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Movies from 1916

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1916 film)

A Bunch of Violets (film)

A Coney Island Princess

A Corner in Cotton

A Creampuff Romance

A Dash of Courage

A Daughter of the Gods

A Day at School

A Dream or Two Ago

A Fair Impostor (film)

A Gutter Magdalene

A Huntress of Men

A Knight of the Range

A La Cabaret

A Life for a Life (1916 film)

A Maid to Order

A Man - That's All

A Man of Sorrow

A Maori Maid's Love

A Message to Garcia

A Million a Minute

A Modern Thelma

A Natural Born Gambler

A Night of Horror

A Pair of Spectacles

A Place in the Sun (1916 film)

A Prince in a Pawnshop

A Princess of the Blood

A Sanitarium Scramble

A Sister of Six

A Social Cub

A Society Sherlock

A Son of Erin

A Soul Enslaved

A Soul at Stake

A Special Delivery

A Sticky Affair

A Terrible Tragedy

A Virginia Romance

A Wall Street Tragedy

A Warm Reception

A Welsh Singer

A Wife's Sacrifice

A Woman's Eyes

A Woman's Way (1916 film)

A Yoke of Gold

Accusing Evidence

Acquitted (1916 film)

Alien Souls

All for a Girl (1916 film)

Alsace (film)

Ambition (1916 film)

American Aristocracy

An Aerial Joyride

An Enemy to the King (film)

An Innocent Magdalene

An International Marriage

An Interrupted Divorce

Annie Laurie (1916 film)

Anton the Terrible

Arms and the Woman

Arsne Lupin (1916 film)

Arthur's Desperate Resolve

As in a Looking Glass

Ashes of Embers

Audrey (1916 film)

Aunt Bill

Australia Prepared

Avatar (1916 film)

Baby Doll (1916 film)

Barriers of Society

Beatrice Fairfax

Beau Brocade (film)

Behind the Lines (1916 film)

Behind the Screen

Ben Blair (film)

Benjamin the Timid

Better Halves (film)

Bettina Loved a Soldier

Betty of Greystone

Between Men (1916 film)

Big Jim Garrity

Big Tremaine

Billy's War Brides

Black Friday (1916 film)

Blazing Love

Blind Justice (1916 film)

Blood and Sand (1916 film)

Blue Blood and Red

Bobbie of the Ballet

Bogdan Stimoff

Bought and Paid For (1916 film)

Bright Lights (1916 film)

Broken Fetters

Bubi Is Jealous


Burnt Wings (1916 film)

Busted Hearts

Caprice of the Mountains

Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines (film)

Casey at the Bat (1916 film)

Cast Up by the Sea

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Chantecoq (film)

Charlie at the Sydney Show

Chess of Life

Chickens (1916 film)

Cinderella (1916 film)

Civilization (film)

Civilization's Child

Common Ground (1916 film)

Cross Currents (1916 film)

Cross Purposes (film)

Cyclamen (film)

Cynthia in the Wilderness

Daphne and the Pirate

Daredevil Kate

Darkness (1916 film)

Das Phantom der Oper

David Garrick (1916 film)

Davy Crockett (1916 film)

De Voortrekkers

Destiny's Toy

Diamant (film)

Diana and Destiny

Diane of the Follies

Dimples (1916 film)

Diplomacy (1916 film)

Disraeli (1916 film)

Divorce and the Daughter

Doctor Neighbor

Dolly's Scoop

Domestic Difficulties


Dora Brandes

Dorian's Divorce

Dorrit's Pleasure Trip

Dr. Wake's Patient

Dreamy Knights

Driven (1916 film)

Dulcie's Adventure

Each Pearl a Tear

East Is East (1916 film)

East Lynne (1916 film)

Edison Bugg's Invention

Een danstragedie

Embers (1916 film)

Esther (1916 film)

Everybody's Doing It (1916 film)

Extravagance (1916 film)

Faith (1916 film)

Farmer Al Falfa Sees New York

Fat and Fickle

Fatty and Mabel Adrift

Felix on the Job

Fifty-Fifty (1916 film)

