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Movies from 1915

$1,000 Reward

'Twas Ever Thus

A Burlesque on Carmen

A Cinema Girl's Romance

A Day's Adventure

A Double Winning

A Fool There Was (1915 film)

A Foozle at the Tee Party

A Free Ride

A Gentleman of Leisure (1915 film)

A Girl of Yesterday

A Golden Rainbow

A Good Business Deal

A Hash House Fraud

A Heart of Gold

A Jitney Elopement

A London Flat Mystery

A Lucky Strike

A Man's Prerogative

A Message Through Flames

A Mixup for Mazie

A Modern Magdalen

A Mother's Atonement

A Mother's Confession

A Munkszubbony

A Natural Man

A Newspaper Nemesis

A Night Out (1915 film)

A Night in the Show

A Park Lane Scandal

A Question of Honor (1915 film)

A Rogue's Wife

A Royal Family

A Small Town Girl

A Soldier's Oath

A Submarine Pirate

A Touch of Love (1915 film)

A Village Scandal

A Will of Her Own

A Woman (1915 film)

A Woman Scorned (1915 film)

A Woman's Past

A Woman's Resurrection

A Yellow Streak

Across the Way

After Dark (1915 film)

After Death (1915 film)

After Five

After the Storm (1915 film)

Ain't It the Truth (film)

Alas and Alack

Alias Jimmy Valentine (1915 film)

Alice in Wonderland (1915 film)

All for Old Ireland

All for Peggy

All for a Girl (1915 film)

Aloha Oe (film)

Always in the Way

An Affair of Three Nations

An Expensive Visit

An Idyll of the Hills

An Image of the Past

Anna Karenina (1915 film)

Anselo Lee

Are You a Mason? (1915 film)

Armstrong's Wife

As It Happened

Assunta Spina (1915 film)

At Bay

At the Edge of Things

At the Stroke of the Angelus

Auntie's Portrait

Australians in Egypt

Avenging Bill

Babe's School Days

Baby (1915 film)

Barbara Frietchie (1915 film)

Barbara Frietchie (1924 film)

Barnaby Rudge (film)

Bella Donna (1915 film)

Betty in Search of a Thrill

Beyond His Fondest Hopes

Billy's Love Making

Blackbirds (1915 film)

Blaming the Duck, or Ducking the Blame

Bold Emmett Ireland's Martyr

Bound on the Wheel

Bout de Zan et l'embusqu

Brigadier Gerard (film)

Britain Prepared

Brother Officers

Buckshot John

Bughouse Bellhops

Bulgaran is Gallant

By the Sea (1915 film)

By the Shortest of Heads

Camille (1915 film)

Cannibal King

Captain Courtesy

Captain Macklin

Capturing Bad Bill

Carmen (1915 Cecil B. DeMille film)

Carmen (1915 Raoul Walsh film)

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Cento H.P.

Charity Ann

Charley's Aunt (1915 film)

Check No. 130

Children of Eve

Children of the Age

Children of the Ghetto (film)

Chimmie Fadden

Chimmie Fadden Out West

Christmas Memories (film)

Cleaning Time

Close-Cropped Clippings

Clothes Make the Man

Coals of Fire (1915 film)

Cohen's Luck

Competition (1915 film)

Cora (film)

Coral (film)

Court House Crooks


Cupid's Target

David Harum (1915 film)

Daydreams (1915 film)

De vrouw Clasina

Destiny's Trump Card

Destiny: Or, The Soul of a Woman

Destruction (film)

Dirty Work in a Laundry

Do Unto Others (film)

Double Trouble (1915 film)

Drawing the Line (film)

Driven by Fate

DuBarry (film)

El drama del 15 de octubre

Emmy of Stork's Nest

En slem Dreng

Enoch Arden (1915 film)

Esmeralda (1915 film)

Ethel's Romeos

Eugene Aram (1915 film)

Evidence (1915 film)

Excuse Me (1915 film)

Fairy Fern Seed

Familien Pille som Spejdere

Fanchon the Cricket

Far from the Madding Crowd (1915 film)

Father and the Boys

Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition

Fatty and Mabel's Simple Life

Fatty and the Broadway Stars

Fatty's Chance Acquaintance

Fatty's Faithful Fido

Fatty's New Role

Fatty's Plucky Pup

Fatty's Reckless Fling

Fatty's Tintype Tangle

Fatum (film)

