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Movies from 1937

3 Dumb Clucks

45 Fathers

52nd Street (film)

A Bride for Henry

A Car-Tune Portrait

A Damsel in Distress (1937 film)

A Dangerous Adventure (1937 film)

A Day at the Races (film)

A Diplomatic Wife

A Doctor's Diary

A Family Affair (1937 film)

A Fight to the Finish (1937 film)

A Girl from the Chorus

A Girl with Ideas

A Lawman Is Born

A Million to One (film)

A Night at the Movies (film)

A Ride for Cinderella

A Romance in Flanders

A Star Is Born (1937 film)

A Woman of No Importance (1937 film)

Academy Award Review of Walt Disney Cartoons

Action for Slander

Adolf Strongarm

Adventure's End

Affairs of Cappy Ricks

Against the Tide (film)

Ain't We Got Fun (film)

Air Outpost

Alarm in Peking

Alcatraz Island (film)

Ali Baba Goes to Town

All American Sweetheart

All Over Town

Alles Leben ist Kampf

Aloha, le chant des les

Amateur Crook

Ambikapathy (1937 film)

Andula Won

Angel (1937 film)

Angel's Holiday

Annapolis Salute

Another Dawn (1937 film)

Another World (1937 film)

Anything for a Thrill

Aren't Men Beasts!

Arima Neko

Arizona Days (1937 film)

Arizona Gunfighter

Armored Car (film)

Arsene Lupin, Detective

Artists and Models (1937 film)

As Good as Married

Assassin of Youth

As es el tango

Atlantic Flight (1937 film)

Atma Tarang

Auld Lang Syne (1937 film)

Aurora de esperanza

Autobus S

Back in Circulation

Back to the Woods (1937 film)

Bad Guy (1937 film)



Ballerina (1937 film)

Bank Alarm

Bar-Z Bad Men

Bargain with Bullets

Barrios bajos

Battalion (1937 film)

Battle of Greed

Beauty and the Barge (1937 film)

Beg, Borrow or Steal

Behind Your Back

Behind the Headlines (1937 film)

Behind the Mike (film)

Beneath the Sky of Mexico

Between Two Women (1937 film)

Bewitching Kisses

Bezhin Meadow

Bhaktha Sri Thyagaraja

Big City (1937 film)

Big Fella

Big Town Girl

Bill Cracks Down

Bituing Marikit

Bizarre, Bizarre

Black Aces (film)

Black Legion (film)

Blackmailer (1937 film)

Blake of Scotland Yard (1937 film)

Blazing Barriers

Blazing Sixes

Blonde Trouble

Blossoms on Broadway

Boothill Brigade

Boots and Saddles (film)

Boots of Destiny

Border Cafe (film)

Border Phantom

Borderland (1937 film)

Born Reckless (1937 film)

Born to the West

Borrowing Trouble

Boss of Lonely Valley

Boy of the Streets


Boys Will Be Girls (film)

Bra mennesker

Breakfast for Two

Breezing Home

Brief Ecstasy

Broadway Melody of 1938

Brothers of the West

Bulldog Drummond Comes Back

Bulldog Drummond Escapes

Bulldog Drummond at Bay (1937 film)

Bulldog Drummond's Revenge

By og land hand i hand

Cadets of St. Martin

Cafe Colette

Cafe Metropole

California Straight Ahead!

Call It a Day

Calling All Ma's

Calling All Stars (1937 musical)

Camel Through the Eye of a Needle

Captain's Orders

Captains Courageous (1937 film)

Carnival Queen (film)

Carousel (1937 film)

Cash and Carry (film)

Catch as Catch Can (1937 film)

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Cause for Divorce

Champagne Waltz

Change for a Sovereign

Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo

Charlie Chan at the Olympics

Charlie Chan on Broadway

Chaste Susanne (1937 film)

Checkers (1937 film)

Cheyenne Rides Again

China Passage

Chintamani (1937 film)

Circus Girl (film)

Clarence (1937 film)

Claudine at School (film)

Clean Pastures

Clipped Wings (1937 film)

Clock Cleaners

Clothes and the Woman

Come On, Cowboys

Command Performance (1937 film)

Concerning Mr. Martin

Condottieri (film)

Confession (1937 film)

Conflict (1937 film)

Conquest (1937 film)

Cotton Queen

Counsel for Crime

County Fair (1937 film)