Flirting with Fate (1916 film)

Flower of Paris

Following the Flag in Mexico

For the Defense (1916 film)

For the Honour of Australia

For the Love of a Girl

Frau Eva

Freddy's Narrow Escape

Frenzied Finance

Friday the 13th (1916 film)

Genie tegen geweld

Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford (1916 film)

Gloria's Romance

Going Straight (1916 film)

Gold and the Woman

Gretchen the Greenhorn

Grim Justice

Guilty (1916 film)

Hasta despus de muerta

Haystacks and Steeples

He Did and He Didn't

He Fell in Love with His Wife

He Winked and Won

He Wrote a Book

Heartaches (1916 film)

Hearts and Sparks

Held for Damages

Hell's Hinges

Hell-to-Pay Austin

Her Bitter Cup

Her Bleeding Heart

Her Debt of Honor

Her Defiance

Her Double Life

Her Father's Son

Her Greatest Performance

Her Husband's Faith

Her Maternal Right

Her Soul's Song

Hired and Fired

His Brother's Wife (1916 film)

His Coquettish Wife

His Daughter's Dilemma

His Picture

His Picture in the Papers

His Wife's Mistakes

Homunculus (film)

Honour in Pawn

Hoodoo Ann

Hop, the Devil's Brew

Hulda from Holland

Human Driftwood

Human Hounds

Hungry Hearts (1916 film)

Husband and Wife (1916 film)

Idle Wives

If My Country Should Call

If the Huns Came to Melbourne

Il dramma della corona

Il sogno di un giorno

Il sopravvissuto

In the Kingdom of Oil and Millions

In the Last Stride

Intolerance (film)

Iris (1916 film)

It Happened in Honolulu

It Happened in Pikesville

It Is for England

It's Always the Woman

Jacobo Ortis

Jealousy (1916 film)

Jed's Trip to the Fair

Joan the Woman

John Needham's Double

Joy and the Dragon

Judex (1916 film)

Just a Girl (film)

Kennedy Square

Kent, the Fighting Man

King Lear (1916 film)

Kiss of Death (1916 film)

Krazy Kat & Ignatz Mouse Discuss the Letter 'G'

Krazy Kat Invalid

Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse: A Duet, He Made Me Love Him

L'ultimo travestimento

La Bohme (1916 film)

La Revanche (1916 film)

La falena (film)

La renzoni

La signorina Ciclone

Lady Windermere's Fan (1916 film)

Langdon's Legacy

Lass of the Lumberlands

Le priscope

Lehmann's Honeymoon

Les Gaz mortels

Les Vampires

Less Than the Dust

Let Katie Do It

Liberty (serial)


Life Savers (film)

Life's Shadows

Life's Shadows (1916 American film)

Life's Whirlpool (1916 film)

Lights of New York (1916 film)

Lillo of the Sulu Seas

Little Eve Edgarton

Little Lady Eileen

Little Mary Sunshine (1916 film)

Little Miss Happiness

Lonesome Luke Leans to the Literary

Lonesome Luke Lolls in Luxury

Lonesome Luke, Circus King

Lord John's Journal

Lord Loveland Discovers America

Love and Duty (1916 film)

Love and Hate (1916 film)

Love's Crucible

Love's Lariat

Lovely Mary

Luke Does the Midway

Luke Foils the Villain

Luke Joins the Navy

Luke Laughs Last

Luke Locates the Loot

Luke Lugs Luggage

Luke Pipes the Pippins

Luke Rides Roughshod

Luke and the Bang-Tails

Luke and the Bomb Throwers

Luke and the Mermaids

Luke and the Rural Roughnecks

Luke's Double

Luke's Fatal Flivver

Luke's Fireworks Fizzle

Luke's Late Lunchers

Luke's Lost Lamb

Luke's Movie Muddle

Luke's Newsie Knockout

Luke's Preparedness Preparations

Luke's Shattered Sleep

Luke's Society Mixup

Luke's Speedy Club Life

Luke's Washful Waiting

Luke, Crystal Gazer

Luke, Patient Provider

Luke, Rank Impersonator

Luke, the Candy Cut-Up

Luke, the Chauffeur

Luke, the Gladiator

Macbeth (1916 film)

