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Movies from 1922

A Bachelor's Baby

A Bill of Divorcement (1922 film)

A Blind Bargain

A California Romance

A Dangerous Adventure (serial)

A Dangerous Game (1922 film)

A Daughter of Australia (1922 film)

A Daughter of Luxury

A Debt of Honour (1922 film)

A Doll's House (1922 film)

A Dying Nation

A Fool There Was (1922 film)

A Front Page Story

A Game Chicken

A Gipsy Cavalier

A Girl's Desire

A Homespun Vamp

A Lost Leader (film)

A Maid of the Silver Sea (film)

A Master of Craft

A Pair of Kings (film)

A Pasteboard Crown

A Prince of Lovers

A Question of Honor (1922 film)

A Quiet Street

A Rogue in Love

A Romance of Old Baghdad

A Rough Passage

A Sailor Tramp

A Sister to Assist 'Er (1922 film)

A Soul's Awakening

A Sporting Double

A Stage Romance

A Tailor-Made Man (1922 film)

A Tale of Two Cities (1922 film)

A Trip to Paramountown

A Vanished World

A Western Demon

A Wide Open Town

A Will and a Way

A Woman's Woman

A Wonderful Wife

According to Hoyle (film)

Across the Border (film)

Across the Continent

Across the Dead-Line

Affinities (film)

Afraid to Fight

Alias Julius Caesar

Alone in the Jungle

Always the Woman

Andersson's Kalle (1922 film)

Andhare Alo (1922 film)

Angel Citizens

Anna Ascends


Another Man's Boots

Another Man's Shoes (film)

Any Night

Any Wife

Arabian Love

Ashes (1922 film)

At the Edge of the Great City

At the Sign of the Jack O'Lantern

Back Fire

Back Home and Broke

Back Pay (1922 film)

Back to Yellow Jacket

Barb Wire (1922 film)

Barmaid (film)

Barriers of Folly

Beauty's Worth

Belgian Revenge

Belle of Alaska

Bells of San Juan

Belonging (film)

Bentley's Conscience

Between Day and Dream

Beyond the Crossroads

Beyond the Rainbow

Beyond the Rocks (film)

Big Stakes (1922 film)

Bigamy (1922 film)

Billy Jim

Biribi (film)

Black Forest Children

Black Monday (film)

Blaze Away (1922 film)

Blazing Arrows

Blood and Sand (1922 film)

Bobbed Hair (1922 film)

Boomerang Bill

Boomerang Justice

Borderland (1922 film)

Bought and Paid For

Boy Crazy (film)

Boy Woodburn

Brawn of the North

Breaking Home Ties (film)

Broad Daylight (film)

Broadway Rose (film)

Broken Chains (film)

Brothers Under the Skin

Brown Sugar (1922 film)

Buenos Aires, Ciudad de Ensueo

Bulldog Courage (1922 film)

Bulldog Drummond (1922 film)


Burning Sands (1922 film)

Calvert's Valley

Captain Fly-by-Night

Cardigan (film)

Carolyn of the Corners

Catch My Smoke

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Caught Bluffing

Chain Lightning (1922 film)

Channing of the Northwest

Chasing the Moon (1922 film)

Circumstance (1922 film)

Circus People

Clarence (1922 film)

Cocaine (film)

Colleen of the Pines

Come On Over (film)

Confessions of a Monk

Confidence (1922 film)

Conquering the Woman

Cops (film)

Count Festenberg


Creation (1922 film)

Dance of Passions

Dangerous Pastime

Daring Danger (1922 film)

David Copperfield (1922 film)

Dawn of Revenge

Day Dreams (1922 film)

De bruut

De leugen van Pierrot

Der Mann aus Stahl

Deserted at the Altar

Destiny's Isle

Determination (film)

Diana of the Crossways (film)

Dick Turpin's Ride to York

Dicky Monteith

Die Gezeichneten (film)

Die Grundlagen der Einsteinschen Relativitts-Theorie

Divorce Coupons

Do Rio a So Paulo Para Casar

Do and Dare

Domestic Relations (film)

Don Juan (1922 film)

Don't Be Foolish

Don't Doubt Your Wife

Don't Get Personal (1922 film)

Don't Shoot (film)

Don't Write Letters

Douglas Fairbanks in Robin Hood

Down Under Donovan

Down to the Sea in Ships (1922 film)

Dr. Jack

Dr. Mabuse the Gambler

Duke Ferrante's End

Dusk to Dawn

East Is West (1922 film)

East Lynne (1922 film)

Ebb Tide (1922 film)

Elope If You Must

Enter Madame (1922 film)

Environment (1922 film)

Esmeralda (1922 film)

Evidence (1922 film)

Expiation (film)

Extra! Extra!

