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Movies from 1929

.45 Calibre War

A Close Call

A Cottage on Dartmoor

A Dangerous Woman (1929 film)

A Foolish Maiden

A Man's Man (1929 film)

A Most Immoral Lady

A Mother's Love (1929 film)

A Peep Behind the Scenes (1929 film)

A Princess of Destiny

A Real Girl

A Romance of Seville

A Single Man (1929 film)

A Small Down Payment on Bliss

A Song of Kentucky

A Throw of Dice

Acquitted (1929 film)

Affair at the Grand Hotel

After the Fire Over Russia

After the Fog

After the Verdict (film)

Agustina of Aragon (1929 film)

Akeyuku Sora

Alf's Carpet

Alibi (1929 film)

All Faces West

All at Sea (1929 film)

Alpine Antics

Always Faithful

An Hour with Chekhov

An Ideal Woman

An Oklahoma Cowboy

Andreas Hofer (film)

Anesthesia (1929 film)

Angel in Spare

Angora Love

Anne Against the World

Applause (1929 film)

Archduke John (film)

Artificial Svensson

Ask Dad

Asphalt (1929 film)

Atlantic (film)

Atlantik (film)

Auld Lang Syne (1929 film)

Autobus Number Two

Bacon Grabbers

Bad Men's Money

Barnum Was Right

Barro Humano

Behind That Curtain (film)

Below the Deadline (1929 film)

Berth Marks

Betrayal (1929 film)

Beware of Loose Women

Beyond the Street

Big Business (1929 film)

Big City Children

Big News (film)

Big Time (1929 film)

Black Hills (1929 film)

Black Magic (1929 film)

Black Waters

Black and Tan (film)

Blackmail (1929 film)

Blaze o' Glory

Blue Skies (1929 film)

Blue Songs (film)

Bobby, the Petrol Boy

Border Romance

Born to the Saddle (1929 film)

Bouncing Babies

Boxing Gloves (film)

Bride of the Desert

Bright Eyes (1929 film)

Broadway (1929 film)

Broadway Babies

Broadway Fever

Broadway Scandals

Broadway's Like That

Brother Bernhard

Brothers (1929 film)

Brown Gravy

Brumes d'automne

Bulldog Drummond (1929 film)

Bye, Bye, Buddy

Cagliostro (1929 film)

Call at Midnight

Call of the Blood (1929 film)

Campus Knights

Captain Cowboy

Captain Fracasse (1929 film)

Captain Lash

Careers (film)

Cat, Dog & Co.

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Chamber of Horrors (1929 film)

Charming Sinners

Chasing Through Europe

Cheyenne (1929 film)

Children of the Ritz

Children of the Street

China Bound

China Slaver

Chinatown Nights (1929 film)

Christina (1929 film)

Circumstantial Evidence (1929 American film)

Circumstantial Evidence (1929 film)

City of Play

Clear the Decks

Climbing the Golden Stairs

Close Harmony (1929 film)

College Love

Column X

Come Across (film)

Come Back, All Is Forgiven (film)

Come and Get It (1929 film)

Condemned (1929 film)

Confession (1929 film)

Coquette (film)

Courtin' Wildcats

Crucified Girl

Cupid in Clover

Dance Hall (1929 film)

Dangerous Curves (1929 film)

Dans la nuit (film)

Dark Red Roses

Dark Skies (1929 film)

Dark Streets (1929 film)

Darkened Rooms

Daughter of the Regiment (1929 film)

Daughters of Desire

Dawn (1929 film)

Days of Youth

Deaf Sam-yong (1929 film)

Dear Homeland

Death Drive for the World Record

Der Nrnberger Parteitag der NSDAP

Desert Nights


Devotion (1929 film)

Diane (1929 film)

Diary of a Coquette

Diary of a Lost Girl

Disgrace (1929 film)

Disraeli (1929 film)

Distinguishing Features

Distress (1929 film)

Dive (film)

Divorce Made Easy

Do You Know That Little House on Lake Michigan?

