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$1,000 a Touchdown

...One Third of a Nation...

20,000 Men a Year

6,000 Enemies

A Child Is Born (film)

A Dangerous Adventure (1939 film)

A Day at the Zoo

A Ducking They Did Go

A Gentleman's Gentleman

A Girl Must Live

A Girl with a Temper

A Great Life

A Hopeless Case

A Mother's Love (1939 film)

A Thousand Lire a Month

A Wife in Danger

A Woman Is the Judge

A Woman Like You (1939 film)

A Woman from the Street

Aap Ki Marzi

Across the Plains (1939 film)

Adhikar (1939 film)

Adhuri Kahani


Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp

Alang-Alang (film)

Alarm at Station III

Alfalfa's Aunt

All Women Have Secrets

Allegheny Uprising

Almost a Gentleman (1939 film)

Ambition (1939 film)

Ambush (1939 film)

An Adventure of Salvator Rosa

Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever

Angelica (1939 film)

Another Thin Man

Anton the Last

Arizona Legion

Ask a Policeman

At Your Orders, Madame

At the Circus


Auto Antics

Babes in Arms (film)

Bachelor Father (film)

Bachelor Mother

Bachelor's Paradise (1939 film)

Back Door to Heaven

Backstage (1939 film)

Bad Boy (1939 film)

Bad Lands (1939 film)

Bad Little Angel

Balalaika (film)

Banana da Terra

Barricade (1939 film)

Beach Picnic (film)

Beau Geste (1939 film)

Beauty for the Asking

Behind Prison Gates

Behind the Facade

Bel Ami (1939 film)

Benkei tai Ushiwaka

Berlingot and Company

Between Us Barons

Beware Spooks!

Big Town Czar

Birthright (1939 film)

Black Eyes (1939 film)

Black Limelight

Blackmail (1939 film)

Blackwell's Island (film)

Blind Alley (film)

Blind Folly

Blondie Brings Up Baby

Blondie Meets the Boss

Blondie Takes a Vacation

Blue Montana Skies

Boefje (1939 film)

Boy Friend (1939 film)

Boy Slaves

Boy Trouble

Boys' Reformatory

Bridal Suite

Broadway Serenade

Buck Rogers (serial)

Bulldog Drummond's Bride

Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police

Buried Alive (1939 film)

Burn 'Em Up O'Connor

Busy Little Bears

Bl jachta ve Splitu

Cadets (film)

Cafe Society (1939 film)

Call a Messenger

Calling All Curs

Calling All Marines

Calling Dr. Kildare


Caminito de Gloria

Captain Fury

Captain Spanky's Showboat

Caras argentinas

Cardinal Messias

Career (1939 film)

Castles in the Air (1939 film)

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Central Rio

Cesta do hlubin tudkovy due

Charlie Chan at Treasure Island

Charlie Chan in Honolulu

Charlie Chan in Reno

Charlie McCarthy, Detective

Chasing Danger

Cheer Boys Cheer

Chicken Wagon Family

Children of Divorce (1939 film)


Chip of the Flying U (1939 film)

Christian (1939 film)

Circus (1939 film)

City in Darkness

Closed Door (1939 film)

Clown Princes

Coast Guard (film)

Cocoanut (film)

Code of the Cactus

Code of the Fearless

Code of the Secret Service

Code of the Streets

Cologne: From the Diary of Ray and Esther

Colorado Sunset

Come On George!

Come Up Smiling

Commandant of the Bird Island

Confessions of a Nazi Spy

Confidential Lady

Congo Express (film)

Conspiracy (1939 film)

Constable Studer

Convict's Code

Coral Reefs (film)

Courage (1939 film)

Cousin Wilbur

Cowboys from Texas

Crashing Thru (1939 film)

Crisis (1939 film)

Cndida (1939 film)

D III 88

Dad for a Day

Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur

Dancing Co-Ed

Danger Flight

Dangerous Dan McFoo

Daredevils of the Red Circle

Dark Magic (film)

Dark Victory

Daughter of the Tong

Daughters Courageous

Day-Time Wife

Days of Jesse James

De Spooktrein

De tre mske fire

De vergelse

Dead Men are Dangerous

Death Goes North

Death Rides the Range

Death of a Champion

Defendant, Stand Up!