Courage of the West

Criminal Lawyer (1937 film)

Criminals of the Air

Crooks in Tails (1937 film)

Cross My Heart (1937 film)

Crossroads (1937 film)

Culprit (1937 film)

Damaged Goods (1937 film)

Dance Charlie Dance

Danger Patrol

Danger Valley

Danger Love at Work

Dangerous Crossing (1937 film)

Dangerous Game (1937 film)

Dangerous Holiday

Dangerous Number

Dangerously Yours (1937 film)

Daphne and the Diplomat

Darby and Joan (1937 film)

Dark Journey (film)

Dark Manhattan

Darling of the Sailors

Daughter of Shanghai

De Man Zonder Hart

Dead End (1937 film)

Death Croons the Blues

Death in the Air

Deep South (film)

Der Herrscher

Der var engang en vicevrt

Devdas (1937 film)

Dhanwan (1937 film)

Diamonds (1937 film)

Dick Tracy (serial)

Die Schlacht um Miggershausen

Diego Corrientes (1937 film)

Ding Dong Doggie

Dinner at the Ritz

Ditto (1937 film)

Dizzy Doctors

Doctor Antonio (1937 film)

Doctor Syn (film)

Dog Daze (1937 film)

Don Donald

Don't Fool Yourself Dear

Don't Get Me Wrong (film)

Don't Promise Me Anything

Don't Tell the Wife

Donald's Ostrich

Doomed at Sundown

Double Alibi

Double Exposures

Double Wedding (1937 film)

Double or Nothing (1937 film)

Draegerman Courage

Dreaming Lips (1937 film)

Drums of Destiny

Du Barry Did All Right

Dsir (1937 film)

Dve za vkladem

East of Ludgate Hill

Easy Living (1937 film)

Ebb Tide (1937 film)

Educated Fish

Egghead Rides Again

El forastero

Elephant Boy (film)

Empty Holsters

En fuldendt gentleman

Escape by Night (1937 film)

Escape to the Adriatic

Espaa 1936

Espionage (film)

Ever Since Eve (1937 film)

Every Day's a Holiday (1937 film)

Exclusive (film)

Exiled to Shanghai

Expensive Husbands

Fair Warning (1937 film)

False Evidence (1937 film)

Fanny Elssler (1937 film)

Farewell Again

Farewell to Cinderella

Father Steps Out (1937 film)

Feather Your Nest

Federal Bullets

Felicita Colombo

Festliches Nrnberg

Feud of the Trail

Fifty Roads to Town

Fifty-Shilling Boxer

Fight for Your Lady

Filosofsk historie

Find the Witness

Fine Feathers (1937 film)

Fire Over England

First Lady (film)

First Night (film)

Fishy Tales

Fit for a King

Flight from Glory

Florentine (film)

Fly-Away Baby

Flying Fists

For Valour (1937 film)

Forlorn River (1937 film)

Forty Naughty Girls

Framing Youth

French Leave (1937 film)


Frk. Mllers jubilum

Gadis jang Terdjoeal

Galloping Dynamite


Gangway (film)

Gasparone (film)

Get Rich Quick Porky

Gigolette (1937 film)

Girl Loves Boy

Girl Overboard (1937 film)

Girls Can Play

Git Along Little Dogies (film)

Glamorous Night (film)

Glove Taps

God's Country and the Man

God's Country and the Woman

Good Morning, Boys

Goofs and Saddles

Gordian the Tyrant

Green Fields (film)

Green Light (1937 film)

Gribouille (film)

Grips, Grunts and Groans

Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin

Guns in the Dark

Guns of the Pecos

Gunsmoke Ranch

Gypsy (1937 film)

Halka (film)

Hands Off Me!

Happy Vestkping

Harlem on the Prairie

Harvest (1937 film)

Hawaiian Holiday

Head over Heels (1937 film)

Headin' East

Heads or Tails (1937 film)

Heart of the Rockies (1937 film)

Hearts Are Thumps

Heidi (1937 film)

Her Husband Lies

Her Husband's Secretary

Here's Flash Casey

Heroes of the Alamo

Hideaway (1937 film)

High Flyers (film)

High Hat (1937 film)

High, Wide and Handsome

Hills of Old Wyoming

Hindenburg disaster newsreel footage

His Best Friend (1937 film)

His Lordship (1936 film)

History Is Made at Night (1937 film)

Hit the Saddle

Hittin' the Trail

Hitting a New High

Holiday's End

Hollywood Cowboy

Hollywood Hotel (film)

Hoosier Schoolboy

Hopalong Rides Again


Hot Water (1937 film)

Hotel Haywire

Hotel Paradise (1937 film)

House Cleaning Blues

How to Undress in Front of Your Husband

Humanity and Paper Balloons

I Cover the War!