Don Manuel, the Bandit

Don't Change Your Husband (1929 film)

Double Whoopee

Down Channel

Downstream (1929 film)

Drag (film)

Drifters (1929 film)

Dynamite (1929 film)

El Terrible Toreador

Election Day (1929 film)

Emerald of the East

Eros in Chains

Erotikon (1929 film)

Escape to the Foreign Legion

Eternal Love (1929 film)

Evangeline (1929 film)

Eveready Harton in Buried Treasure

Evidence (1929 film)

Evil Spirit (film)

Eyes of the Underworld (1929 film)

False Fathers

Fancy Baggage

Farm Relief

Fashions in Love

Fast Company (1929 film)

Fast Freight (film)

Fast Life (1929 film)

Father Radetzky

Father Vojtech (1929 film)

Father and Son (1929 American film)

Father and Son (1929 German film)

Fertility (film)

Figaro (film)

Fight of the Tertia (1929 film)

Fighters of the Saddle

Finding His Voice

Finis Terr

Flight (1929 film)

Foolish Happiness

Foolishness of His Love

Football, Love, and Bullfighting

Footlights and Fools

Fox Movietone Follies of 1929

Fragment of an Empire

From Headquarters (1929 film)

From a Bachelor's Diary

Frontier Romance

Frozen Justice

Frozen River (1929 film)

Frulein Else (1929 film)

Fugitives (1929 film)

Furnished Room

General Crack

Gentlemen Among Themselves

Gentlemen of the Press

Geraldine (1929 film)

German Wine (film)

Ghadat al-sahara

Girl Crazy (1929 film)

Girl Overboard (1929 film)

Girl on the Barge

Girls Do Not Joke

Girls Gone Wild (film)

Glad Rag Doll (film)

Glorifying the American Girl

Glorious Youth

Gold Diggers of Broadway

Gopal Krishna (1929 film)

Grit Wins

H2O (1929 film)

Half Marriage (film)

Half Way to Heaven

Hallelujah (film)


Happy Days (1929 film)

Hard to Get (1929 film)

Hardboiled Rose

Headin' Westward

Hearts in Dixie

Hearts in Exile (1929 film)

Heilige oder Dirne

Hell's Bells (film)

Hell's Heroes (film)

Her Dark Secret

Her Private Affair

Her Private Life

High Seas (film)

High Treason (1929 British film)

High Treason (1929 German film)

High Voltage (1929 film)

His Best Friend (1929 film)

His Captive Woman

His First Command

His Glorious Night

His Lucky Day

His Majesty's Lieutenant

Histoire de Dtective

Hold Your Man (1929 film)

Honky Tonk (1929 film)

Hoofbeats of Vengeance

Hot Stuff (1929 film)

Hot for Paris

Hotel of Secrets

House in the Sun

House of Horror (film)

Hungarian Nights

Hunting You

Hurdy Gurdy (film)

Hurricane (1929 film)

Husn Ka Daku

Hjt paa en kvist

I Graduated, But...

I Kiss Your Hand, Madame

I Lost My Heart on a Bus

Idaho Red

Illusion (1929 film)

In Old California (1929 film)

In Spring (1929 film)

In the Headlines

In the Nick of Time (1929 film)

Incest (film)

Inherited Passions

Innocents of Paris

Is Everybody Happy? (1929 film)

Island of Love (1929 film)

It Can Be Done

It's You I Have Loved

It's a Great Life (1929 film)

Jailhouse Blues

Jazz Heaven

Jealousy (1929 film)

Jenny's Stroll Through Men

Jos do Telhado (1929 film)

Joy Street

Judith and Holofernes (1929 film)

Jungle Jingles

Jungle Rhythm

Just Off Broadway (1929 film)

Katharina Knie (film)

Kid Gloves (film)

King of the Rodeo (film)

Kiss Me (1929 film)

Kitty (1929 film)

Krivoi Rog (film)

L'Argent (1928 film)

La Possession (film)

La Vie miraculeuse de Thrse Martin

Lady in the Spa

Lady of the Pavements

Laila (1929 film)

Lambchops (film)

Land Without Women

Latin Quarter (1929 film)

Laughing at Death

Lazy Days (film)

Left of the Isar, Right of the Spree (1929 film)

Les Mystres du Chteau de D

Liberty (1929 film)

Light of India

Lily of Killarney (1929 film)

Linda (1929 film)

Little Johnny Jones (1929 film)

Little Miss London

Little Mother (1929 film)

