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29 Acacia Avenue

6th Marine Division on Okinawa

A Bell for Adano

A Cage of Nightingales

A Christmas Dream

A Day with the Devil

A Diary for Timothy

A Game of Death

A Gruesome Twosome

A Guy, a Gal and a Pal

A Man Like Maximilian

A Medal for Benny

A Place of One's Own

A Royal Scandal (1945 film)

A Song for Miss Julie

A Song to Remember

A Sporting Chance (1945 film)

A Study in Choreography for Camera

A Tantn

A Thousand and One Nights (1945 film)

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945 film)

A Walk in the Sun (1945 film)

A Woman of No Importance (1945 film)

Abbott and Costello in Hollywood

Action at Anguar

Adultery (1945 film)

Adventures of Kitty O'Day

Adventures of Rusty

Affren Birte

African Diary

Ain't That Ducky

Allotment Wives

Alone in the Night (film)

Along Came Jones (film)

Along the Navajo Trail (film)

An Angel Comes to Brooklyn

Anchors Aweigh (film)

And Then There Were None (1945 film)

Anna Alt

Apology for Murder

Appointment in Tokyo

Arson Squad

Australia Is Like This

Bachpan (1945 film)

Back in the Seventies

Back to Bataan

Back to Jobs

Bad Men of the Border

Badi Maa

Bamboo (film)

Bandits of the Badlands

Barnen frn Frostmofjllet

Bedside Manner (film)

Behind City Lights

Bells of Rosarita

Betrayal from the East

Between Two Women (1945 film)

Bewitched (1945 film)

Beyond the Pecos

Bhai Jaan

Big Timers

Birth of the B-29

Black Market Babies

Black Roses (1945 film)

Blazing the Western Trail

Blind Desire

Blithe Spirit (1945 film)

Blonde Ransom

Blonde from Brooklyn


Blood and Fire (film)

Blood on the Sun

Booby Dupes

Border Badmen

Boston Blackie Booked on Suspicion

Boston Blackie's Rendezvous

Both Barrels Blazing

Boule de Suif (1945 film)

Box of Dreams (film)

Brenda Starr, Reporter (film)

Brewster's Millions (1945 film)

Brief Encounter

Bring on the Girls (film)


Burma Rani

Burma Victory

Caesar and Cleopatra (film)

Caldonia (film)

Captain Eddie

Captain Kidd (film)

Captain Tugboat Annie

Carnival Sunday

Castanet (film)

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Chand Chakori

Children of Paradise

China Sky (film)

China's Little Devils

Christmas in Connecticut

Circumstantial Evidence (1945 film)

Club Havana

Club verde

Code of the Lawless

Colorado Pioneers

Combat America

Come Back to Sorrento (film)

Come Out Fighting (1945 film)

Confidential Agent

Conflict (1945 film)

Cornered (1945 film)

Corpus Christi Bandits


Crime Doctor's Warning

Crime and Punishment (1945 film)

Crime, Inc.

Criminal Court (film)

Cuando en el cielo pasen lista

Cured Duck

D-Day -1

Dakota (1945 film)

Danger Signal

Dangerous Intruder

Dangerous Partners

Dark Is the Night (1945 film)

De kloge og vi gale

Dead of Night

Death Mills

Delightfully Dangerous

Der Fall Molander

Detour (1945 film)

Diamond Horseshoe

Diary of a Sergeant

Dick Tracy (1945 film)

Dillinger (1945 film)

Divorce (1945 film)

Docks of New York

Doll Face

Don Chicago

Don Juan Quilligan

Don't Fence Me In (film)

Donald's Crime

Dorothy Looks for Love

Down with Misery

Draftee Daffy

Duck Pimples

Duffy's Tavern (film)

Dui Purush (1945 film)

Eadie Was a Lady

Earl Carroll Vanities (film)

Easy to Look At

Ek Din Ka Sultan

El Capitn Malacara

El destino se disculpa

El secreto de la solterona

En Magan (1945 film)

Enemy of the Law

Escape in the Desert

Escape in the Fog

Espoir: Sierra de Teruel

Eve Knew Her Apples

Fall of Berlin 1945

Fallen Angel (1945 film)

Farandole (film)

Fashion Model

Father Goriot (film)

Father Serge

Fear No Evil (1945 film)

Federal Operator 99

Fenlands (film)

Fifteen-Year-Old Captain

Fighting Bill Carson

First Yank into Tokyo

Flame of Barbary Coast

Flame of the West (1945 film)

Flaming Bullets

Flight from Folly

Flirty Birdy

Fog Island

Follow That Woman

For You Alone

Forever Yours (1945 film)

Fram fr lilla Mrta

Franois Villon (film)