Face to Face (1922 film)

Fair Lady (film)

False Evidence (1922 film)

False Fronts

Farende folk

Fascination (1922 film)

Fatme's Rescue

Find the Woman

Finlandia (film)

Fire Fighters (film)

Fires of Innocence

Five Days to Live

Flames of Passion

Flesh and Blood (1922 film)

Flesh and Spirit (film)

Foolish Wives

Fools First

Fools of Fortune (1922 film)

For Big Stakes

For Love and Crown

For the Defense (1922 film)

Forget Me Not (1922 film)

Forsaking All Others (1922 film)

Fortune's Mask

Fox Farm (film)

Fratricide (film)

Free Air (film)

French Heels

Fridericus Rex

Fultah Fisher's Boarding House

Gas, Oil and Water

Gay and Devilish

Geraldine's First Year

Girl of the Berlin Streets

Glass Houses (1922 film)

Gloria Fatalis

Go Get 'Em Hutch

Golf (film)

Good Men and True


Grand Larceny (1922 film)

Grandma's Boy (1922 film)

Grandmother (1922 film)

Gypsies (1922 film)

Gypsy Love (1922 film)

Half a Truth

Handle with Care (1922 film)

Hannele's Journey to Heaven

Haunting Shadows

Head over Heels (1922 film)

Headin' West

Heart's Haven

Her Gilded Cage

Her Husband's Trademark

Her Majesty (1922 film)

Her Night of Nights

Her Own Money

Heroes and Husbands

Heroes of the Street

Hills of Missing Men

His Back Against the Wall

His Excellency from Madagascar

His Wife's Husband

His Wife's Husband (1922 American film)

Hombres de esta tierra

How Women Love

Human Hearts (film)

Hungry Hearts (1922 film)

Hurricane's Gal


I Am the Law (1922 film)

I Can Explain

If I Were Queen

If You Believe It, It's So

Ihre Hoheit die Tnzerin (film)

In the Days of Buffalo Bill

In the Ecstasy of Billions (1922 film)

In the Name of the Law (1922 film)

In the Night (film)

In the Whirlwind of Revolution

Infinite Sorrow

Insulted and Humiliated

Iron to Gold

Is Matrimony a Failure?

Island Wives

Isle of Doubt

It Illuminates, My Dear

Jan of the Big Snows

Jealousy (1922 film)

John Smith (film)

June Madness

Just Tony

Kick In (1922 film)

Kindred of the Dust

Kissed (1922 film)

Kisses (1922 film)

Kjrlighet paa pinde

La Femme de nulle part

La Muchacha del arrabal

Laborer's Love

Lamp in the Desert

Lead Us Not into Temptation (film)

Lights of the Desert

Little Brother of God

Little Eva Ascends

Little Miss Smiles

Little Red Riding Hood (1922 film)

Little Wildcat

Lola Montez, the King's Dancer

Lonesome Corners

Long Odds

Look After Your Daughters

Lorna Doone (1922 film)

Louise de Lavallire (film)

Love Is an Awful Thing

Love in the Dark (film)

Love's Boomerang

Love's Influence

Love's Masquerade (1922 film)

Lowlands (1922 film)

Lucky Dan

Lucrezia Borgia (1922 film)

Ludwig II (1922 film)

Luise Millerin

Lumpaci the Vagabond (1922 film)

Lure of the Gold

Lust for Life (1922 film)

Macbeth (1922 film)

Maciste and the Javanese

Maciste and the Silver King's Daughter

Madame de La Pommeraye's Intrigues

Maiden's Rock

Making a Man

Man Under Cover

Man and His Kingdom (film)