Little Veronica

Lost Patrol (1929 film)

Love and the Devil

Love at First Sight (1929 film)

Love in the Desert

Love in the Snow

Love, Live and Laugh

Lucky Boy

Lucky Star (1929 film)

Lucky in Love (film)

Lullaby (1929 film)

Lux, King of Criminals

Madame Lu

Madame X (1929 film)

Madonna of Avenue A

Makers of Melody

Making the Grade (1929 film)

Man with a Movie Camera

Man, Woman and Wife

Manchu Love

Manolescu (film)

Marianne (1929 musical film)

Marianne (1929 silent film)

Marquis Preferred

Marriage (1929 film)

Marriage in Trouble

Married in Hollywood

Mascots (1929 film)

Masked Emotions

Masks (1929 film)

Masquerade (1929 film)

Master and Man (1929 film)

Melody Lane (1929 film)

Melody of the Heart

Melody of the World

Men O' War

Men Without Work

Mexicali Rose (1929 film)

Mickey's Follies

Mickey's Mix-Up

Mickey's Northwest Mounted

Mickey's Surprise

Midstream (film)

Miryam (film)

Misled Youth

Miss Evelyne

Miss Midshipman

Mister Antonio

Moan and Groan, Inc.

Modern Love (1929 film)

Molly and Me (1929 film)

Monte Cristo (1929 film)

Montmartre Rose

Morgan's Last Raid

Mother Krause's Journey to Happiness

Mother's Boy (1929 film)

Music Hath Harms

My Daughter's Tutor

My Heart is a Jazz Band

My Lady's Past

My Sister and I (1929 film)

Napoleon at Saint Helena

Navy Blues (1929 film)

New Orleans (1929 film)

New Year's Eve (1929 film)

New York Nights

Night Parade

Nix on Dames

Njai Dasima (1929 film)

No Defense

Noah's Ark (1928 film)

Noisy Neighbors

Noisy Noises

Not Quite Decent

Nothing but the Truth (1929 film)

Oft in the Silly Night

Oh, Yeah! (film)

Oil's Well (film)

On the Reeperbahn at Half Past Midnight (1929 film)

On with the Show! (1929 film)

Once You Give Away Your Heart

Once at Midnight

One Hysterical Night

One Splendid Hour

One Stolen Night (1929 film)

Our Modern Maidens

Outlawed (1929 film)

Overland Bound

Paganini in Venice

Painted Faces (1929 film)

Painted Youth

Pals of the Prairie

Pandora's Box (1929 film)

Paris (1929 film)

Paris Bound

Pavement Butterfly

Perfect Day (1929 film)

Perjury (film)

Permanent Wave (film)

Peter the Mariner

Piccadilly (film)

Plane Crazy

Play Around a Man

Pleasure Crazed

Plunging Hoofs

Pod bander mioci

Pointed Heels

Points West (film)

Poison Gas (film)

Port Whines

Post (film)

Power Over Men

Prague Seamstresses

Prisoner Number Seven

Prisoners (1929 film)

Protection (1929 film)

Queen Kelly

Queen of Fashion

Queen of the Night Clubs

Queen of the Northwoods

Race Riot (film)


Rails (film)

Rain (1929 film)


Red Hot Rhythm

Red Hot Speed

Redskin (film)

Resia Boroboedoer

Revenge for Eddy

Revolt in the Batchelor's House

Revolt in the Reformatory

Rich People (film)

Richthofen (film)

Riders of the Storm

Ringing the Changes

Rio Rita (1929 film)

River of Romance

Romance of the Rio Grande (1929 film)

Roses Bloom on the Moorland (1929 film)

Rustle of Spring (film)

Saba (film)

Sailor's Holiday (1929 film)

Saint Joan the Maid

Sakanaya Honda

Salangeul chajaseo

Sally (1929 film)

Salute (1929 film)

Saturday's Children (1929 film)

Saturday's Lesson

Say It with Music (1929 film)

Say It with Songs

Scandal (1929 film)

Scandal in Baden-Baden

Scarlet Seas

Sea Fury (1929 film)

Secret Police (film)

Seven Faces

Seven Footprints to Satan

Seven Keys to Baldpate (1929 film)

