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Movies from 1912

1812 (1912 film)

A Battle of Wits (1912 film)

A Beast at Bay

A Business Buccaneer

A Canine Sherlock Holmes

A Cave Man Wooing

A Change of Spirit

A Christmas Accident

A Cornish Romance

A Cry for Help (1912 film)

A Cure for Pokeritis

A Dash Through the Clouds

A Daughter of Australia (1912 film)

A Feud in the Kentucky Hills

A Fool and His Money (1912 film)

A Fresh Air Romance

A Japanese Idyll

A Leap for Love

A Mail Order Hypnotist

A Man Among Men

A Millionaire for a Day

A New Cure for Divorce

A Personal Affair

A Pet of the Cairo Zoo

A Primitive Man's Career to Civilization

A Prisoner of the Harem

A Prize Package

A Ruined Life

A Sailor's Heart

A Silent Witness

A Simple Life (1912 film)

A Sister's Love

A Six Cylinder Elopement

A Soldier's Duty

A String of Pearls (film)

A Temporary Truce

A Visit to Madeira

A Voice from the Deep

Algie the Miner

Alias Billy Sargent

All for a Girl (1912 film)

Along the Mediterranean

Along the River Nile

American Tourists Abroad

An Arabian Tragedy

An Assisted Elopement (1912 Selig film)

An Otter Study

An Outcast Among Outcasts

An Unseen Enemy

Angel of his Dreams

Anny Story of a Prostitute

As You Like It (1912 film)

At Coney Island

At the Foot of the Ladder

Aurora Floyd (film)

Blind Love (1912 film)

Breaking the News

Brutality (film)

Call of the Bush

Captain Jenks' Dilemma

Captured by Bedouins

Cardinal Wolsey (film)

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Chief White Eagle (film)

Cleopatra (1912 film)

Conductor 786

Conn, the Shaughraun

Conway, the Kerry Dancer

Cooee and the Echo

Custer's Last Fight

Das Mirakel (1912 film)

Daydream of a Photoplay Artist

Departure of a Grand Old Man

Do Men Love Women?

Don't Let Mother Know

Down Through the Ages

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1912 film)

Driving Home the Cows

Easter Celebration at Jerusalem

Egypt as it Was in the Time of Moses

Egypt the Mysterious

Egyptian Sports (1912 film)

Falling Leaves (1912 film)

Far From Erin's Isle

For His Son

For the Cause of the South (1912 film)

Frankfurters and Quail

Friends (1912 film)

From Jerusalem to the Dead Sea

From the Manger to the Cross

Geronimo's Last Raid

Gold and Glitter

Hamlet (1912 film)

Hands Across the Sea (film)

Hearts and Diamonds (1912 film)

Hearts in Conflict

Help! Help!

Helping John


Her Choice (1912 film)

Heredity (film)

His Auto's Maiden Trip

His Mother (1912 film)

His Only Son

His Western Way

Hoffmeyer's Legacy

Holding the Fort (1912 film)

Home Folks

How a Mosquito Operates

In His Father's Steps

In Nacht und Eis

In the Aisles of the Wild

Independena Romniei

Indian Romeo and Juliet

Ireland, the Oppressed

It Happened Thus

Jim's Atonement

Journey of Akaki

Just Like a Woman (1912 film)

Katchem Kate

King of the Coiners

Kitty at Boarding School

Kun en Tigger

La hantise

La vida de Jose Rizal

Les Amours de la reine lisabeth

Life of Villa

Like Knights of Old

Lorna Doone (1912 film)

Lucrezia Borgia (1912 film)

Luxor Egypt

Mabel's Adventures

Mabel's Lovers

Making Photoplays in Egypt

Making an American Citizen

Man's Genesis

Man's Lust for Gold

Marie Tudor (1912 film)

Mills of the Gods

Missionaries in Darkest Africa

Mockery (1912 film)

Mrs. Matthews, Dressmaker

My Baby (film)

My Hero (1912 film)

Nicholas Nickleby (1912 film)

Nothing Shall Be Hidden

Oliver Twist (1912 American film)

Oliver Twist (1912 British film)

One Is Business, the Other Crime

Palestine (film)

Peg Woffington (1912 film)

Percy Gets a Job

Percy Learns to Waltz

Petticoat Camp

Please Help the Pore

Poor Jenny (film)

Pro penze

Prompted by Jealousy

Put Yourself in His Place

Resurrection (1912 film)