Frisco Sal

Frontier Feud

Frontier Fugitives

Frontier Gal

Fury in the Pacific

G. I. Honeymoon

Gangs of the Waterfront

Gangster's Den

Gaon Ki Gori

Garbancito de la Mancha

Gateway to Asia

Gentle Annie (film)

George White's Scandals (1945 film)

German Concentration Camps Factual Survey

Getting Gertie's Garter

Girl No. 217

Girl with Grey Eyes

Girls of the Big House

Give Me the Stars

Glamour Gal

God Is My Co-Pilot (film)

Golden Path (film)

Great Day (1945 film)

Great Stagecoach Robbery

Grissly's Millions

Guest Wife

Guilty Without Guilt

Gun Smoke (1945 film)

Hamrahi (1945 film)

Handling Ships

Hanged Man's Farm

Hangover Square (film)

Hare Conditioned

Hare Tonic

Hare Trigger

Harvest Gold

Hasta que perdi Jalisco

Having Wonderful Crime

He Who Died of Love

Headline Hunters (1945 film)

Heavenly Slug

Hello Moscow!

Her Highness and the Bellboy

Her Lucky Night

Here Come the Co-Eds

Here Is Germany

Herr Meets Hare

High Powered

His Brother's Ghost

His Majesty Must Wait

His Young Wife

Hit the Hay

Hitchhike to Happiness

Hitler Lives

Hockey Homicide

Hold That Blonde

Hollywood Victory Caravan

Hollywood and Vine (film)

Home Sweet Home (1945 film)

Honeymoon Ahead

Hotel Berlin

House of Dracula

How Doooo You Do!!!

Humayun (film)

I Didn't Do It (film)

I Know Where I'm Going!

I Live in Grosvenor Square

I Love a Bandleader

I Love a Mystery (film)

I'll Be Your Sweetheart

I'll Remember April (1945 film)

I'll Tell the World (1945 film)

Identity Unknown (1945 film)

Idiots Deluxe

If a Body Meets a Body

In Old New Mexico

In the Aleutians Isles of Enchantment

Incendiary Blonde

Indian News Parade

Intelligence and the Japanese Civilian

Island Target

Isle of the Dead (film)

It Happened in Harlem

It Happened in the Donbas

It's a Pleasure (film)

It's in the Bag! (1945 film)

Jealousy (1945 film)

Jerky Turkey

Johnny Angel

Johnny Frenchman

Jolanta the Elusive Pig

Jos do Telhado (1945 film)

Journey Together

Jungle Captive

Jungle Queen (serial)

Jungle Raiders (serial)

Junior Miss (film)

Kannamma En Kadhali

Kashchey the Immortal (film)

Keep Your Powder Dry

Kiss and Tell (1945 film)

Kiss the Bride Goodbye

Kitty (1945 film)

Klingende toner

Know Your Enemy: Japan

Kolberg (film)

Kungliga patrasket

Kurukshetra (1945 film)

L'abito nero da sposa

La Amada Inmvil

La Fiance des tnbres

La Grande Meute

La Otra (film)

La Vie de bohme (1945 film)

La route du bagne

La selva de fuego

La seora de enfrente

Lady on a Train

Las seis suegras de Barba Azul

Last Stand in the Philippines

Latin Quarter (1945 film)

Lawless Empire

Leave Her to Heaven

Leave It to Blondie

Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne

Let's Go Steady

Library of Congress (film)

Life Begins Anew

Life on a Thread

Life with Blondie

Life with Feathers

Linnaisten vihre kamari

Lo que va de ayer a hoy

Lone Texas Ranger

Lost Kisses (1945 film)

Love Letters (1945 film)

Love, Honor and Goodbye


Mademoiselle X

Madonna of the Seven Moons

Main Street After Dark

Majestic Hotel Cellars

Mama Loves Papa (1945 film)

Mam Ins

Man Alive (1945 film)

Man's Woman (1945 film)

Manhunt of Mystery Island

Maria of Kvarngarden

Marina (1945 film)

Marked for Murder

Marshal of Laredo

Masquerade in Mexico


Meera (1945 film)

Meet Me in St. Louis

Meet Sexton Blake!

Men in Her Diary

Mexicana (film)

Mickey's Helping Hand


Midnight Manhunt

Mighty Mouse in Gypsy Life

Mildred Pierce (film)

Mischievous Susana

Molly and Me

Mom and Dad

Momotaro: Sacred Sailors

Motherhood (1945 film)

Mouse in Manhattan

Mr. Hook

Mr. Muggs Rides Again

Mr. and Mrs. America

Murder in Reverse

Murder, He Says

My First Love (1945 film)

My Japan

My Name Is Julia Ross

My Widow and I

Nasty Quacks

Navajo Kid

Navy Nurse

Nas (film)

Nebo Moskvy

Night Club Girl

No Sail

Nob Hill (film)

Non canto pi

Northwest Trail

Nosotros (film)

Now The Peace

O, Vrba

Objective, Burma!