Department Store (1939 film)

Der Westwall

Der singende Tor

Desperate Trails (1939 film)

Destry Rides Again

Detouring America

Devil's Island (1939 film)

Diamonds (1939 film)

Dick Tracy's G-Men

Disbarred (film)

Discoveries (film)

Disputed Passage

Divorce in Montevideo

Dobe situovan pn

Doctor Kalyuzhnyy

Doctor Murek

Dodge City (film)

Dog Daze

Donald's Cousin Gus

Donald's Lucky Day

Donald's Penguin

Dora Nelson (1939 film)

Double Deal (1939 film)

Down Our Alley

Down the Wyoming Trail

Drei Unteroffiziere

Drifting Westward

Drums Along the Mohawk

Drunk Driving (film)

Duel Personalities

Dushman (1939 film)

Dust Be My Destiny

Dvka v modrm

Each Dawn I Die

East Side of Heaven

Eighteen Years Old

Ek Hi Raasta (1939 film)

El Diablo Rides

El Grito de la Juventud

El indio

Emilie Hgquist (film)

En un burro tres baturros

Engineer Kochin's Error

Entente cordiale (film)

Escape in the Dark

Escape to Paradise

Espionage Agent

Eternally Yours (film)

Eva trop hlouposti

Everybody's Baby

Everybody's Hobby

Everything Happens at Night

Everything's on Ice


Exile Express

Extenuating Circumstances (film)

Familien p Borgan

Fangs of the Wild (1939 film)

Fast and Furious (1939 film)

Fast and Loose (1939 film)

Father for a Night

Feud of the Range

Fiery Summer

Fifth Avenue Girl

Fighting Mad (1939 film)

Fighting Thoroughbreds

Fire in the Straw

First Love (1939 film)

First Offenders

Fisherman's Wharf (film)

Five Came Back

Five Little Peppers and How They Grew

Five Times Five

Fixer Dugan

Flaming Lead

Flight at Midnight

Flying Fifty-Five

Flying G-Men

For Love or Money (1939 film)

Forged Passport

Fort Dolors

Four Girls in White

Four Hearts (1939 film)

Four Wives

French Without Tears (film)

Frenzy (1939 film)


Frontier Marshal (1939 film)

Frontier Pony Express

Frontiers of '49

Fugitive at Large

Full Confession

Gagak Item

Gente bien

Geronimo (1939 film)

Ghosks is the Bunk

Giliw Ko

Girl from Rio (1939 film)

Girls in Distress

Gjest Baardsen (film)

Gold Rush Daze

Gold in Clay

Gold in New Frisco

Golden Boy (1939 film)

Gone to the Dogs (1939 film)

Gone with the Wind (film)

Good Girls Go to Paris

Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939 film)

Goofy and Wilbur

Gorky 2: My Apprenticeship

Gozonji Azuma Otoko

Grand Jury Secrets

Gryr i Norden

Guest for One Night

Gul-E-Bakawali (film)

Gulliver's Travels (1939 film)

Gunga Din (film)

Hamateur Night

Happy Day (film)

Hare-um Scare-um

Harlem Rides the Range

Hawaiian Nights

Heartbeat (1939 film)

Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence

Hell's Cargo

Hell's Kitchen (1939 film)

Hello Janine!

Henry Goes Arizona

Her First Experience

Her Little Majesty (1939 film)

Here I Am a Stranger

Heritage of the Desert (1939 film)

Hermanos (film)

Hero for a Day (film)

Heroes in Blue

Hidden Power

His Uncle from Normandy

Hitler Beast of Berlin

Hollywood Cavalcade

Home from Home (1939 film)

Home on the Prairie

Homicide Bureau

Honeymoon in Bali

Honolulu (film)

Honor of the West

Hotel Imperial (1939 film)

Hotel Sacher (film)

Hotel for Women

Hu Dagmar (film)


Hurrah! I'm a Father

Hurricane in the Tropics

I Am Sebastian Ott

I Killed the Count (film)

I Met a Murderer

I Stole a Million

I Was a Convict

I dag begynder livet

I'm from Missouri

I, His Father

Idiot's Delight (film)

Immediate Call

Immortal Waltz

In Name Only

In Old Caliente

In Old Montana

In Old Monterey

In the Country Fell a Star

In the Name of the People (1939 film)

In the Times of Don Porfirio

Indianapolis Speedway (film)


Inquest (1939 film)

Inside Information (1939 film)

Inside Story (film)

Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday

Intermezzo (1939 film)

Invisible Stripes

Invitation to Happiness

Irish Luck (1939 film)

Island of Lost Men

Istvan Bors

It Always Ends That Way

It Could Happen to You (1939 film)

It's a Wonderful World (1939 film)