Fickle Fatty's Fall

Fight for the Dardanelles


Fine Feathers (1915 film)

Five Nights

Flame of Passion

Florence Nightingale (1915 film)

Flower of Evil (film)

Flying from Justice

For Australia

For Cash

Four Feathers

Fox Trot Finesse

Fresh from the Farm

From Italy's Shores

From Shopgirl to Duchess

Frontstairs and Backstairs

Gambier's Advocate

Gelosia (1915 film)

Getting His Goat

Ghosts (1915 film)

Gilbert Dying to Die

Gilbert Gets Tiger-It is

Giving Them Fits

Gladiola (film)


Graft (1915 serial)

Graustark (1915 film)

Great While It Lasted

Gretna Green (1915 film)

Guilt Redeemed

Gus and the Anarchists

Hard Times (1915 film)

He This Way, She That Way

Heart of Flame

Hearts and the Highway

Hearts in Exile (1915 film)

Hearts in Shadow

Help Wanted (1915 film)

Helne of the North

Her Boy (1915 film)

Her Choice

Her Convert

Her Dormant Love

Her Great Match

Her Nameless Child

Her Own Way

Her Painted Hero

Her Triumph

Het geheim van het slot arco

His Desperate Deed

His Father's Rifle

His Guardian Auto

His Lordship's Dilemma

His New Grey Trousers

His New Job

His Regeneration

His Wife

Hogan's Romance Upset

Home (1915 film)

Honeymoon for Three (1915 film)

How Molly Made Good

How We Beat the Emden

How We Fought the Emden

Hypocrites (1915 film)

I Pagliacci (1915 film)

In Trust

In the Heart of the Woods

In the Hour of Trial

In the Latin Quarter

In the Sunlight

In the Twilight

Infatuation (1915 film)

Inspiration (1915 film)

Iron Justice

It May Be You

It's No Laughing Matter

Jack Tar (film)

Jane (1915 film)

Jane Shore (1915 film)

Jewel (1915 film)

Jim the Penman (1915 film)

John Halifax, Gentleman (1915 film)

Jordan Is a Hard Road

Judge Not; or The Woman of Mona Diggings

Just Jim (1915 film)

Just Nuts

Kilmeny (film)

Kindling (film)

Knight of the Trail

Koningin Elisabeth's dochter

Krlighed og Mobilisering

La Folie du Docteur Tube

La conquista dei diamanti

La doppia ferita

La farfalla dalle ali d'oro

Lady Audley's Secret (1915 film)

Lady Jennifer (film)

Larry O'Neill

Laugh Bajazzo

Laughing Gas (film)

Le traquenard

Les Vampires


Life Without Soul

Little Marie

Little Pal (1915 film)

Little Sunset

Lon of Lone Mountain

Lonesome Luke, Social Gangster

Lord John in New York

Lord John's Journal

Lost and Won (1915 film)

Love and a Savage

Love in a Wood

Love, Loot and Crash

Love, Pepper and Sweets

Love, Speed and Thrills

Lydia Gilmore

Lyon Lea

Ma Hogan's New Boarder

Mabel Lost and Won

Mabel and Fatty Viewing the World's Fair at San Francisco

Mabel and Fatty's Married Life

Mabel and Fatty's Wash Day

Mabel's Wilful Way

Mabel, Fatty and the Law

Macbeth (1915 film)

Madame Butterfly (1915 film)

Maid of the Mist (1915 film)

Martyrs of the Alamo

Matilda's Legacy

Matrimony (film)

May Blossom (film)

Mercy on a Crutch

Mezzanotte (1915 film)

Midshipman Easy (1915 film)

Mignon (1915 film)

Mirages (1915 film)

Miss Fatty's Seaside Lovers

Mistress Nell

Mixed Flats

Mixed and Fixed

Monna Vanna (1915 film)

Mountain Justice (1915 film)

Mountain Mary

Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo

Mr. Lyndon at Liberty

My Madonna

My Old Dutch (1915 film)

My Valet

Mysteries of London

Nan O' the Backwoods

Neal of the Navy

Nearly a Lady

Nedra (1915 film)

Niobe (film)