Madame Guillotine (1916 film)

Madame X (1916 film)

Madame la Presidente

Majoor Frans

Mamma's Boys

Man and His Soul

Manhattan Madness (1916 film)

Maria Rosa (1916 film)

Matching Dreams

Me and Me Moke

Meg the Lady (film)

Merely Mary Ann (1916 film)

Mice and Men (film)

Milestones (1916 film)

Mingling Spirits

Miska the Magnate


Miss George Washington

Mister 44

Mixed Blood (1916 film)

Molly Bawn (film)

Molly Make-Believe

Money Talks in Darktown

Money for Nothing (1916 film)

Mother Love (1916 film)

Mother's Child

Mr. Doctor (film)

Mrs. Dane's Danger

Murphy of Anzac

My Lady Incog

My Lady's Slipper

Naked Hearts (1916 film)

Nanette of the Wilds

Nearly a Deserter

Nearly a King

Nerve and Gasoline

Never Again (1916 film)

New York (1916 film)

No. 16 Martin Street

Not My Sister

Notorious Gallagher

Nurse Cavell

Nursie! Nursie!

Ochrana warszawska i jej tajemnice

Odette (1916 film)

Officer 666 (1916 film)

Oliver Twist (1916 film)

On the Banks of Allan Water

On the Heights

One A.M. (1916 film)

One Too Many (1916 film)

Out of the Drifts

Paria (1916)

Partners at Last

Pasquale (film)

Passers By (1916 film)

Pathways of Life

Pay Dirt

Pearl of the Army

Peggy (1916 film)

Perdida (1916 film)

Pidgin Island

Pipe Dreams (1916 film)

Playing with Fire (1916 film)

Police (1916 film)

Poor Little Peppina

Prize Winners

Prudence the Pirate

Public Opinion (1916 film)

Pudd'nhead Wilson (film)

Puppets (1916 film)

Purity (film)

Ramona (1916 film)

Redeeming Love (1916 film)

Reggie Mixes In

Rolling Stones (film)

Romeo and Juliet (1916 Fox film)

Romeo and Juliet (1916 Metro Pictures film)

Rose of the Alley

Rose on the Heath

Royal Blood (film)

Rbezahl's Wedding

Saints and Sinners (1916 film)

Sally Bishop (1916 film)

Sally in Our Alley (1916 film)

Salvation Joan

Saving the Family Name

Scratched (1916 film)

Sea Dogs (film)

Secret Love (1916 film)

Sequel to the Diamond from the Sky

Seven Keys to Baldpate (1916 film)

Seven of Spades (film)

Seventeen (1916 film)

Shadows (1916 film)

Shadows and Sunshine

She (1916 film)

Shell 43

Sherlock Holmes (1916 film)

Shoe Palace Pinkus

Shoes (1916 film)

Sidetracked (film)

Silas Marner (1916 film)

Silks and Satins

Sins of Her Parent

Slander (1916 film)

Snow White (1916 film)

Sold for Marriage

Somewhere in France

Souls in Bondage

Sowing the Wind (1916 film)

Spaghetti (film)

Sparrows (1916 film)

Spellbound (1916 film)

Stampede in the Night

Still Waters Run Deep (film)

Stranded (1916 comedy film)

Stranded (1916 drama film)

Struggling Hearts

Summer Idyll

Sunshine Dad

Susie Snowflake

Sweet Kitty Bellairs (1916 film)

Tales of Hoffmann (film)

Tales of the Typewriter

Tangled Hearts

Tangled Skeins

Tennessee's Pardner

That Gal of Burke's

That Sort

The ABC of Love (1916 film)

The Abandonment

The Adventures of Kathlyn

The Adventures of Peg o' the Ring

The Almighty Dollar (1916 film)