I Met Him in Paris

I Only Have Eyes for You (film)

I Promise to Pay

I Wanna Be a Sailor

I Want to Be a Boarder

I'll Take Romance (film)

I've Lost My Husband!

Idol of the Crowds

Il signor Max

In Memory of Sergo Ordzhonikidze

Incognito (1937 film)

Internes Can't Take Money

Intimate Relations (1937 film)

Island Captives

It Can't Last Forever

It Could Happen to You (1937 film)

It Happened Out West

It Happened in Hollywood

It Isn't Done

It Was I!

It's All Yours

It's Love I'm After

It's Never Too Late to Mend

It's Not Cricket (1937 film)

It's a Grand Old World

Izzat (1937 film)

Jagirdar (film)

Jail Bait (1937 film)

Jeevan Prabhat

Jennifer Hale (film)

Jericho (1937 film)

Jim Hanvey, Detective

John Ericsson, Victor of Hampton Roads

John Meade's Woman

Join the Marines

Jolly Paupers

Josette (1937 film)

Juha (1937 film)

Jump for Glory

Jungle Jim (serial)

Jungle Menace

Kagirinaki Zenshin

Karo (film)

Kathleen Mavourneen (1937 film)

Keep Fit

Khan Bahadur (film)

Khwab Ki Duniya

Kid Galahad (1937 film)

King Solomon's Mines (1937 film)

King of Gamblers

Kisan Kanya

Kleine Scheidegg (film)

Knight Without Armour

Knights for a Day

Kokila (1937 film)



La Grande Illusion

La Habanera

La Muchacha del circo

La Virgencita de madera

La fuga (1937 film)

La honradez es un estorbo

La vuelta de Rocha

Lady Killer (1937 film)

Lady Seeks a Room

Lancashire Luck

Lancer Spy

Land Beyond the Law

Land of Love

Landslide (1937 film)

Larceny on the Air

Las mujeres mandan

Lasciate ogni speranza

Law for Tombstone

Law of the Ranger

Lawless Land

Lawyer Vera

Layla and Majnun (1937 film)

Left-Handed Law

Lenin in October

Let Them Live

Let's Get Married (1937 film)

Let's Make a Night of It

Lianhua Symphony

Lid na ke

Life Begins in College

Life Begins with Love

Life Dances On

Lightnin' Crandall

Little Hiawatha

Little Pioneer

Little Red Walking Hood

Live, Love and Learn

Living on Love

Liza Soars to the Skies

Lo que le pas a Reynoso

London Melody

London by Night (film)

Lonesome Ghosts

Los Locos del cuarto piso

Lost Horizon (1937 film)

Lost Ranch

Love Can Lie

Love Is News

Love Is on the Air

Love Nest on Wheels

Love Takes Flight

Love Under Fire

Love and Hisses

Love and How to Cure It

Love from a Stranger (1937 film)

Love in a Bungalow

Love on Toast

Lovers and Luggers

Lovesick (1937 film)

Luciano Serra, Pilot

Luck of Roaring Camp (film)

Lucky Jade

Lullaby (1937 film)

Macushla (film)

Madame Bovary (1937 film)

Madame X (1937 film)

Mademoiselle ma mre

Magician Mickey

Maid of Salem

Mail and Female

Make Way for Tomorrow

Make a Wish (1937 film)

Make-Up (1937 film)

Mama Runs Wild

Mama Steps Out

Man of the People (film)

Mandir (film)

Manhattan Merry-Go-Round (film)

Mannequin (1937 film)

Marcella (film)

Maria Papoila

Marked Woman

Married Before Breakfast

Marry the Girl (1937 film)

Mateo (1937 film)

Mayfair Melody

Maytime (1937 film)

Meet the Boyfriend

Meet the Missus (1937 film)



Melody and Romance

Melody for Two

Melody of the Plains

Melodas porteas

Member of the Jury

Men Without a Fatherland

Men in Exile

Merry Comes to Town

Merry-Go-Round of 1938

Miarka (1937 film)