Jakher Dhan

Jamaica Inn (film)

Janssens tegen Peeters

Jayaprada (film)

Jeepers Creepers (1939 animated film)

Jeepers Creepers (1939 live-action film)

Jesse James (1939 film)

Jin vzduch

Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President

Jothi (1939 film)

Joy Scouts

Juarez (film)

Judge Hardy and Son

Just like a Woman (1939 film)

Kaksi Vihtoria

Kalle's Inn

Kdybych byl ttou

Keep Punching (1939 film)

Kid Nightingale

King of Chinatown

King of the Turf

King of the Underworld (1939 film)

Kitty and the World Conference

Konga, the Wild Stallion

Kristopher Kolumbus Jr.

La Inmaculada

La Loi du Nord

La Modelo de la calle Florida

La Mujer y el jockey (Hipdromo)

La Vispa Teresa

La hija del viejito guardafaro

La vida es un tango

La voce senza volto

Ladies Only (1939 film)

Lady of the Tropics

Land of Liberty

Land of the Midnight Fun

Latin Quarter (1939 film)

Laugh It Off (1939 film)

Law of the Pampas

Law of the Wolf

Le Corsaire (film)

Le jour se lve

Leather Face

Legion Condor (film)

Legion of Lost Flyers

Lenin in 1918

Let Freedom Ring (film)

Let Us Live

Let's Be Famous

Liberated Hands

Life Begins Today

Life Begins for Andy Panda

Lincoln in the White House

Linen from Ireland

Little Accident (film)

Lo vedi come sei... lo vedi come sei?

Lone Star Pioneers

Long Shot (1939 film)

Los Pagares de Mendieta

Los enredos de pap

Louise (1939 film)

Love Affair (1939 film)

Lucky Night

Lucky to Me

Lure of the Wasteland

Lying Lips

Lzino tst

Mad Animals

Made for Each Other (1939 film)

Main Street Lawyer

Maisie (film)

Malli Pelli (1939 film)

Man About Town (1939 film)

Man from Montreal

Man from Texas (1939 film)

Man in a Shell

Man of Conquest

Mandrake the Magician (serial)


Margarita, Armando y su padre

Maria Ilona

Marian Anderson: The Lincoln Memorial Concert

Marionette (1939 film)

Marriage in Small Doses

Mathru Bhoomi

Maya Machhindra

Me and My Pal (1939 film)

Meet Dr. Christian

Member of the Government

Men Are That Way

Men Without Honour

Mercy Plane

Mesquite Buckaroo

Metropolitan (1939 film)

Mexicali Rose (1939 film)

Mickey the Kid

Mickey's Surprise Party

Midnight (1939 film)

Midnight Shadow

Midsummer Night's Fire

Mille chilometri al minuto!

Million Dollar Legs (1939 film)

Minin and Pozharsky (film)

Miracle on Main Street

Miracles for Sale

Missing Daughters

Missing Evidence

Money to Burn (1939 film)

Monsieur Brotonneau

Mooching Through Georgia

Moon Over Harlem

Morgan's Ghost

Mot nya tider

Mountain Rhythm

Mr. Chedworth Steps Out

Mr. Lahtinen Takes French Leave

Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation

Mr. Moto in Danger Island

Mr. Moto's Last Warning

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Mr. Wong in Chinatown

Mrs. Pym of Scotland Yard

Muchachas que estudian

Mud and Soldiers

Mujeres y toros

Mulan Joins the Army (1939 film)

Murder Will Out (1939 film)

Murder in Soho

Music Hall Parade

Musical Mountaineers

Mutiny in the Big House

Mutiny on the Blackhawk

Mu z neznma

My Aunt, Your Aunt (1939 film)

My Country's Wings

My Friend the Monkey

My Son Is Guilty

My Son Is a Criminal

My Wife's Relatives

Mystery Plane

Mystery of the White Room

Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase (1939 film)

Nancy Drew... Reporter

Nancy Drew Trouble Shooter

Naples Will Never Die

Naughty Neighbors (film)

Naughty but Mice

Naughty but Nice (1939 film)

Navy Secrets

Never Say Die (1939 film)

New Frontier (film)

News Is Made at Night

Nick Carter, Master Detective (film)

Night Work (1939 film)

Nine Bachelors


Nishikie Edosugata Hatamoto to Machiyakko

No Man's Land (1939 film)

No Place to Go (1939 film)

Nordhavets mnd

North of Shanghai

North of the Yukon (1939 film)

Nothing But the Truth (1939 film)

Nurse Edith Cavell

Of Mice and Men (1939 film)

Off the Record (film)

Officer Duck

Oh, What a Boy!

Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise

Oklahoma Frontier

Oklahoma Terror

Old Glory (film)

Old Mother Riley, MP

On Borrowed Time

On Dress Parade

On Trial (1939 film)

On Your Toes

On the Night of the Fire

Onde Ests Felicidade?

One Dark Night (1939 film)

One Hour to Live

Only Angels Have Wings

Only One Night (1939 film)

Opera Ball (1939 film)

Our Land of Peace

Our Leading Citizen (1939 film)

Our Neighbors The Carters

Outlaws' Paradise

Outpost of the Mounties

Outside These Walls

Over the Moon (1939 film)

Overland Mail (1939 film)

Overland with Kit Carson

Pacific Liner

Pack Up Your Troubles (1939 film)

Palabra de honor

Panama Lady

Panama Patrol

Papacito lindo

Paradise in Harlem

Pardon Our Nerve

Parents on Trial

Paris Honeymoon

Peace on Earth (film)

Personal Column (film)

Persons in Hiding

Pest from the West

Pirates of the Skies

Poison Pen (1939 film)

Porky's Movie Mystery

Porky's Picnic

Port of Hate

Prahalada (film)

Prest-O Change-O

Pride of the Blue Grass (1939 film)

Pride of the Navy

Prisoners of the Earth

Private Detective (film)

Prophet Without Honor

Pukar (1939 film)

Punjab Mail (film)

Pklady thnou

Q Planes

Quick Millions (1939 film)

Racketeers of the Range

Raffles (1939 film)

Raithu Bidda

Rambaiyin Kaadhal

Range War

Reform School (film)


Renate in the Quartet

Renegade Trail

Reno (1939 film)

Rhythm on the Reservation

Riders of Black River

Riders of the Frontier

Riders of the Sage

Rikas tytt

Rio (1939 film)

Risky Business (1939 film)

Robert Koch (film)

Robert and Bertram (1939 film)

Robin Hood Makes Good

Roesia si Pengkor

Rollin' Westward

Romance of the Redwoods (1939 film)

Rose of Washington Square

Rough Riders' Round-up

Rovin' Tumbleweeds

Rulers of the Sea

S.O.S. Tidal Wave

Sabotage (1939 film)

Sacred Woods

Saga of Death Valley


Savage Brigade

Saved by the Belle

Scalp Trouble

Scandal Sheet (1939 film)

Scouts to the Rescue

Scrambled Eggs (1939 film)

Sea Scouts (film)

Second Fiddle (1939 film)

Secret Journey (1939 film)

Secret Service of the Air

Secreto de confesin (film)

Serge Panine (1939 film)

Sergeant Madden

Seven Little Australians

Seven Little Australians (1939 film)

Shantha Sakku Bai

Shchors (film)

She Couldn't Say No (1939 film)

She Married a Cop

Shipwrecked (1939 film)

Shipyard Sally

Should Husbands Work?

Should a Girl Marry? (1939 film)

Shoulder Arms (1939 film)

Silver on the Sage

Sincerity (1939 film)

Singing Lovebirds


Six-Gun Rhythm

Sky Patrol

Slightly Honorable

Smashing the Money Ring

Smith (1939 film)

Smoky Trails

Smuggled Cargo

Sniffles and the Bookworm

So Does an Automobile

So This Is London (1939 film)

Society Dog Show

Society Lawyer

Society Smugglers

Soldiers of the Sea

Some Like It Hot (1939 film)

Son of Frankenstein

Sons of Liberty (film)

Sons of the Sea (film)

Sorority House (film)

South of the Border (1939 film)

Southward Ho

Sowbhagyavathi (1939 film)

Spies of the Air

Spoilers of the Range

Squadron No. 5

St. Louis Blues (1939 film)

Stagecoach (1939 film)

Stand Up and Fight (film)

Stanley and Livingstone

Star Reporter

Stepan Razin (film)

Stolen Life (1939 film)

Stop, Look and Love

Straight Shooter (1939 film)

Straight to Heaven

Street of Missing Men

Streets of New York (1939 film)

Stronger Than Desire

Studujeme za kolou

Stunt Pilot

Such Is Life (1939 film)

Sudden Money

Sued for Libel

Sundown on the Prairie

Sunset Trail

Susannah of the Mounties (film)

Swanee River (1939 film)

Sweepstakes Winner

Sword Fishing

Sword of Honour (1939 film)

Tail Spin

Target in the Clouds

Tarzan Finds a Son!

