The Young Ones (1961 film)

The Young Savages

Then There Were Three (film)


There is a Man in our House

Thigh Line Lyre Triangular

Thirst (1961 film)


This Earth Is Mine (1961 film)

Thou Shalt Not Kill (1961 film)

Three Blondes in His Life

Three Faces of Sin

Three Men in a Boat (1961 film)

Three on a Spree

Through a Glass Darkly (film)

Ticket to Paradise (1961 film)

Time Out for Love

Time Remembered (film)

Tintin and the Golden Fleece

Tiro al piccione

To exypno pouli

Tomboy and the Champ

Tonight a City Will Die

Tonight or Never (1961 film)

Too Late Blues

Tot, Peppino e... la dolce vita

Tottruffa 62

Touch of Death (1961 film)

Town Without Pity

Traveller Without Luggage

Tremor (film)

Tres de la Cruz Roja

Triumph of the Son of Hercules

Twenty Plus Two

Twist Around the Clock

Two Among Millions

Two Half Times in Hell

Two Living, One Dead

Two Loves

Two Rode Together

Two Wives at One Wedding

Ukrainian Rhapsody

Underworld U.S.A.

Unniyarcha (film)

Ursus (film)

Ursus and the Tartar Princess

Ursus in the Valley of the Lions

Usha Parinayam

Usha Parinayam (1961 film)

Vacations in Acapulco


Valley of the Dragons (film)

Vanina Vanini (film)

Veliko suenje

Velugu Needalu

Very Important Person (film)

Very Nice, Very Nice

Via Mala (1961 film)

Victim (1961 film)

Victoria Regina (film)

Vijayanagarada Veeraputhra


Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Wakadaish series

Walking (1961 film)

War Is Hell (film)

Warm Nights (film)

Watch It, Sailor!

We Were Young (film)

Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory

West End Jungle

West Side Story (1961 film)

What Is Father Doing in Italy?

What a Carve Up! (film)

What a Whopper

What's My Lion?

When the Clock Strikes

When the Trees Were Tall

Whistle Down the Wind (film)

White Slave Ship

Who Are You, Mr. Sorge?

Wife Number 13

Wild in the Country

Wind of Freedom

Wings of Chance

Wise Guys (1961 film)

Woe to the Young

World in My Pocket

Wrestling (1961 film)

X-15 (film)

Yanco (film)

Yar Manamagan?

Yasak Ak



You Have to Run Fast

You Must Be Blonde on Capri

Young People (1961 film)


Zero Focus

Zindagi aur Khwab

Mis abuelitas... noms!

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