Michael O'Halloran (1937 film)

Mickey's Amateurs

Midnight Court (film)

Midnight Madonna

Midnight Menace

Midnight Taxi (1937 film)

Milap (1937 film)


Million Dollar Racket

Millions (1936 film)


Missing Witnesses

Missing, Believed Married

Modern Girls (1937 film)

Modern Inventions

Moonlight Sonata (film)

Moonlight on the Range

Moose Hunters

Morality Above All Else

Mother (1937 film)

Mother Gets Married

Mother Song

Motor Madness (film)

Mountain Justice (1937 film)

Mountain Music (film)

Mr. Dodd Takes the Air

Mr. Smith Carries On

Muchachos de la ciudad

Mukti (1937 film)

Murder Goes to College

Murder Is News

Murder in Greenwich Village

Muri el sargento Laprida

Museum Mystery

Music for Madame

My Aunts and I

My Dear Miss Aldrich

My Friend Barbara

My Little Marquise

My Son the Minister

My Song Goes Forth

Mystery Island (1937 film)

Mystery Range

Nancy Steele Is Missing!

Nashid al-Amal

Nation Aflame

Navy Blue and Gold (film)

Navy Blues (1937 film)

Navy Spy

New Faces of 1937


Night 'n' Gales

Night Club Scandal

Night Key

Night Must Fall (1937 film)

Night Ride (1937 film)

Night in Manhattan

Night of Mystery (1937 film)

Nights of Fire

No basta ser madre

Nobleza gaucha (1937 film)

Nobody's Baby (1937 film)

Nobody's Wife (1937 film)

Non-Stop New York

North Wind (film)

North of the Rio Grande (1937 film)

Not a Word About Love

Nothing Sacred (film)

O-Kay for Sound

O.H.M.S. (film)

Off to the Races (film)

Oh Mong-nyeo

Oh, Doctor

Oh, Mr Porter!

Oh, Such a Night!

Old Louisiana

Old Mother Riley (film)

On Again-Off Again

On Such a Night (1937 film)

On the Avenue

Once a Doctor

One Hundred Men and a Girl

One Man Justice

One Mile from Heaven

Op een Avond in Mei

Orphan of the Pecos

Our Fighting Navy

Our Gang Follies of 1938

Outcast (1937 film)

Outlaws of the Orient

Outlaws of the Prairie

Outside the Law (1937 film)

Over She Goes

Over the Goal

Paid to Dance

Palermo (film)

Paradise Express

Paradise Isle

Paradise for Two

Paris (1937 film)

Park Avenue Logger

Parnell (film)

Partners in Crime (1937 film)

Passenger to London

Patricia Gets Her Man

Patriots (1937 film)

Pearls Bring Tears

Peeping Penguins

Penny Wisdom

Penrod and Sam (1937 film)

People of the Cumberland

Personal Property (film)

Peter the Great (1937 film)

Phantom Gold

Pick a Star

Pigs Is Pigs (1937 film)

Pigskin Champions

Pink Elephants (film)

Play Ball (film)

Playing the Ponies

Please Teacher (film)

Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves

Porky and Gabby

Porky's Badtime Story

Porky's Duck Hunt

Porky's Garden

Porky's Railroad

Porky's Romance

Porky's Super Service

Portia on Trial

Poslek lsky

Prairie Thunder

Prem Kahani (1937 film)

Premiere (1937 film)

Prescription for Romance

President (1937 film)

Public Cowboy No. 1

Public Wedding

Pudgy Picks a Fight!

Pudgy Takes a Bow-Wow

Pugachev (1937 film)

Purandaradasa (film)

Pygmalion (1937 film)

Pp le Moko

Quality Street (1937 film)

Queen of the Scala

Quick Money

Racing Lady

Racing Romance (1937 film)

Racketeers in Exile

Radio Patrol (serial)

Rajasuya Yaaga

Range Defenders

Ranger Courage

Rasputin (1938 film)

Raw Timber

Ready, Willing, and Able (film)

Reckless Ranger

Renfrew of the Royal Mounted (1937 film)

Reported Missing!