Seor Americano

Shanghai Lady

Shanghai Rose (film)

She Goes to War

Ship in Distress (1929 film)

Ship of Girls

Show Boat (1929 film)

Si Tjonat

Sick Cylinders

Side Street (1929 film)

Silence in the Forest (1929 film)

Silent Sentinel

Silks and Saddles (1929 film)

Sin Town (1929 film)

Sin and Morality

Sin of a Beautiful Woman

Sinful and Sweet

Sioux Blood

Sister of Mercy (film)

Skin Deep (1929 film)

Skinner Steps Out

Slim Fingers

Small Talk (1929 film)

Smashing Through

Smilin' Guns

Smiling Irish Eyes

Smoke Bellew

So Long Letty (1929 film)

So This Is College

Some Mother's Boy


Song of Love (1929 film)

Sonny Boy (1929 film)

South Sea Rose

Sowing the Wind (1929 film)

Speakeasy (1929 film)

Speedway (1929 film)

Spite Marriage

Splinters (1929 film)

Sprengbagger 1010

Spring Awakening (1929 film)

Springtime (1929 film)

Square Shoulders

St. Louis Blues (1929 film)

Stairs of Sand

Stark Mad

Stolen Kisses (1929 film)

Storm of Love (film)

Strange Cargo (1929 film)

Street Acquaintances (1929 film)

Street Corner (1929 film)

Street Girl

Strong Boy

Sun (film)

Sunny Side Up (1929 film)

Sunset Pass (1929 film)

Sweet Pepper (film)

Sweetie (1929 film)

Syncopation (1929 film)

Synthetic Sin

Tanned Legs

Tarzan the Tiger

Taxi at Midnight

Taxi for Two

Tempo! Tempo!

Temptation (1929 film)

That's My Wife (1929 film)

The Ace of Scotland Yard

The Adjutant of the Czar

The Age of Seventeen

The Air Legion

The Alley Cat (1929 film)

The Amazing Vagabond

The American Prisoner (film)

The Argyle Case (1929 film)

The Aviator (1929 film)

The Awful Truth (1929 film)

The Bachelor's Club (1929 film)

The Barn Dance

The Barnyard Battle

The Battle of Paris

The Bees' Buzz

The Bellamy Trial

The Big Diamond Robbery

The Bishop Murder Case (film)

The Black Book (serial)

The Black Domino (film)

The Black Forest Girl (1929 film)

The Black Watch

The Blue Express

The Body Punch

The Bondman (1929 film)

The Brandenburg Arch

The Bridge of San Luis Rey (1929 film)

The Broadway Melody

The Broken Melody (1929 film)

The Burgomaster of Stilemonde

The Burning Heart (film)

The Burning of the Red Lotus Temple

The California Mail

The Call of the North (1929 film)

The Canary Murder Case (film)

The Careless Age

The Carnation Kid

The Carnival Man

The Case of Lena Smith

The Celestial City (film)

The Charlatan (1929 film)

The Chaste Coquette

The Circus Princess (1929 film)

The Clean Up (1929 film)

The Clue of the New Pin (1929 film)

The Co-Optimists (film)

The Cock-Eyed World

The Cocoanuts

The Cohens and the Kellys in Atlantic City

The College Coquette

The Convict from Istanbul

The Cowboy and the Outlaw

The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard (film)

The Crimson Circle (1929 film)

The Crooked Billet

The Customs Judge

The Dance of Life

The Daredevil Reporter

The Delightful Rogue

The Desert Rider

The Desert Song (1929 film)

The Devil's Apple Tree

The Devil's Chaplain

The Devil's Maze

The Diamond Master

The Diplomats (film)

The Diva

The Divine Lady

The Divine Voyage

The Doctor's Secret (1929 film)

The Donovan Affair

The Drake Case

The Dream Melody

The Drifter (1929 film)

The Duke Steps Out

The Dummy (1929 film)

The Eccentric

The Eternal Woman

The Exalted Flapper

The Faker

The Fall of Eve

The Far Call

The Fatal Warning

The Favourite of Schonbrunn

The Feather

The Fire Detective

The Flight from Love

The Flying Fleet

The Flying Fool (1929 film)

The Flying Marine

The Flying Scotsman (1929 film)