Man to Man (1922 film)

Man's Law and God's


Manslaughter (1922 film)

Marie Antoinette, the Love of a King


Married People (film)

Married to a Mormon

Massage Practitioner

Masters of the Sea (film)

Melody of Death

Meriota the Dancer

Midnight (1922 film)

Mignon (1922 film)

Minnie (film)

Miss Julie (1922 film)

Miss Rockefeller Is Filming

Missing Millions

Mixed Faces

Mixed Nuts (1922 film)

Money in the Streets

Monna Vanna (1922 film)

Monte Cristo (1922 film)

Moonshine Valley

Moran of the Lady Letty

Morass (film)

Mord Em'ly

More to Be Pitied Than Scorned

Mottige Janus

Mr. Barnes of New York (1922 film)

Mr. Potter of Texas (film)

Mud and Sand

My American Wife

My Friend the Devil

My Lady of the Cave

My Old Kentucky Home (1922 film)

My Wife's Relations

My Wild Irish Rose (1922 film)

Nan of the North

Nancy from Nowhere

Nanook of the North

Napoleon's Daughter

Nathan the Wise (film)

Navarro the Dancer

Nero (1922 film)

Nice People (film)

Night Life in Hollywood

No Pas das Amazonas

No Trespassing (1922 film)

No. 7 Brick Row

North of the Rio Grande (1922 film)


Notoriety (1922 film)

Number 13 (1922 film)

O Furto dos 500 Milhes de Ris


Oh, Dear Augustine

Oh, Mabel Behave

Oliver Twist (1922 film)

Omar the Tentmaker (film)

On the High Seas

On the Red Cliff

One Clear Call (film)

One Eighth Apache

One Exciting Night

One Glorious Day

One Terrible Day

One Week of Love

One Wonderful Night (1922 film)

Only One Night (1922 film)

Only a Shop Girl

Open Country (film)

Orphans of Happiness

Othello (1922 film)

Other Women's Clothes

Our Gang (film)

Our Leading Citizen (1922 film)

Out of the Silent North

Outcast (1922 film)

Over the Border (1922 film)

Pages of Life (film)

Paid Back

Pan (1922 film)

Pawn Ticket 210

Pawned (film)

Pay Day (1922 film)

Peaceful Peters

Peacock Alley (1922 film)

Peg o' My Heart (1922 film)

Penrod (film)

Perils of the Yukon

Peter the Great (1922 film)

Petticoat Loose

Phantom (1922 film)

Pink Gods

Playmates (Around the Town)


Polly of the Follies

Possession (1922 film)

Potter's Clay

Power of Temptation

Prashna's Secret

Puss in Boots (1922 film)

Queen of the Moulin Rouge

Quincy Adams Sawyer

Rags to Riches (1922 film)

Received Payment

Reckless Youth (1922 film)

Red Hot Romance

Remembrance (1922 film)

Rent Free

Repentance (1922 film)

Reported Missing (1922 film)

Restless Souls (1922 film)

Revenge of the Bandits

Rich Men's Wives

Riders of the Law

Ridin' Wild (1922 film)

Rob Roy (1922 film)

Roger la Honte (1922 film)

Rok 1863

Rose o' the Sea

Rose of the Asphalt Streets

Roughshod (1922 film)

Rounding Up the Law

Running Water (film)

Sam's Boy

Samson and Delilah (1922 film)

Saturday Morning (1922 film)

Saturday Night (1922 film)

Second Hand Rose (film)

Seeing's Believing

Serge Panine (1922 film)

Shackles of Gold

Shadows (1922 film)

Shadows of the Past (1922 film)

Shadows of the Sea

Shame (1922 film)

Shattered Dreams (1922 film)

Shattered Idols

She and the Three (1922 film)

Sherlock Brown

Sherlock Holmes (1922 film)

Shifting Sands (1922 film)

Shirley (1922 film)

Shirley of the Circus

Shuzhendong Chinese Typewriter

Silas Marner (1922 film)

Silent Evidence

Silver Spurs (1922 film)

Silver Wings (film)

Simple Simon (1922 film)