Republic Steel Strike Riot Newsreel Footage

Return of a Stranger (1937 film)

Reunion in Rhythm

Rhythm Racketeer

Rhythm in the Clouds

Rich Relations (film)

Ride to Freedom

Riders of the Dawn (1937 film)

Riders of the Rockies

Riders of the Whistling Skull

Ridin' the Lone Trail

Riding High (1937 film)

Riding on Air

Roamin' Holiday

Roaring Six Guns

Roaring Timber

Roll Along, Cowboy

Romance of Celluloid

Romance of Radium

Romance of the Rockies

Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm

Rosalie (film)

Rose of Tralee (1937 film)

Rough Riding Rhythm

Round-Up Time in Texas

Rushin' Ballet

Russian Flu (film)

Rustlers' Valley

S.O.S. Coast Guard

Said O'Reilly to McNab

Salama Is Okay

Sam Small Leaves Town

Samba da Vida

Sampagitang Walang Bango

San Quentin (1937 film)


Santa Fe Rides

Sara Learns Manners

Sarangadhara (1937 film)

Sarati the Terrible (1937 film)

Saratoga (film)

Sathi Ahalya

Saturday Night Revue

Saturday's Heroes

Savitri (1937 film)

School for Husbands

Scipio Africanus: The Defeat of Hannibal

Screen Test (film)

Sea Devils (1937 film)

Sea Racketeers

Second Honeymoon (1937 film)

Secret Agent X-9 (1937 serial)

Secret Lives (film)

Secret Valley (film)

Sentinels of Bronze

September in the Rain (film)

Serenade (1937 film)

Service with a Smile (1937 film)

Sethu Bandhanam (1937 film)

Seven Slaps

Seventh Heaven (1937 film)

Sh! The Octopus

Shall We Dance (1937 film)

She Asked for It

She Had to Eat

She Loved a Fireman

She Married an Artist

She Was an Acrobat's Daughter

She's Dangerous

She's Got Everything (film)

She's No Lady

Ship's Concert

Should Wives Work?

Side Street Angel

Signal in the Night

Silence in the Forest (1937 film)

Silver Blaze (1937 film)

Sing While You're Able

Sing and Be Happy

Sing as You Swing

Sing, Cowboy, Sing

Skeleton on Horseback

Sky Racket (film)

Slave Ship (1937 film)

Slaves in Bondage

Slim (film)

Small Town Boy (film)

Smart Blonde

Smash and Grab

Smoke Tree Range

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937 film)

Some Blondes Are Dangerous

Something to Sing About (1937 film)

Song at Midnight

Song of the City

Song of the Forge

Sophie Lang Goes West

Souls at Sea

Southern Mail (film)

Spain in Flames

Speaking of the Weather

Special Agent K-7

Splinters in the Air

Spring Handicap

Springtime in the Rockies (1937 film)

Stage Door


Stars Over Arizona

Stella Dallas (1937 film)

Step Lively, Jeeves!

Stolen Holiday

Storm in a Teacup (film)

Strange Adventures of Mr. Smith

Strange Experiment

Street Angel (1937 film)

Street of Shadows (1937 film)

Submarine D-1

Such Great Foolishness

Such Is My Country

Sudden Bill Dorn

Summer Rain (1937 film)

Sunday Night at the Trocadero

Sunset in Vienna


Sweetheart of the Navy

Swing High, Swing Low (film)

Swing Hutton Swing

Swing It, Professor

Swing Wedding

Take It from Me (1937 film)

Take My Tip

Take a Chance (1937 film)

Talent Scout

Tales of Budapest

Talking About Jacqueline

Talking Feet

Tall Timbers (film)

Tango Notturno

Telephone Operator (film)

Television Talent

Terang Boelan

Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts

Texas Trail (1937 film)

Thank You, Mr. Moto (film)

Thanks for Listening (film)

That Certain Woman

That I May Live

That Man's Here Again

That Navy Spirit

That's My Story (film)

The 13th Man

The Academy Decides

The Adventurous Blonde

The Alibi (1937 film)

The Andersson Family

The Angelus (film)

The Avenger (1937 film)

The Awful Truth

The Bad Man of Brimstone

The Ballad of Cossack Golota

The Barrier (1937 film)

The Beaver Coat (1937 film)

The Big Shot (1937 film)

The Black Corsair (1937 film)

The Black Tulip (1937 film)

The Blood Stain

The Blue Squadron (1937 film)

The Boys Didn't Wear Hair Gel Before

The Bride Wore Red

The Broken Jug (film)

The Californian (film)