No Sin on the Alpine Pastures (1915 film)

Nobleza gaucha (1915 film)

Not Much Force

Old Heidelberg (1915 film)

Old Offenders

On Dangerous Ground (1915 film)

On Dangerous Paths

On the Night Stage

One Who Is Loved By Two


Out of the Darkness (1915 film)

Outside the Gates

Paula (1915 film)

Peculiar Patients' Pranks

Peer Gynt (1915 film)

Pennington's Choice

Perils of the Jungle (1915 film)

Pete, the Pedal Polisher

Pinto Ben

Pool Sharks

Poor Baby

Poor Schmaltz

Pressing Business

Pretty Mrs. Smith

Profit from Loss

Rags (1915 film)

Ragtime Snap Shots

Ranson's Folly (1915 film)

Rapsodia satanica

Refining Fires

Regeneration (1915 film)

Robert and Bertram (1915 film)

Rule G (film)

Rum and Wall Paper

Rupert of Hentzau (1915 film)

Ruses, Rhymes and Roughnecks

Safety Worst

Salvation Nell (1915 film)

Samson (1915 film)

Santa Claus vs. Cupid

Sealed Valley

Senza colpa!

Shanghaied (1915 film)

She Never Knew

Shep the Sentinel

Shoddy the Tailor

Should a Mother Tell?

Should a Wife Forgive?

Silver Threads Among the Gold (1915 film)

Sin (1915 film)

Snobs (film)

Sold (1915 film)

Some Baby

Some Chaperone

Something in Her Eye

Song of Triumphant Love

Sotto le tombe

Spaghetti a la Mode

Speed Kings (film)

Spirit of Columbus 18651915

Spit-Ball Sadie

Steady Company (1915 film)

Still Waters (1915 film)

Stingaree (serial)

Stolen Goods (film)

Stop Thief! (1915 film)

Strangled Harmony

Stronger Than Death (1915 film)

Such Is Life (1915 film)

Sunday (1915 film)

Sunshine Molly

Sweedie Goes to College

Sweet Alyssum (film)

Sweet Lavender (1915 film)

Temptation (1915 film)

Terribly Stuck Up

That Little Band of Gold

The 1002nd Ruse

The Absentee (1915 film)

The Actor and the Rube

The Adventure of the Yellow Curl Papers

The Alster Case

The Altar of Ambition

The Ambition of the Baron

The Arab (1915 film)

The Assayer of Lone Gap

The Baby on the Barge

The Bachelor's Romance

The Bank (1915 film)

The Barren Gain

The Battle Cry of Peace

The Battle and Fall of Przemysl

The Battle of Frenchman's Run

The Beachcomber (1915 film)

The Beckoning Flame

The Beloved Vagabond (1915 film)

The Better Woman

The Bigger Man

The Birth of a Nation

The Black Box (serial)

The Black Ghost Bandit

The Black Hussar (1915 film)

The Blindness of Devotion

The Blot on the Shield

The Bluffers (film)

The Boss (1915 film)

The Boston Tea Party (1915 film)

The Bottle (1915 film)

The Broken Coin

The Broken Pledge

The Burned Hand

The Butterfly on the Wheel

The Buzzard's Shadow

The Canceled Mortgage

The Canned Bride

The Caprices of Kitty

The Captive (1915 film)

The Carpet from Bagdad

The Case of Becky (1915 film)

The Caveman (1915 film)

The Celebrated Scandal

The Champion (1915 film)

The Cheat (1915 film)

The Chimney's Secret

The Chinatown Mystery

The Chorus Lady

The Christian (1915 film)

The Circular Staircase (film)

The Clemenceau Case

The Climbers (1915 film)

The Clue

The Coal King

The College Widow (1915 film)

The Commanding Officer

The Commuters

The Country Boy (film)

The Country Girl (1915 film)

The Coward (1915 film)

The Cowardly Way

The Cowboy and the Lady (1915 film)

The Crazy Clock Maker

The Cub

The Curious Conduct of Judge Legarde

The Dancer (1915 film)

The Dancing Girl (film)

The Danger Signal

The Dawn of a Tomorrow (1915 film)

The Day of Reckoning (film)

The Dead Letter

The Deep Purple (1915 film)

The Derby Winner

The Desert Breed

The Devil (1915 film)