The American Beauty

The Americano (1916 film)

The Answer (film)

The Apostle of Vengeance

The Aryan

The Awakening of Helena Richie (film)

The Ballet Girl (1916 film)

The Battle Royal

The Battle of Hearts

The Battle of the Somme (film)

The Bear of the Baskervilles

The Beckoning Flame

The Beckoning Trail

The Beggar of Cawnpore

The Big Sister (film)

The Black Butterfly

The Black Rainbow

The Black Sheep of the Family

The Blacklist (film)

The Blind Woman of Sorrento (1916 film)

The Blindness of Love

The Blue Envelope Mystery

The Bondman (1916 film)

The Brand of Cowardice

The Brave Ones

The Bread Peddler (1916 film)

The Broken Cross (1916 film)

The Broken Melody (1916 film)

The Bruiser

The Bugler of Algiers

The Butler (1916 film)

The Call of the Cumberlands

The Candy Trail

The Chalice of Sorrow

The Challenge (1916 film)

The Chance of a Lifetime (1916 film)

The Chattel

The Child of Destiny

The Children Pay

The Children of the Feud

The Circus of Life (1917 film)

The City (1916 film)

The City of Failing Light

The Closed Road

The Clown (1916 film)

The Code of Marcia Gray

The Colored American Winning His Suit

The Combat (1916 film)

The Committee on Credentials

The Common Law (1916 film)

The Confessions of the Green Mask

The Conflict

The Conquest of Canaan (1916 film)

The Conspiracy (1916 film)

The Corner (1916 film)

The Cossack Whip

The Count (film)

The Courier of Moncenisio (1916 film)

The Craving (1916 film)

The Crimson Stain Mystery

The Crippled Hand

The Crisis (1916 film)

The Crucial Test

The Curse of Quon Gwon

The Danger Girl

The Daughter of MacGregor

The Dawn Maker

The Dawn of Love (film)

The Decoy (1916 Mutual)

The Decoy (1916 film)

The Devil at His Elbow

The Devil's Bondwoman

The Devil's Double (1916 film)

The Devil's Needle

The Devil's Own (1916 film)

The Devil's Toy

The Doll Doctor

The Dop Doctor (film)

The Dream Girl (film)

The Dumb Girl of Portici

The Dupe

The Eagle's Wings

The End of the World (1916 film)

The Enemy (1916 film)

The Eternal Grind

The Eternal Question

The Eternal Sapho

The Evangelist (1916 film)

The Evil Thereof (1916 film)

The Eye of God (film)

The Fable of the Kid Who Shifted His Ideals to Golf and Finally Became a Baseball Fan and Took the Only Known Cure

The Fable of the Small Town Favorite Who Was Ruined by Too Much Competition

The Fall of a Nation

The Fatal Glass of Beer (1916 film)

The Fate of the Dolphin

The Feast of Life

The Feud Girl

The Fire (1916 film)

The Fireman (1916 film)

The Fires of Conscience

The Flames of Johannis

The Floorwalker

The Flower of No Man's Land

The Flying Torpedo

The Fool's Revenge

The Foolish Virgin (1916 film)

The Foundling (1916 film)

The Gamble (1916 film)

The Game of Liberty (film)

The Garden of Allah (1916 film)

The Gates of Eden

The Gentle Art of Burglary

The Gilded Cage (1916 film)

The Gilded Spider

The Girl Problem

The Girl Who Loves a Soldier

The Gold Chignon

The Good Bad-Man

The Grand Babylon Hotel (1916 film)

The Grasp of Greed

The Great Problem

The Green Orchard

The Green Swamp

The Green-Eyed Monster (1916 film)

The Grehn Case

The Grey Sisterhood

The Grip of Evil

The Grip of Jealousy

The Guilty Ones

The Habit of Happiness

The Half-Breed (1916 film)

The Hand of Peril

The Hard Way (1916 film)

The Haunted Manor (film)

The Heart of Nora Flynn

The Heart of Paula

The Heart of a Hero

The Heart of the Hills (1916 film)