Singed Wings

Sinister Street (film)

Sins of Yesterday

Sisters (1922 film)

Skin Deep (1922 film)

Sky High (1922 film)

Slim Shoulders

Smiles Are Trumps

Smilin' Through (1922 film)

Smiling Jim

Smudge (film)

Sodom and Gomorrah (1922 film)

Solomon in Society

Son of Kissing Cup

Sonny (1922 film)

South of Suva

Special Delivery (1922 film)

Speed (serial)

Squibs Wins the Calcutta Sweep

Stable Companions

Step on It! (film)


Strange Idols

Strength of the Pines

Sunken Worlds

Sunshine Harbor

Sunshine Sally

Sure Fire Flint

Tabitha, Stand Up

Taking Chances (1922 film)

Tania, the Woman in Chains

Tell Your Children

Ten Thousand Miles in the Southern Cross

Tess of the Storm Country (1922 film)

That Woman (1922 film)

The Adventurer (1922 film)

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (serial)

The Agent (film)

The Agony of the Eagles (1922 film)

The Altar Stairs

The Angel of Crooked Street

The Anthem of Love

The Bachelor Daddy

The Barnstormer (film)

The Bearcat

The Beautiful and Damned (film)

The Beauty Shop (film)

The Big Shot (1922 film)

The Big Thief

The Birth of New Zealand

The Black Bag

The Black Cover

The Black Diamond (1922 film)

The Black Star (film)

The Blacksmith

The Blonde Vampire

The Blood (film)

The Bluejackets

The Bohemian Girl (1922 film)

The Bond Boy

The Bonded Woman

The Bootlegger's Daughter

The Bootleggers

The Boss of Camp 4

The Bride's Play

The Broadway Madonna

The Broadway Peacock

The Broken Silence

The Bull-Dogger

The Burning Soil

The Call of Destiny

The Call of Home

The Call of the East (1922 film)

The Card (1922 film)

The Challenge (1922 film)

The Cigarette Countess

The Circle of Death

The Count of Charolais

The Counter Jumper

The Country Flapper

The Cowboy King

The Cowboy and the Lady (1922 film)

The Cradle (1922 film)

The Cradle Buster

The Crimson Challenge

The Crimson Circle (1922 film)

The Crimson Skull

The Crossroads of New York

The Crow's Nest (film)

The Cub Reporter

The Cuckoo's Secret

The Curse of Drink

The Curse of Silence

The Danger Point

The Dangerous Little Demon

The Darling of the Rich

The Daughter of the Brigadier

The Dead Wedding Guest

The Deuce of Spades

The Diadem of the Czarina

The Dictator (1922 film)

The Dungeon (1922 film)

The Earl of Essex (film)

The Egg (film)

The Electric House

The Eleventh Hour (1922 film)

The Eternal Flame (film)

The Exile (1922 film)

The Experiment (1922 film)

The Eyes of Love

The Face Between

The Face in the Fog

The Faithful Heart (1922 film)

The Fall of Jerusalem

The False Dimitri (film)

The Fast Freight

The Fast Mail

The Favourite of the Queen

The Fighting Guide

The Fighting Streak

The Fire Bride

The Fire Ship

The Firebrand (1922 film)

The First Woman

The Five Dollar Baby

The Five Frankfurters

The Flaming Hour

The Flight into Marriage

The Flirt (1922 film)

The Forgotten Law

The Fourteenth Lover

The Freshie

The Frozen North

The Galloping Kid

The Game of Life (1922 film)

The Game with Women

The Gentleman Bushranger

The Ghost Breaker (1922 film)

The Ghost of Morton's Castle

The Girl Who Ran Wild

The Girl Without a Conscience

The Girl from Florida Street

The Girl from Rocky Point

The Girl from the Rhine

The Girl in His Room

The Girl of the Golden West (1922 film)

The Girl with the Mask

The Glorious Adventure (1922 film)

The Glorious Fool

The Glory of Clementina

The Golden Gallows

The Golden Gift

The Golden Net

The Good Provider

The Grass Orphan

The Gray Dawn

The Great Adventure (1918 film)

The Great Alone (film)

The Great Night (film)