Television Spy

Tell No Tales (film)

Tevya (film)

Texas Stampede

Texas Wildcats

That's Right You're Wrong

The 400 Million

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1939 film)

The Adventures of Jane Arden

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (film)

The Adventurous Captain

The Amazing Mr. Williams

The Angels Wash Their Faces

The Arizona Kid (1939 film)

The Arizona Wildcat

The Arsenal Stadium Mystery

The Autograph Hound

The Bear That Couldn't Sleep

The Big Guy

The Body Vanished

The Broken Earth

The Bronze Buckaroo

The Carnival of Venice (film)

The Castle Ball

The Cat and the Canary (1939 film)

The Cemetery of the Eagles

The Cisco Kid and the Lady

The City (1939 film)

The Complete Idiot (1939 film)

The Covered Trailer

The Coward (1939 film)

The Cowboy Quarterback

The Curtain Falls

The Dark Eyes of London (film)

The Day the Bookies Wept

The Devil's Daughter (1939 film)

The Document

The Dream of Butterfly

The Duel (1939 film)

The Empress Wu Tse-tien (1939 film)

The End of the Day

The Escape (1939 film)

The Ethel Waters Show

The Face at the Window (1939 film)

The False Step

The Family Next Door (1939 film)

The Fatted Calf

The Fighters (1939 film)

The Fighting Gringo (1939 film)

The Fighting Renegade

The Five Cents of Lavarede (1939 film)

The Flying Deuces

The Flying Irishman

The Forgotten Woman (1939 film)

The Fornaretto of Venice

The Four Feathers (1939 film)

The Four Just Men (1939 film)

The Fresh Vegetable Mystery

The Frozen Limits

The Gang's All Here (1939 film)

The Gaunt Stranger

The Gentleman from Arizona

The Girl and the Gambler

The Girl from Mexico

The Golden Key (1939 film)

The Good Doctor (1939 film)

The Good Old Days (film)

The Gorilla (1939 film)

The Governor (1939 film)

The Gracie Allen Murder Case (film)

The Great Citizen

The Great Commandment

The Great Man Votes

The Great Victor Herbert

The Green Emperor

The Hardys Ride High

The Hockey Champ

The Honeymoon's Over (film)

The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939 film)

The House of Fear (1939 film)

The House of the Ogre

The Housekeeper's Daughter

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939 film)

The Ice Follies of 1939

The Immortal Heart

The Intruder (1939 film)

The Invisible Killer

The Jones Family in Hollywood

The Journey to Tilsit

The Kansas Terrors

The Kid from Kokomo

The Kid from Texas (1939 film)

The Knight of San Marco

The Lady and the Mob

The Lady's from Kentucky

The Lambeth Walk (film)

The Last Turning

The Last Warning (1938 film)

The Law Comes to Texas

The Leghorn Hat

The Life and Loves of Tschaikovsky

The Life of Carlos Gardel

The Light That Failed (1939 film)

The Lion Has Wings

The Little Lion Hunter

The Little Princess (1939 film)

The Llano Kid

The Lone Ranger Rides Again

The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt

The Mad Empress

The Magic House (film)

The Magnificent Fraud

The Man They Could Not Hang

The Man Who Dared (1939 film)

The Man from Sundown

The Man in the Iron Mask (1939 film)

The Man of Destiny

The Marquis of Ruvolito

The Marshal of Mesa City

The Merciful Lie

The Middleton Family at the New York World's Fair

The Mikado (1939 film)

The Mind of Mr. Reeder

The Model and the Star

The Mysterious Miss X

The Mysterious Mr. Davis

The Mystery of Mr. Wong

The New Teacher

The Night Riders (1939 film)

The Night of Nights

The Night of Tricks

The Night of the Mayas

The Nursemaid Who Disappeared

The Oklahoma Kid

The Old Maid (1939 film)

The Oppenheim Family

The Oregon Trail (1939 serial)

The Outlaw (1939 film)

The Outsider (1939 film)

The Pal from Texas

The Parting Song (film)

The People of Hgbogrden

The Perfect Man (1939 film)

The Phantom Carriage (1939 film)

The Phantom Creeps

The Phantom Stage

The Pointer

The Porter from Maxim's (1939 film)

The Practical Pig

The Princess and the Pauper

The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex

The Pyjama Girl Murder Case

The Rains Came

The Real Glory

The Return of Doctor X

The Return of the Cisco Kid

The Right to Love (1939 film)