The Heir to the Hoorah

The Heiress at Coffee Dan's

The Hero of Submarine D-2

The Heroes (1916 film)

The Hidden Scar

The Hidden Valley

The Highest Bid

The Honorable Friend

The House Built Upon Sand

The House of Fortescue

The House of Lies (1916 film)

The House with the Golden Windows

The Human Gamble

The Hypocrites (1916 film)

The Innocence of Lizette

The Innocence of Ruth

The Innocent Lie

The Intrigue

The Iron Claw (1916 serial)

The Iron Hand

The Iron Woman (film)

The Jackals of a Great City

The Joan of Arc of Loos

The Karthauzer

The King's Daughter (1916 film)

The Kiss (1916 film)

The Kiss of Hate

The Knitting Needles

The Lash (1916 film)

The Laughing Saskia

The League of the Future

The Life's Romance of Adam Lindsay Gordon

The Light That Failed (1916 film)

The Light at Dusk

The Light of Happiness

The Little Breadwinner

The Little Damozel (1916 film)

The Little School Ma'am

The Lords of High Decision

The Lost Bridegroom

The Lottery Man (1916 film)

The Love Girl

The Love Hermit

The Love Mask

The Lure of Heart's Desire

The Lyons Mail (1916 film)

The Mainspring

The Making of Maddalena

The Man Inside (1916 film)

The Man Who Bought London

The Man Who Would Not Die

The Man from Bitter Roots

The Man in the Sombrero

The Manxman (1916 film)

The Mark of Cain (1916 film)

The Market of Vain Desire

The Marriage Bond (1916 film)

The Marriage of William Ashe (1916 film)

The Martyrdom of Nurse Cavell

The Martyrdom of Philip Strong

The Masked Rider (1916 film)

The Masque of Life

The Measure of a Man (1916 film)

The Men She Married

The Merchant of Venice (1916 film)

The Mischief Maker

The Misleading Lady (1916 film)

The Missing Links (1916 film)

The Moment Before

The Moonshiners (1916 film)

The Morals of Hilda

The Mother of Dartmoor

The Mutiny of the Bounty

The Mysteries of Myra

The Mystery of the Leaping Fish

The Naughty Otter

The Ne'er-Do-Well (1916 film)

The New Clown

The Nick of Time Baby

The Night Riders (1916 film)

The Old Folks at Home (film)

The One Million Pound Note

The Other Man (1916 film)

The Other Side of the Door

The Parson of Panamint (1916 film)

The Passing of Hell's Crown

The Pawn of Fate

The Pawnshop

The People vs. John Doe

The Phantom Buccaneer

The Picture of Dorian Gray (1916 film)

The Pioneers (1916 film)

The Place Beyond the Winds

The Plow Girl

The Precious Parcel

The Pretenders (1916 film)

The Price of Fame (1916 film)

The Price of Happiness

The Price of Silence (1916 film)

The Primal Lure

The Prince of Graustark (film)

The Purple Lady

The Queen Mother (film)

The Queen of Spades (1916 film)

The Queen's Love Letter

The Queen's Secretary

The Quest of Life

The Quitter

The Race (1916 film)

The Ragamuffin

The Ragged Princess

The Raiders (1916 film)

The Rail Rider

The Rainbow Princess

The Real Thing at Last

The Realization of a Negro's Ambition

The Red Widow

The Reformers (film)

The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary (1914 film)

The Release of Dan Forbes

The Return of Draw Egan

The Reward of Patience

The Right Direction

The Right to Be Happy

The Rink (film)

The Rise of Susan

The River of Romance (1916 film)

The Road to Love

The Robber Bride (film)

The Romantic Journey

The Rose of Granada

The Ruling Passion (1916 film)

The Saleslady

The Scarlet Oath

The Scarlet Runner

The Scarlet Woman

The Schemers (film)

The Sea Vultures

The Second Mrs Tanqueray (1916 film)

The Secret Wire

The Secret of Delft

The Secret of the Swamp

The Selfish Woman

The Serenade (film)