The Flying Squad (1929 film)

The Forward Pass

The Four Feathers (1929 film)

The Fourth from the Right

The Framing of the Shrew

The Freckled Rascal

The Gamblers (1929 film)

The General Line

The Ghost Talks (1929 film)

The Girl from Havana

The Girl from Woolworth's

The Girl from the Provinces

The Girl in the Glass Cage

The Girl in the Show

The Girl with the Whip

The Great Divide (1929 film)

The Great Gabbo

The Green Monocle

The Greene Murder Case (film)

The Greyhound Limited

The Gypsy Chief

The Happy Canary

The Happy Vagabonds

The Harvest of Hate

The Hate Ship

The Haunted House (1929 film)

The Hero of Every Girl's Dream

The Hole in the Wall (1929 film)

The Hollywood Revue of 1929

The Holy Terror (1929 film)

The Hoose-Gow

The Hottentot

The Hound of the Baskervilles (1929 film)

The House of Secrets (1929 film)

The Idle Rich (1929 film)

The Informer (1929 film)

The Inseparables

The Iron Mask

The Isle of Lost Ships (1929 film)

The Jazz Age (film)

The Jazz Fool

The Karnival Kid

The Kid's Clever

The King of the Kongo

The Kingdom of Twilight

The Kiss (1929 film)

The Ladies in the Green Hats (1929 film)

The Lady Lies (film)

The Lady from the Sea (1929 film)

The Lame Gentleman

The Lariat Kid

The Last Attraction

The Last Performance

The Last Post (film)

The Last Testament

The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1929 film)

The Laughing Lady (1929 film)

The Lawless Legion

The League of Three

The Leatherneck

The Letter (1929 film)

The Lighthouse Keepers (film)

The Living Corpse (1929 film)

The Locked Door

The Lone Wolf's Daughter (1929 film)

The Long Long Trail

The Lord of the Tax Office

The Lost Zeppelin

The Love Doctor

The Love Parade

The Love Racket

The Love Trap (1929 film)

The Love of the Brothers Rott

The Lure of the Atlantic

The Man I Love (1929 film)

The Man Without Love

The Man and the Moment

The Man from Nevada (1929 film)

The Man with the Frog

The Manxman

The Marble Colossus

The Marriage Playground

The Melancholy Dame

The Merry Dwarfs

The Merry Widower

The Mighty (1929 film)

The Million Dollar Collar

The Missing Wife

The Mississippi Gambler (1929 film)

The Mistress and her Servant

The Model from Montparnasse

The Monte Cristo of Prague

The Morning Sun Shines

The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu

The Mysterious Island (1929 film)

The New Babylon

The New Gentlemen

The Night Belongs to Us

The Night of Terror

The Office Scandal

The Oklahoma Kid (1929 film)

The Old Barn

The One Woman Idea

The Opry House

The Organist at St. Vitus' Cathedral

The Overland Telegraph

The Pagan

The Painted Angel

The Peacock Fan

The Phantom in the House

The Phantom of the North

The Pirate of Panama

The Plaything

The Plowboy

The Pride of Pawnee

The Queen's Necklace (1929 film)

The Quitter (1929 film)

The Racketeer

The Rainbow (1929 film)

The Rainbow Man

The Realm of the Rye (1929 film)

The Red Sword

The Redeeming Sin

The Rescue (1929 film)

The Return of Sherlock Holmes (1929 film)

The Return of the Rat

The Right of the Unborn

The River (1929 film)

The Royal Box

The Royal Rider

The Runaway Princess

The Sacred Flame (1929 film)

The Saddle King (1929 film)

The Sap (1929 film)

The Saturday Night Kid

The Self Seeker

The Shadow of a Mine

The Shakedown (1929 film)

The Shannons of Broadway

The Ship of Lost Souls

The Show of Shows

The Silent House (1929 film)

The Silver King (1929 film)

The Sin Sister

The Singing Brakeman (film)

The Single Standard

The Skeleton Dance

The Sky Hawk

The Sky Skidder

The Smart Set (film)

The Smiling Terror

The Smuggler's Bride of Mallorca

The Sophomore

The Spirit of Youth

The Squall

The Storyteller of Venice

The Streets of London (1929 film)

The Strongest (1929 film)