Richard III (1912 film)

Rip Van Winkle (1912 film)

Roald Amundsen's South Pole Journey

Robin Hood (1912 film)

Roze Kate

Santa Claus (1912 film)

Saved from the Titanic

Shree Pundalik

So Near, yet So Far

Standing Room Only (1912 film)

Strike (1912 film)

Subterfuge (1912 film)

The Ancient Port of Jaffa

The Angel of the Studio

The Bandit of Tropico

The Beautiful Leukanida

The Belle of Bar-Z Ranch

The Blind Cattle King

The Bridal Room

The Burglar's Dilemma

The Bushman's Bride

The Cameraman's Revenge

The Charge of the Light Brigade (1912 film)

The Cheat (1912 film)

The Chief's Blanket

The Combination of the Safe

The Confederate Ironclad

The Conquest of the Pole

The Count of Monte Cristo (1912 film)

The County Fair (1912 film)

The Crime and the Criminal

The Cross-Roads

The Cry of the Children

The Dance of Death (1912 film)

The Dawn of Netta

The Deserter (1912 film)

The Eleventh Hour (1912 film)

The Eternal Mother (1912 film)

The Family Next Door (1912 film)

The Female of the Species (film)

The Fighting Dervishes of the Desert

The Fine Feathers

The First Woman Jury in America

The Flirting Husband

The Forest Ranger

The Gardener (1912 film)

The Girl and Her Trust

The Girl at the Cupola

The God Within

The Goddess of Sagebrush Gulch

The Gun Smugglers

The Half-Breed's Way

The Heart and the Money

The Honor of the Family

The Informer (1912 film)

The Inner Circle (1912 film)

The Invaders (1912 film)

The Kalemites Visit Gibraltar

The Kerry Gow

The Knight of the Snows

The Laird's Daughter

The Land Beyond the Sunset

The Last Bohemian (1912 film)

The Lesser Evil (1912 film)

The Lie (1912 film)

The Life Story of John Lee, or The Man They Could Not Hang (1912 film)

The Little Girl Next Door

The Love Tyrant

The Mail Order Wife

The Man from the West

The Mask of Horror

The Massacre (film)

The Mayor From Ireland

The Melody of Love

The Midnight Wedding

The Miller of Burgundy

The Mind Cure

The Miracle (1912 film)

The Moira, or Mystery of the Bush

The Musketeers of Pig Alley

The Mystery of the Black Pearl

The Narrow Road

The New York Hat

The Nurse (1912 film)

The O'Kalems Visit Killarney

The O'Neill

The Oath of Stephan Huller (1912 film)

The Old Bookkeeper

The Old Doctor's Humanity

The One She Loved

The Painted Lady

The Pink Opera Cloak

The Poacher's Pardon

The Potters of the Nile

The Power of Melody

The Power of Silence (1912 film)

The Punishment (1912 film)

The Relief of Lucknow (1912 film)

The Romance of Max

The Romance of an Old Maid

The Root of Evil (film)

The Sands of Dee

The Scapegoat (1912 film)

The Shadow on the Blind

The Shaughraun (film)

The Sheriff's Prisoner

The Sin of a Woman

The Spirit Awakened

The Star of Bethlehem (1912 film)

The Strangler's Grip

The Street Singer (1912 film)

The Sunbeam (1912 film)

The Tell-Tale Message

The Thunderbolt

The Ticket of Leave Man (1912 film)

The Tide of Death

The Transformation of Mike

The Uprising (film)

The Vagabonds (1912 film)

The Vengeance of Jago

The Voice of Conscience (1912 film)

The Voice of Warning

The Voyage of the Bourrichon Family

The Water Nymph

The Way of the Mountains

The Widow Casey's Return

The Woman in White (1912 film)

The Worth of a Man

The Wreck of the Dunbar or The Yeoman's Wedding

The Young Millionaire

Today and Tomorrow (1912 film)

Tragedy of the Desert

Trilby (1912 film)

Twixt Love and Ambition

Two Daughters of Eve

Under Burning Skies

Une idylle la ferme

Une nuit agite

Up Against It (film)

Votes for Women (film)


War on the Plains

What Happened to Mary

When the Heart Calls

Whose Was the Hand?

Winning a Widow

With Our King and Queen Through India

With the Enemy's Help

With the Mounted Police

Wojewoda (film)

Won by a Fish

Won on the Post

You Remember Ellen

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