The Serpent (1916 film)

The Sex Lure

The Shielding Shadow

The Shine Girl

The Ships That Meet

The Sign of the Spade

The Silent Battle (1916 film)

The Sin of Helga Arndt

The Sinful Woman

The Smugglers (1916 film)

The Smugglers of Santa Cruz

The Snowbird

The Social Buccaneer (1916 film)

The Social Pirates

The Soul Market

The Soul of Kura San

The Soul's Cycle

The Sowers

The Spell of the Yukon (film)

The Sphinx (1916 film)

The Spider (1916 film)

The Stepping Stone

The Storm (1916 film)

The Straight Way

The Strange Case of Mary Page

The Strength of Donald McKenzie

The Strength of the Fatherland

The Stronger Love

The Sultana

The Summer Girl

The Surprises of an Empty Hotel

The Suspect (1916 film)

The Tarantula

The Test (1916 film)

The Thoroughbred (1916 film)

The Thousand-Dollar Husband

The Three Godfathers (1916 film)

The Three Musketeers (1916 film)

The Tongues of Men

The Torch Bearer

The Tragedy of Castle Rottersheim

The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1916 film)

The Traveling Salesman (1916 film)

The Truant Soul

The Try Out

The Turmoil (1916 film)

The Twinkler

The Two Edged Sword

The Unattainable

The Uncanny House

The Undertow

The Vagabond (1916 film)

The Vagabond Prince

The Vagabonds (1916 film)

The Valley of Fear (film)

The Velvet Paw

The Vicar of Wakefield (1916 film)

The Victim (1916 film)

The Victoria Cross (film)

The Victory of Conscience

The Village Rogue

The Vixen (film)

The Waiters' Ball

The Wandering Light

The Warrior (1916 film)

The Water Cure

The Way of the World (1916 film)

The Weakness of Man

The Weakness of Strength

The Wedding Guest (1916 film)

The Wharf Rat

The Wheel of the Law

The White Boys (film)

The White Roses

The White Rosette

The Wings (film)

The Witch (1916 film)

The Wolf (1916 film)

The Wolf Woman

The Woman in 47

The Woman in the Case (1916 American film)

The Woman in the Case (1916 Australian film)

The Woman's Law

The Wood Nymph (film)

The World and the Woman

The World's Great Snare

The Wraith of Haddon Towers

The Yaqui

The Years of the Locust

The Yellow Passport

The Yellow Pawn

The Yogi

Their Honeymoon

Their Vacation

Them Was the Happy Days!

Then I'll Come Back to You

Therse (1916 film)

Thirty Days (1916 film)

This Way Out

Thou Shalt Not Covet

Thought (film)

Three Fingered Jenny

Tigre reale

Time and Tide (1916 film)

To Have and to Hold (1916 film)

Tom Brown's Schooldays (1916 film)

Trapped by the London Sharks

Trelawny of the Wells (film)

Trouble for Nothing

True Nobility

Truth and Justice (1916 film)

Twin Flats

Two Men of Sandy Bar

Two Mothers (1916 film)

Two Seats at the Opera

Under Cover (1916 film)

Under Two Flags (1916 film)

Under the Spell of Silence

Undine (1916 film)


Unto Those Who Sin

Vengeance Is Mine (1916 film)

Vice Versa (1916 film)

Violet's Dreams

Viviana (film)

War As It Really Is

War Brides (1916 film)

Werner Krafft

Whaling: British Columbia's Least Known and Most Romantic Industry

What Will People Say?

What's Sauce for the Goose

When Knights Were Bold (1916 British film)

When Knights Were Bold (1916 Italian film)

When Love Is King

When Thieves Fall Out

Where Are My Children?

Where Love Leads

White Nights (1916 film)

Whom the Gods Destroy (1916 film)

Whoso Is Without Sin

Wife and Auto Trouble

Witchcraft (1916 film)

With God for Emperor and Empire

Within the Law (1916 film)

Won by Losing

Your Dearest Enemy

Youth's Endearing Charm


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