The Studio Murder Mystery

The Surprise of a Knight

The Talk of Hollywood

The Taming of the Shrew (1929 film)

The Third Confession

The Third Eye (1929 film)

The Thirteenth Chair (1929 film)

The Three Kings (film)

The Three Masks

The Three Outcasts

The Three Passions

The Time, the Place and the Girl (1929 film)

The Tip Off

The Trespasser (1929 film)

The Trial of Mary Dugan (1929 film)

The Triumph of the Heart

The Tsarevich (1929 film)

The Unholy Night

The Unknown Dancer

The Unusual Past of Thea Carter

The Unwritten Law (1929 film)

The Vagabond Cub

The Vagabond Lover

The Vagabond Queen (film)

The Valiant (1929 film)

The Veil Dancer

The Veiled Woman

The Very Idea

The Virginian (1929 film)

The Voice of the Storm

The Wages of Sin (1929 film)

The Wagon Master

The Way Through the Night

The Way of Lost Souls

The Wedding March (1929 film)

The Wheel of Life (1929 film)

The White Hell of Pitz Palu (1929 film)

The White Outlaw (1929 film)

The White Paradise

The White Roses of Ravensberg (1929 film)

The Wild Party (1929 film)

The Winged Horseman

The Wolf of Wall Street (1929 film)

The Woman Everyone Loves Is You

The Woman I Love (1929 film)

The Woman One Longs For

The Woman Who Desires Sin

The Woman and the Puppet (1929 film)

The Woman from Hell

The Woman in White (1929 film)

The Woman in the Advocate's Gown

The Wonderful Day (1929 film)

The Wonderful Lies of Nina Petrovna

The Wrecker (1929 film)

The Yellowback

The Younger Generation

The Youths (1929 film)

Their Own Desire

Their Son

There Was Once a Loyal Hussar

They Go Boom

They Had to See Paris

They May Not Marry

This Is Heaven

This Thing Called Love (1929 film)

Those Who Love (1929 film)

Three Around Edith

Three Days of Life and Death

Three Live Ghosts (1929 film)

Three Men in a Cart

Thru Different Eyes (1929 film)

Thunder (1929 film)

Thunderbolt (1929 film)

Thundering Thompson

Tide of Empire

Tiger Rose (1929 film)

Times Square (1929 film)

To What Red Hell

Tokyo March

Tonight at Twelve

Tracks in the Snow

Tragedy of Youth

Trail of the Horse Thieves

Trent's Last Case (1929 film)

Trial Marriage

Triumph of Love (1929 film)

True Heaven

Trust of Thieves

Turksib (film)

Twin Beds (1929 film)

Two Brothers (1929 film)

Two Men and a Maid

Two Sisters (1929 film)

Two Weeks Off


Un Chien Andalou

Unaccustomed As We Are

Unaccustomed as We Are

Under the Greenwood Tree (1929 film)

Under the Southern Cross (1929 film)

Unmasked (1929 film)

Untamed (1929 film)

Untamed Justice

Venus (1929 film)

Villa Falconieri (film)

Voice of the City

Wall Street (1929 film)

Waterloo (1929 film)

We Stick Together Through Thick and Thin

Weary River

Weary Willies

Wedding Rings (film)

Welcome Danger

West of the Rockies (film)

What Price Love?

What a Day (1929 film)

What a Woman Dreams of in Springtime

What's Wrong with Nanette?

When Dreams Come True (1929 film)

When Knights Were Bold (1929 film)

When Men Betray (1929 film)

When the Cat's Away (1929 film)

When the White Lilacs Bloom Again (1929 film)

Where East Is East

Whispering Winds (film)

Why Be Good?

Why Bring That Up?

Why Cry at Parting?

Why Leave Home?

Wiggle Your Ears

Wild Orchids (film)

Wise Girls (film)

Wolf Song

Wolves of the City

Woman Trap (1929 film)

Woman in the Moon

Woman to Woman (1929 film)

Women on the Edge

Wonder of Women

Words and Music (1929 film)

Would You Believe It!

Wrong Again

Wyoming Tornado

Yanky Clippers

Yes, Yes, Women Are My Weakness

Young Nowheres

Youth of the Big City

Youthful Indiscretion

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