Odor-able Kitty

Okinawa Bulletins

Old Mother Riley at Home

Old Sequoia

On Stage Everybody

Oregon Trail (film)

Oss tjuvar emellan eller En burk ananas

Our Job in Japan

Our Vines Have Tender Grapes

Out of This World (1945 film)

Out of the Depths (1945 film)

Outlaws of the Rockies

Over 21

Paduka Pattabhishekam

Painted Boats

Pamela (film)


Panik i familien

Pardon My Past

Paris Frills

Paris Underground (film)

Path Bendhe Dilo

Patrick the Great

Peach Blossom (film)

Peck Up Your Troubles

Penthouse Rhythm

Perfect Strangers (1945 film)

Phantom of the Plains

Phool (1945 film)

Pillow of Death

Pillow to Post

Pink String and Sealing Wax

Pop-Pie a la Mode

Prairie Rustlers

Pratima (1945 film)

Pride of the Marines


Pursuit to Algiers

Quiet Please!

Radio Stars on Parade


Remember These Faces

Renegades of the Rio Grande

Resistance (1945 film)

Return to Guam

Rhapsody in Blue (film)

Rhythm Round-Up

Riders of the Dawn (1945 film)


Rikard Nordraak (film)

River Gang

Road to Alcatraz

Road to the Reich

Rockin' in the Rockies

Rome, Open City

Romulus and the Sabines (1945 film)

Rosalinda (film)

Rough Riders of Cheyenne

Rough Ridin' Justice

Rough, Tough and Ready

Roughly Speaking (film)

Rozina, the Love Child

Rustlers of the Badlands

Rustlers' Hideout


Saddle Serenade

Sagebrush Heroes

Saint Candida (film)

Salome, Where She Danced

Salty O'Rourke

San Antonio (film)

Sanshiro Sugata Part II

Santa Fe Saddlemates

Sanyasi (1945 film)

Saratoga Trunk

Saturday (film)

Savage Pampas (1945 film)

Scared Stiff (1945 film)

Scarlet Street

Scotland Yard Investigator

Secret Agent X-9 (1945 serial)

Secrets of a Sorority Girl

See My Lawyer

Senorita from the West

Sensation Hunters (1945 film)

Shadow of Terror

Shadows of Death

Shady Lady (1945 film)

She Gets Her Man (1945 film)

She Went to the Races

She Wouldn't Say Yes

Sheriff of Cimarron

Simple People

Sing Me a Song of Texas

Sing Your Way Home

Sing with the Stars

Snafu (film)

Son of Lassie

Song of Mexico

Song of Old Wyoming

Song of the Prairie

Song of the Sarong

Soot and Gold

South of the Rio Grande (1945 film)

Spellbound (1945 film)

Sports Day (film)

Springtime in Texas

Sri Valli (1945 film)

St. Val's Mystery

Stagecoach Outlaws

Stairway to Light

Star in the Night

State Fair (1945 film)

Steppin' in Society

Strange Confession

Strange Holiday (1945 film)

Strange Illusion

Stranger from Santa Fe

Strawberry Roan (1945 film)

Stricken Peninsula

Sudan (film)

Sunbonnet Sue

Sunset in El Dorado

Swan Song (1945 film)

Swarga Seema

Swing Out, Sister

Swing Shift Cinderella

Swingin' on a Rainbow

Swooning the Swooners


Tale of Two Mice

Target Tokyo


Tarzan and the Amazons

Tee for Two

Tell It to a Star

Ten Cents a Dance (1945 film)

Texas Panhandle (film)

That Justice Be Done

That Night with You

That's the Spirit (1945 film)

The Abandoned (1945 film)

The Affairs of Susan

The Agitator

The Army Nurse

The Atom Strikes!

The Bashful Buzzard

The Battle of San Pietro

The Beautiful Cheat (1945 film)

The Bellman (film)

The Bells of St. Mary's

The Big Show-Off

The Black Cavalier

The Body Snatcher (film)

The Brighton Strangler

The Bullfighters

The Call of Love

The Captain from Kpenick (1945 film)

The Caribbean Mystery

The Cheaters (1945 film)

The Cherokee Flash

The Chicago Kid

The Circus Cavalcade

The Cisco Kid Returns

The Clock (1945 film)

The Clock Watcher

The Cloth Peddler (1945 film)

The Corn Is Green (1945 film)

The Crime Doctor's Courage

The Crimson Canary

The Daltons Ride Again

The Disobedient Son

The Dolly Sisters (film)

The Echo Murders

The Eleventh Hour Guest

The Enchanted Cottage (1945 film)

The Enchanted Forest (1945 film)

The Enemy Strikes

The Eyes Have It (film)

The Falcon in San Francisco

The Fatal Witness

The Fight for the Sky

The Fleet That Came to Stay

The Frozen Ghost

The Gallows Man

The Gates of Heaven

The Gay Senorita

The Girl of the Limberlost

The Girls in Smaland (film)

The Great Flamarion

The Great John L.