The Green Caravan

The Green Temptation

The Guttersnipe

The Gypsy of Athens

The Half Breed (1922 film)

The Hands of Nara

The Head of the Family (1922 film)

The Headless Horseman (1922 film)

The Heart Specialist (1922 film)

The Hidden Woman

The Homecoming of Odysseus (1922 film)

The Hottentot (1922 film)

The House of Molitor

The House of Peril

The Hurricane on the Mountain

The Hypocrite (1922 film)

The Impossible Mrs. Bellew

The Infernal Power

The Infidel (1922 film)

The Inheritance (1922 film)

The Inner Man

The Isle of Love

The Jilt

The Jungle Goddess

The Kentucky Derby (1922 film)

The Kickback (film)

The Kingdom Within

The Knight Errant

The Kreutzer Sonata (1922 film)

The Ladder Jinx

The Lady and Her Hairdresser

The Lane That Had No Turning

The Last Waltz King

The Lavender Bath Lady

The Law and the Woman

The Leather Pushers

The Light in the Dark

The Lights of New York

The Lilac Sunbonnet

The Little Minister (1922 film)

The Loaded Door

The Lodging House for Gentleman

The Lone Hand (1922 film)

The Lonely Lady of Grosvenor Square

The Long Chance

The Lost House (1922 film)

The Love Gambler

The Love Nest (1922 film)

The Love Story of Cesare Ubaldi

The Loves of Pharaoh

The Lust for Gold

The Lying Truth

The Mad Locomotive

The Madness of Love (film)

The Man She Brought Back

The Man Unconquerable

The Man Who Married His Own Wife

The Man Who Paid

The Man Who Played God (1922 film)

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow (1922 film)

The Man Who Waited

The Man from Beyond

The Man from Downing Street

The Man from Glengarry

The Man from Hell's River

The Man from Home (1922 film)

The Man from M.A.R.S. (1922 film)

The Man in the Background

The Man of Courage

The Marquis of Bolibar

The Marquise of Clermont

The Marriage Chance

The Marriage of Princess Demidoff

The Married Flapper

The Masquerader (1922 film)

The Men of Frau Clarissa

The Men of Zanzibar

The Miracle Maker (1922 film)

The Missioner

The Mistress of the King

The Mohican's Daughter

The Moneylender's Daughter

The Moorish Queen (1922 film)

The Mute of Portici (1922 film)

The Mysteries of Paris (1922 film)

The Mysterious Beauty

The New Teacher (1922 film)

The Night of the Medici

The Ninety and Nine

The Nonentity

The Nude Woman (1922 film)

The Old Homestead (1922 film)

The Ordeal (film)

The Paleface (1922 film)

The Passenger in Compartment Seven

The Passenger in the Straitjacket

The Passionate Friends (1922 film)

The Peacemaker (1922 film)

The Pearl of Cleopatra

The Pearls of Lady Harrison

The Persistent Lovers

The Pest (1922 film)

The Pointing Finger (1922 film)

The Power of Love (film)

The Power of a Lie

The Prairie Mystery

The Prey of the Furies

The Pride of Palomar

The Primitive Lover

The Prisoner of Zenda (1922 film)

The Prodigal Judge (film)

The Prophet's Paradise (film)

The Purple Riders

The Queen of Whitechapel

The Radio King

The Ragged Heiress

The Ragpicker of Paris

The Rapids

The Real Adventure

The Recoil (1922 film)

The Referee (1922 film)

The Right That Failed

The Romance of a Poor Sinner

The Rosary (1922 film)

The Ruling Passion (1922 film)

The Sagebrush Trail (1922 film)

The Sawmill

The Scarlet Lady (1922 film)

The Scarlet Letter (1922 film)

The Scourge (film)

The Scrapper (1922 film)

The Second Wife (1922 film)

The Secret of Castle Ronay

The Secrets of Paris

The Separating Bridge

The Seventh Day (1922 film)

The Shadows of That Night

The Show (1922 film)

The Sign of the Rose

The Silent Vow

The Sin Flood (1922 film)

The Siren Call

The Skipper's Wooing

The Sleeping Volcano

The Sleepwalker (1922 film)