The Devil's Daughter (1915 film)

The Diamond from the Sky

The Dictator (1915 film)

The Dop Doctor (film)

The Echo (1915 film)

The Edge of the Abyss

The Electric Alarm

The Eternal City (1915 film)

The Exile of Bar-K Ranch

The Explorer (film)

The Fable of Elvira and Farina and the Meal Ticket

The Fable of the Roistering Blades

The Face in the Moonlight

The Failure (1915 film)

The Fairy and the Waif

The Faith of a Child

The False Asta Nielsen

The Famine (film)

The Fascination of the Fleur de Lis

The Fatal Card

The Fatal Woman

The Fighting Hope

The Final Judgment

The Firm of Girdlestone (film)

The Flaming Sword (1915 film)

The Flying Twins

The Foundling (1915 film)

The Galley Slave (1915 film)

The Gambler's I.O.U.

The Garden of Lies

The Gentleman from Indiana

The German Side of the War

The Ghost of Twisted Oaks

The Girl of the Golden West (1915 film)

The Girl of the Gypsy Camp

The Girl of the Night

The Golden Chance

The Golden Claw

The Golden Pavement

The Golem (1915 film)

The Goose Girl (1915 film)

The Governor's Lady (1915 film)

The Gray Nun of Belgium

The Great Divide (1915 film)

The Great Question

The Great Ruby

The Greater Will

The Green Cloak

The Grind (1915 film)

The Haunted Hat

The Heart of Jennifer

The Heart of Maryland (1915 film)

The Heart of Sister Ann

The Heart of a Bandit

The Heart of a Child

The Hero of the Dardanelles

The High Road (1915 film)

The Highbinders

The Home Electrical

The Honor of the District Attorney

The House of Fear (1915 film)

The House of Tears

The House of a Thousand Candles (1915 film)

The House of the Lost Court

The House with Nobody in It

The Hungry Actors

The Immigrant (1915 film)

The Incorrigible Dukane

The Irish in America

The Italian (1915 film)

The Ivory Snuff Box

The Juggernaut

The Kreutzer Sonata (1915 film)

The Lady of the Camellias (1915 Negroni film)

The Lady of the Camellias (1915 Serena film)

The Lamb (1915 film)

The Law of the Wilds

The Legend Beautiful

The Lily and the Rose

The Lily of Poverty Flat

The Little Gypsy

The Little Lady Next Door

The Little Minister (1915 film)

The Little Teacher

The Living Death

The Lost House

The Love Route

The Love Transcendent

The Loyal Rebel

The Lucky Transfer

The Lure of Drink

The Majesty of the Law

The Making Over of Geoffrey Manning

The Man Who Could Not Sleep

The Man Who Couldn't Beat God

The Man Who Stayed at Home (1915 film)

The Man Who Went Out

The Man from Texas

The Marriage of Kitty

The Masqueraders (film)

The Master Hand

The Master of Merripit

The Measure of a Man (1915 film)

The Melting Pot (film)

The Menace of the Mute

The Midnight Prowlers

The Millionaire Paupers

The Mirror (1915 film)

The Miser's Legacy

The Money Master

The Moonstone (1915 film)

The Morals of Marcus (1915 film)

The Moth and the Flame (1915 film)

The Mummy and the Humming Bird

The Mystery of Room 13

The Mystery of a Hansom Cab (1915 film)

The New Adventures of J. Rufus Wallingford

The New Exploits of Elaine

The Newer Way

The Nightbirds of London

The Officer's Swordknot

The Old Homestead (1915 film)

The Outlaw's Revenge

The Oyster Dredger

The Passing of the Oklahoma Outlaws

The Patriot and the Spy

The Penitentes

The Picture of Dorian Gray (1915 film)

The Picture of Dorian Grey (1915 film)

The Pine's Revenge

The Plunderer (1915 film)

The Poet of the Peaks

The Portrait (1915 film)

The Pretty Sister of Jose (1915 film)

The Price of Betrayal

The Prince and the Pauper (1915 film)

The Prisoner of Zenda (1915 film)

The Prize Baby

The Puppet Crown

The Rack (1915 film)

The Ransom (1915 film)

The Raven (1915 film)

The Rebel (1915 film)

The Red Circle (serial)