The Call of Life

The Candid Candidate

The Carnival Is Here Again

The Case of the Stuttering Bishop

The Case of the Stuttering Pig

The Castiglioni Brothers

The Cavalier of the Streets

The Charm of La Boheme

The Cheat (1937 film)

The Cherokee Strip

The Citadel of Silence

The Club of Aristocrats

The Colorado Kid (film)

The Compulsory Wife

The Coral Princess

The Countess of Parma

The Courier of Lyon

The Crime Nobody Saw

The Daughter of the Samurai

The Defense of Volotchayevsk

The Devil Diamond

The Devil Is Driving (1937 film)

The Devil's Playground (1937 film)

The Devil's Saddle Legion

The Divine Jetta

The Dominant Sex

The Drunkard (1937 film)

The Duke Comes Back (film)

The Dybbuk (film)

The Edge of the World

The Elder Brother (film)

The Emperor's Candlesticks (1937 film)

The Fatal Hour (1937 film)

The Fella with the Fiddle

The Ferocious Saladin

The Fighting Deputy

The Fighting Texan

The Firefly (1937 film)

The Five Pound Man

The Footloose Heiress

The Former Mattia Pascal

The Foxy Hunter

The Frame-Up

The Frog

The Gambling Terror

The Game That Kills

The Gang Show

The Girl Said No (1937 film)

The Girl from Scotland Yard

The Girl in the Taxi (1937 film)

The Glass Ball

The Go Getter (1937 film)

The Gold Racket

The Good Earth (film)

The Good Old Soak

The Great Barrier (film)

The Great Gambini

The Great Garrick

The Great Hospital Mystery

The Great O'Malley

The Green Cockatoo

The Green Jacket

The Grey Lady (film)

The Hay Ride

The High Command

The Hit Parade (film)

The Holy Terror (1937 film)

The Hot Air Salesman

The Hound of the Baskervilles (1937 film)

The House Opposite (1937 film)

The Hurricane (1937 film)

The Impractical Joker

The Irresistible Man

The Jester (1937 film)

The Jones Family in Big Business

The King and the Chorus Girl

The Kings of Sport

The Kiss of Fire

The Kreutzer Sonata (1937 film)

The Ladies in the Green Hats (1937 film)

The Lady Escapes

The Lady Fights Back

The Last Adventurers

The Last Chance (1937 film)

The Last Curtain

The Last Days of Pompeo

The Last Gangster

The Last Train from Madrid

The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1937 film)

The Law Commands

The League of Frightened Men (film)

The Legion of Missing Men

The Lie of Nina Petrovna

The Life of Emile Zola

The Life of the Party (1937 film)

The Lilac Domino (film)

The Live Wire (1937 film)

The Lonely White Sail

The Lyin' Mouse

The Make Believe Pirates

The Man Who Could Work Miracles

The Man Who Cried Wolf (film)

The Man Who Found Himself

The Man Who Made Diamonds

The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes

The Man Without a Country (1937 film)

The Man from Nowhere (1937 film)

The Man in Blue (1937 film)

The Man of the Hour

The Men Without Names

The Messenger (1937 film)

The Mighty Treve

The Miners

The Minstrel Boy (film)

The Model Husband (1937 film)

The Moorish Queen (1937 film)

The Mutiny of the Elsinore (1937 film)

The Mysterious Pilot

The Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen

The New Deal Show

The Old Mill

The Old Wyoming Trail

The Outcasts of Poker Flat (1937 film)

The Outer Gate

The Painted Stallion

The Pale Count

The Paneless Window Washer

The Pearls of the Crown

The Penny Pool

The People of Bergslagen

The Perfect Crime (1937 film)

The Perfect Specimen

The Pigskin Palooka

The Plough and the Stars (film)

The Price of Folly

The Priest from Kirchfeld (1937 film)

The Prince and the Pauper (1937 film)

The Prisoner of Zenda (1937 film)

The Rangers Step In

The Rat (1937 film)

The Red Dancer

The Red Rope

The Return of Maxim

The Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel

The Reverse Be My Lot

The Rich Bride

The Road Back (film)

The Roaming Cowboy

The Schooner Gang

The Secrets of the Red Sea

The Seven Ravens (1937 film)

The Shadow (1937 film)

The Shadow Strikes

The Sheik Steps Out

The Show Goes On (film)

The Silent Battle (1937 film)

The Silver Trail

The Singing Buckaroo

The Singing Marine

The Sitter Downers

The Soldier and the Lady

The Song of the Road

The Spanish Earth

The Squeaker (1937 film)