The Snitching Hour

The Snowshoe Trail

The Son of the Wolf

The Song of Life (1922 film)

The Spanish Jade (1922 film)

The Sporting Instinct

The Storm (1922 film)

The Stowaway (1922 film)

The Strangers' Banquet

The Stream (film)

The Streets of New York (1922 film)

The Strongest Instinct

The Strumpet's Plaything

The Super-Sex

The Suram Fortress

The Tale of a Shirt

The Telephone Girl (serial)

The Testament of Joe Sivers

The Third Alarm (1922 film)

The Three Buckaroos

The Three Must-Get-Theres

The Tigress (1922 film)

The Timber Queen

The Toll of the Sea

The Top of New York

The Town That Forgot God

The Trail of Hate (1922 film)

The Trap (1922 film)

The Triumph of Love (1922 film)

The Trouper

The Truants (film)

The Truthful Liar

The Two Pigeons (film)

The Two Sergeants (1922 film)

The Understudy (1922 film)

The Unfoldment

The Unwritten Law (1922 film)

The Valley of Silent Men

The Veiled Woman (1922 film)

The Venus

The Vermilion Pencil

The Vicar of Vejlby (1922 film)

The Village Blacksmith (1922 film)

The Virgin of the Seminole

The Wall Flower

The Weak-End Party

The Wheels of Chance (film)

The White Desert (1922 film)

The White Hope (1922 film)

The Wise Kid

The Woman Conquers

The Woman He Loved (1922 film)

The Woman He Married

The Woman Who Believed

The Woman Who Fooled Herself

The Woman Who Walked Alone

The Woman's Side

The Wonderful Story (1922 film)

The World's Champion

The World's a Stage

The Worldly Madonna

The Yellow Stain

The Yosemite Trail

The Young Diana

The Young Rajah

Thelma (1922 film)

They Like 'Em Rough

Thirty Days (1922 film)

Thomas Graal's Ward

Thorns and Orange Blossoms

Three Live Ghosts (1922 film)

Through a Glass Window

Thundering Hoofs (1922 film)

Till We Meet Again (1922 film)

Tillie (film)

Timothy's Quest


To Have and to Hold (1922 film)

To the Ladies' Paradise

Today's Children (film)

Tom Mix in Arabia

Tommy Tucker's Tooth

Too Much Business

Too Much Wife

Top o' the Morning (1922 film)

Tracked to Earth

Tracks (1922 film)

Trail of the Axe

Trapped by the Mormons

Travelin' On (film)

Trifling Women


Trooper O'Neill

Trouble (1922 film)

Trutzi from Trutzberg

Turn to the Right

Two Kinds of Women (1922 film)

Two Worlds (1922 film)

Uncle Jasper's Will

Unconquered Woman

Under Oath (film)

Under Two Flags (1922 film)

Up and Going

Up and at 'Em


Vanity Fair (1922 film)

Very Truly Yours

Victims of Passion

Walter Makes a Movie

Was She Guilty?

Was She Justified?

Watch Your Step (film)

Weavers of Fortune

Wee MacGregor's Sweetheart

West of Chicago

What Belongs to Darkness

What Fools Men Are

What's Wrong with the Women?

When Danger Smiles

When Greek Meets Greek

When Husbands Deceive

When Knighthood Was in Flower (1922 film)

When Love Comes

When Romance Rides

When the Desert Calls

When the Devil Drives (film)

Where's My Wandering Boy Tonight?

While Justice Waits

While Satan Sleeps

White Eagle (1922 serial)

White Hands (film)

White Shoulders (1922 film)

Who Are My Parents?

Why Announce Your Marriage?

Wild Honey (1922 film)

Wildcat Jordan

Wildness of Youth

William Ratcliff (film)

With Stanley in Africa

Without Compromise

Wolf Law

Woman, Wake Up

Women Men Marry

Women Who Commit Adultery

Women's Sacrifice

Yellow Star (film)

Young Sherlocks

Your Bad Reputation

Your Best Friend (film)

Your Valet

Youth (1922 film)

Youth Must Have Love

Youth to Youth

Yvette, the Fashion Princess

Zohra (film)

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