The Roaring Twenties

The Rookie Cop

The Royal Rodeo

The Rules of the Game

The Saint Strikes Back

The Saint in London

The Scared Crows

The Scoundrel (1939 film)

The Secret of Dr. Kildare

The Silent Battle

The Silent Partner (1939 film)

The Song of Aixa

The Sons of the Marquis Lucera

The Spellbinder

The Spirit of Culver

The Spy in Black

The Star Maker (1939 film)

The Story of Alexander Graham Bell

The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle

The Story of the Last Chrysanthemums

The Stranger from Texas

The Sun Never Sets (film)

The Taming of the West (1939 film)

The Three Hearts

The Three Musketeers (1939 film)

The Thundering West

The Two of Us (1939 film)

The Under-Pup

The Vagabonds (1939 film)

The Vyborg Side

The Whip (1939 film)

The White Slave (1939 film)

The Whole Family Works

The Widow (1939 film)

The Will (1939 film)

The Witness Vanishes

The Wizard of Oz (1939 film)

The Women (1939 film)

The Zero Hour (1939 film)

There Ain't No Justice

There's No Tomorrow (film)

These Glamour Girls

They All Come Out

They Asked for It

They Made Her a Spy

They Made Me a Criminal

They Shall Have Music


This Man in Paris


Those High Grey Walls

Three Fathers for Anna

Three Hours (1939 film)

Three Little Sew and Sews

Three Sappy People

Three Smart Girls Grow Up

Three Sons

Three Texas Steers

Three Wonderful Days

Three from St Cyr

Thugs with Dirty Mugs

Thunder Afloat

Thyaga Bhoomi

Thrse Martin (film)

Timber Stampede

Time Out for Lessons

Tiny Troubles

Tomorrow It Will Be Better

Too Busy to Work (1939 film)

Too Dangerous to Live

Topper Takes a Trip

Torchy Blane in Chinatown

Torchy Blane... Playing with Dynamite

Torchy Runs for Mayor

Torture Ship

Tower of London (1939 film)

Tractor Drivers

Traitor Spy

Trapped in the Sky (film)

Trigger Fingers (1939 film)

Trigger Pals

Tropic Fury

Trouble Brewing (1939 film)

Trouble in Sundown

Trunk Crime

Tsuchi (film)

Tulk Macoun

Twelve Crowded Hours

Twelve Minutes After Midnight

Twelve Women

Two Bright Boys

Two Girls on the Street

Two Gun Troubador

Two Million for a Smile

Two Thoroughbreds

Two-Fisted Rangers

U pokladny stl...

Ulice zpv

Una luz en mi camino

Uncle Styopa

Undercover Agent

Undercover Doctor

Unexpected Father

Union Pacific (film)

Unjustified Absence

Unknown of Monte Carlo

Unmarried (1939 film)

Uproar in Damascus

V pokuen

Vara Vikrayam (film)

Variety Is the Spice of Life

Veera Ramani

Verbena Tragica

Vidocq (1939 film)

Violons d'Ingres

Virgin Soil Upturned (1939 film)

Walang Sugat

Wall Street Cowboy

Wanted (1939 film)

Water Rustlers

Water for Canitoga

Waterfront (1939 film)

Way Down South (film)

We Are Not Alone (1939 film)

We Danced Around the World

We Want Our Mummy

We Were Seven Sisters

We Were Seven Widows

We at Solglantan

Wealth Without a Future

Westbound Stage

Western Caravans

Whalers (film)

What Would You Do, Chums?

What a Life (film)

When Tomorrow Comes (film)

Whirlwind of Paris

Whispering Enemies

Who Are You? (film)

Who's Kissing Madeleine?

Wibbel the Tailor (1939 film)

Wife, Husband and Friend

Wings of the Navy

Winner Take All (1939 film)

Winter Carnival (film)

Wise Quacks

Within the Law (1939 film)

Wolf Call (film)

Woman Doctor

Woman Without a Past

Woman at the Wheel

Woman in the River

Women in the Wind

Wuthering Heights (1939 film)

Wyoming Outlaw

Yes, My Darling Daughter (film)

Yes, We Have No Bonanza

Yip Yip Yippy

You Can't Cheat an Honest Man

You Can't Get Away with Murder

Young Man's Fancy (film)

Young Mr. Lincoln

Zaza (1939 film)

Zenobia (film)

Zorro's Fighting Legion

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