The Street Singer (1937 film)

The Tale of the Fox

The Thirteen

The Thirteenth Chair (1937 film)

The Three Garridebs

The Three Wishes (1937 Dutch film)

The Three Wishes (1937 Italian film)

The Ticket of Leave Man (1937 film)

The Toast of New York

The Trigger Trio

The Trusted Outlaw

The Two Misanthropists

The Vagabonds (1937 film)

The Vicar of Bray (film)

The Voice of the Heart (1937 film)

The Vulture (1937 film)

The Westland Case

The Wife of General Ling

The Wildcatter

The Windmill (1937 film)

The Woman I Love (1937 film)

The Women Men Marry

The Woods Are Full of Cuckoos

The World Is Ours (film)

The Worm Turns

The Wrong Road

The Yellow Flag

There Goes My Girl

There Goes the Groom (film)

There Was a Young Man

These Children

These Men (film)

They Gave Him a Gun

They Wanted to Marry

They Won't Forget

Thin Ice (1937 film)

Think Fast, Mr. Moto

This Is My Affair

This Way Please

Thoroughbreds Don't Cry

Three Smart Boys

Thrill of a Lifetime (film)

Thunder Trail

Thunder in the City

Tim Tyler's Luck (serial)

Time Out for Romance

Tiniente Rosario (1937 film)

To Live (1937 film)

To New Shores

To levende og en dd (film)

Togger (film)

Tomb of the Angels

Too Many Wives

Toofani Tarzan

Top of the Town (film)

Topper (film)

Torture Money

Tough to Handle

Tovarich (film)

Trail of Vengeance

Trailin' Trouble

Trapped by G-Men

Trouble at Midnight

Trouble in Morocco

Trouble in Texas

True Confession


Tsar to Lenin

Turn Off the Moon

Twin Faces

Two Gun Law

Two Wise Maids

Two-Fisted Sheriff

Ti vejce do skla

Uncle Tom's Bungalow

Under Cover of Night

Under Secret Orders

Under Strange Flags

Under Suspicion (1937 film)

Under a Cloud (film)

Under the Red Robe (1937 film)

Underneath the Arches (film)

Underworld (1937 film)

Unternehmen Michael

Ups and Downs (1937 film)

Uan Ksicia Jzefa

Valley of Terror

Variety Hour

Varsity Show (film)

Venus Makes Trouble

Victims of the Past

Victoria the Great

Vidyapati (film)

Viejo barrio

Virginity (film)

Vzdun torpdo 48

Waikiki Wedding

Wake Up Famous

Wake Up and Live

Wallaby Jim of the Islands

Walter Wanger's Vogues of 1938


Way Out West (1937 film)

We Have Our Moments

We Live in Two Worlds

We Who Are About to Die

We Work Again

We're on the Jury

Wee Willie Winkie (film)

Wells Fargo (film)

Wells in Flames

West Bound Limited

West of Shanghai

Westbound Mail

Western Gold

What Did the Lady Forget?

What Price Vengeance

When Love Is Young

When Women Keep Silent

When You're in Love (film)

When's Your Birthday?

Where Trails Divide

Whistling Bullets

White Bondage

White Cargo (1937 film)

White Slaves (film)

Who Killed John Savage?

Who's Your Lady Friend?

Whoops! I'm a Cowboy

Why Pick on Me? (1937 film)

Wife, Doctor and Nurse

Wild Horse Rodeo

Wild Money

Wild West Days

Wild and Woolly (1937 film)

Windjammer (1937 film)

Wine, Women and Horses

Wings of the Morning (1937 film)

Wings over Honolulu

Wise Girl (film)

Witches' Night (1937 film)

Without a Dowry (film)

Woman Against the World

Woman Chases Man

Woman in Distress

Woman of Malacca

Woman's LoveWoman's Suffering


Women of Glamour

Woodland Caf

Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge

Yoshiwara (1937 film)

You Can't Beat Love

You Can't Buy Luck

You Can't Have Everything

You Live and Learn

You Only Live Once (1937 film)

You're Only Young Once

You're a Sweetheart

Young Dynamite

Young People (1937 Japanese film)

Young Pushkin

Young and Innocent

Youth of China (film)

Youth on Parole

Zamboanga (film)

Znachor (1937 film)

Zorro Rides Again

Zula Hula

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