The Great Morgan

The Happy Tailor

The Hidden Eye

The Horn Blows at Midnight

The Hour of Truth

The House I Live In (1945 film)

The House is Empty

The House of Fear (1945 film)

The House of the Fox

The House on 92nd Street

The Innocent Casimiro

The Invisible Army

The Jade Mask

The Journey Away

The Kid Sister

The Lady Confesses

The Last Bomb

The Last Chance (1945 film)

The Last Judgment (1945 film)

The Last Metro (1945 film)

The Lonesome Trail (1945 film)

The Loose Nut

The Lost Letter (1945 film)

The Lost Trail

The Lost Weekend (film)

The Man Who Walked Alone

The Man from Morocco

The Man from Oklahoma

The Man in Half Moon Street

The Man in the Saddle (1945 film)

The Master Key (1945 serial)

The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail

The Missing Corpse

The Monster and the Ape

The Mouse Comes to Dinner

The Museum of Crime

The Naughty Nineties

The Navajo Trail

The Nazi Plan

The Negro Sailor

The Noltenius Brothers

The Phantom Lady (film)

The Phantom Speaks

The Phantom and Dona Juanita

The Phantom of 42nd Street

The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945 film)

The Power of the Whistler

The Purple Monster Strikes

The Rake's Progress (film)

The Red Meadows

The Return of the Durango Kid

The Road to Babel

The Rose of Tisteln

The Royal Mounted Rides Again

The Saga of the Franklin

The Scarlet Clue

The Screwy Truant

The Serious Game (film)

The Seventh Veil

The Shack (1945 film)

The Shanghai Cobra

The Shooting of Dan McGoo

The Silent Guest

The Song of Buenos Aires

The Song of Life (1945 film)

The Soul of a Tango

The Southerner (film)

The Spanish Main

The Spider (1945 film)

The Stilwell Road (film)

The Stork Club (film)

The Story of G.I. Joe

The Story of the Fourteenth Air Force

The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry

The Strange Mr. Gregory

The Ten Commandments (1945 film)

The Thin Man Goes Home

The Tiger Woman (1945 film)

The Topeka Terror

The Town (1945 film)

The True Glory

The Turning Point (1945 film)

The Twentieth Duke

The Unruly Hare

The Unseen (1945 film)

The Valley of Decision

The Vampire's Ghost

The War Is Over (1945 film)

The Way to the Stars

The White Gorilla

The White Monk

The Wicked Lady

The Woman Who Came Back

The Woman in Green

The World Owes Me a Living

The Years Pass

The sterman Brothers' Virago (1945 film)

There Goes Kelly

They Came to a City

They Were Expendable

They Were Sisters

Thirsty Land

This Love of Ours

This Man's Navy

Those Endearing Young Charms (film)

Three Pests in a Mess

Three in the Saddle

Three's a Crowd (1945 film)

Thrill of a Romance

Thunderhead, Son of Flicka

Tired Theodore (1945 film)

To the Shores of Iwo Jima

Tonight and Every Night

Too Young to Know

Topaz (1945 film)

Trail of Kit Carson

Trail to Vengeance

Trap Happy Porky

Trente et Quarante (film)

Trouble Chasers

Trs Dias Sem Deus

Tsogt taij (film)

Tuesday in November

Tutta la citt canta

Twice Blessed (film)

Twilight (1945 film)

Twilight Hour

Two Angels and a Sinner

Two Anonymous Letters

Two Down and One to Go

Two O'Clock Courage

Under Western Skies (1945 film)

Utah (film)

Veer Kunal

Via Mala (1945 film)

Vikramaditya (film)

Voice of the Whistler

Wagon Heels

Wagon Wheels Westward

Wake Up to Life

Waltz Time (1945 film)

Wanderer of the Wasteland (1945 film)

Wandering with the Moon

War Comes to America

Wasp Wings

Waterloo Road (film)

Week-End at the Waldorf

Welt im Film No. 5

West of the Pecos (1945 film)

What Next, Corporal Hargrove?

What a Blonde

What a Distinguished Family

Where Do We Go from Here? (1945 film)

While the Attorney Is Asleep

White Pongo

Who's Guilty?

Why Girls Leave Home (1945 film)

Widower Jarl

Wild and Woolfy

Wildfire (1945 film)

Wings for This Man

Within These Walls (film)

Without Love (film)

Wonder Man (film)

Yolanda and the Thief

You Came Along

Your Job in Germany

Youth on Trial

Zeenat (1945 film)

Ziegfeld Follies (film)

Zombies on Broadway

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