The Reform Candidate

The Resolve

The Right of Way (1915 film)

The Right to Happiness

The Rights of Man: A Story of War's Red Blotch

The Ring of Destiny

The Ringtailed Rhinoceros

The Rogues of London

The Romance of Elaine

The Romance of an American Duchess

The Rug Maker's Daughter

The Running Fight

The Sable Lorcha

The Scourge of the Desert

The Second in Command

The Secret Orchard

The Secret Sin

The Secret of the Submarine

The Senator (play)

The Sentimental Lady

The Seven Sisters (film)

The Shadow of Her Past

The Sheriff's Dilemma

The Shooting of Dan McGrew (1915 film)

The Shulamite (film)

The Silent Voice (film)

The Silver Lining (1915 film)

The Simp and the Sophomores

The Sin of Olga Brandt

The Siren's Reign

The Skinflint

The Slave Girl (film)

The Slim Princess (1915 film)

The Smuggler's Cave

The Solution to the Mystery

The Song of Hate

The Soul of Broadway

The Spanish Jade (1915 film)

The Spell of the Poppy

The Spendthrift (1915 film)

The Spirit of Adventure

The Sporting Duchess (1915 film)

The Stake

The Star of the Sea

The Stolen Jewels (1915 film)

The Stool Pigeon (1915 film)

The Story of a Story

The Stronger Mind

The Stubbornness of Geraldine

The Substitute Minister

The Sunny South or The Whirlwind of Fate

The Supreme Impulse

The Taint (film)

The Third String (1914 film)

The Threads of Fate

The Toast of Death

The Tramp (film)

The Trust (1915 film)

The Tunnel (1915 film)

The Twin Sister

The Two Orphans (1915 film)

The Two Sentences

The Unafraid

The Undertow (1915 film)

The Unknown (1915 comedy film)

The Unknown (1915 drama film)

The Unnecessary Sex

The Valley of Lost Hope

The Vampire (1915 film)

The Verdict of the Heart

The Vice (film)

The Violin Maker

The Voice in the Fog

The Warrens of Virginia (1915 film)

The Wasp (1915 film)

The Way Out (1915 film)

The Wedding March (1915 film)

The Wheels of Justice

The White Hope (1915 film)

The White Pearl (1915 film)

The White Sister (1915 film)

The White Star

The Wild Goose Chase (1915 film)

The Wild Olive

The Wily Chaperon

The Winged Idol

The Wolf of Debt

The Woman (1915 film)

The Woman Next Door (1915 film)

The Woman Who Did (1915 film)

The Woman from Warren's

The World's Desire (film)

The Wreck in the North Sea

The Yankee Girl

Their One Love

Their Quiet Honeymoon

Their Social Splash

There's Good in Everyone

They Looked Alike

Thou Shalt Not Lie

Three Bad Men and a Girl

Tillie's Tomato Surprise

Tinkering with Trouble

Titanic (1915 film)

To Melody a Soul Responds

To Rent Furnished

Tommy Atkins (1915 film)

Tragico convegno

Trilby (1915 film)

Truth Stranger Than Fiction

Tutyu and Totyo

Two Hearts That Beat as Ten

Two Knights of Vaudeville

Un drame au chteau d'Acre

Uncle's New Blazer

Under Southern Skies (1915 film)

Under a Shadow

Under the Crescent

Under the Red Robe (1915 film)

Ups and Downs (1915 film)

Vanity Fair (1915 film)

Via Wireless

Violet's Dreams

Wanted: A Leading Lady

War and Peace (1915 film)

We'll Take Her Children in Amongst Our Own

What Happened to Father? (1915 film)

What Happened to Jones (1915 film)

What He Forgot

What a Cinch

When Empty Hearts Are Filled

When Fate Rebelled

When Love Took Wings

When True Love Wins

When We Were Twenty-One

When the Gods Played a Badger Game

Where the Forest Ends

Where the Heather Blooms

Who Stole the Doggies?

Who's Who in Society

Wife Wanted (1915 film)

Wild Blood (1915 film)

Wildfire (1915 film)

Will They Never Come?

Willie Runs the Park

Wished on Mabel

With Heart and Hand for the Fatherland

Within Our Gates (1915 film)

Work (film)

You Can't Always Tell

Young Romance (film)

Zaza (1915 film)

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