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Movies from 1910

A 29-Cent Robbery

A Child of the Ghetto

A Christmas Carol (1910 film)

A Colonial Belle

A Dainty Politician

A Daughter of Dixie

A Flash of Light (film)

A Fresh Start

A Life for a Life (1910 film)

A Marriage in the Moon

A Mohawk's Way

A Romance of the Western Hills

A Thanksgiving Surprise

A Tin-Type Romance

A Woman's Wit

Abraham Lincoln's Clemency

Across the Plains (1910 film)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1910 film)

All on Account of the Milk

Am Abend

An Arcadian Maid

An Assisted Elopement

An Engineer's Sweetheart

Arsne Lupin contra Sherlock Holmes

As It Is In Life

Avenged (1910 film)

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Cupid at the Circus

Daddy's Double

Davy Crockett (1910 film)

Delightful Dolly

Dots and Dashes

Everybody Saves Father and The Only Girl in Camp

Faithful (1910 film)

Frankenstein (1910 film)

Gentleman Joe (film)

Gone to Coney Island and Booming Business

Grandmother (1910 film)

Grandmother's War Story

Hemlock Hoax, the Detective

Her Battle for Existence

Her Chum's Brother

Her Soldier Sweetheart

Home Made Mince Pie

How Rastus Gets His Turkey

Hypnotized (1910 film)

In Old California (1910 film)

In Old Florida

In the Border States

In the Season of Buds

Indiscretions of Betty

Jane Eyre (1910 film)

Jean and the Calico Doll

Jean the Match-Maker

Jenks' Day Off

John Halifax, Gentleman (1910 film)

King Lear (1910 film)

La Revolucin de Mayo

Lena Rivers (1910 film)

Leon of the Table D'hote

Looking Forward (1910 film)

Love and Law

Love in Quarantine

Lucanus Cervus (film)

Marvellous Melbourne

Mistress and Maid (1910 film)


Mother (1910 film)

Not Guilty (1910 film)

Oh, What a Knight!

Paul and Virginia (film)

Peg Woffington (1910 film)

Peter the Great (1910 film)

Pigs Is Pigs (1910 film)

Pocahontas (1910 film)

Pride of the Range

Princess Tarakanova (1910 film)

Ramona (1910 film)

Rip Van Winkle (1910 film)

Roosevelt in Africa

Rose O'Salem-Town

Salom (1910 film)

She Stoops to Conquer (1910 film)

She Wanted to Marry a Hero

She Would Be a Business Man

She's Done it Again

St. Elmo (1910 Thanhouser film)

St. Elmo (1910 Vitagraph film)

Tangled Lives (1910 film)

Tempest and Sunshine

Ten Nights in a Bar Room (1910 film)

The Abyss (1910 film)

The Acrobatic Fly

The Actor's Children

The Almighty Dollar (1910 film)

The American and the Queen

The Best Man Wins (1910 film)

The Blue Bird (1910 film)

The Bravest Girl of the South

The Broken Oath

The Castaways (1910 film)

The Childhood of Jack Harkaway

The City of Her Dreams

The Cliff Dwellers

The Confederate Spy

The Conspiracy of Pontiac

The Converted Deacon

The Convict (1910 film)

The Cow Puncher's Sweetheart

The Deacon's Daughter

The Doctor's Carriage

The Duel (1910 film)

The Egret Hunter

The Englishman and the Girl

The Fairies' Hallowe'en

The Feud (1910 film)

The Fire Chief's Daughter

The Fisherman's Granddaughter

The Flag of His Country

The Forager

The Fugitive (1910 film)

The Further Adventures of the Girl Spy

The Gambler's Charm

The Girl Reporter

The Girl Spy Before Vicksburg

The Girl Strike Leader

The Girl Thief

The Girl and the Bandit

The Girl of the Northern Woods

The Girls He Left Behind Him and The Iron Clad Lover

The Girls of the Ghetto

The Governor's Daughter

The Heart of Edna Leslie

The House with Closed Shutters

The JohnsonJeffries Fight

The Kid (1910 film)

The Lad from Old Ireland

The Latchkey

The Life and Adventures of John Vane, the Notorious Australian Bushranger

The Little Fire Chief

The Little Hero of Holland

The Little Spreewald Maiden

The Love Romance of the Girl Spy

The Lucky Shot

The Lucky Toothache

The Mad Hermit

The Man Who Lost

The Man to Beat Jack Johnson

The Mermaid (1910 film)

The Merry Wives of Windsor (1910 film)

The Millionaire Milkman

The Miser's Child

The Modern Prodigal

The Mystery of Temple Court

The Navajo's Bride

The Oath and the Man

The Old Fiddler

The Perversity of Fate

The Picture of Dorian Gray (1910 film)

The Playwright's Love

The Queen of Spades (1910 film)

The Restoration (1910 film)

The Rocky Road

The Romance of a Trained Nurse

The Sanitarium (1910 film)

The Seminole Halfbreeds

The Seminole's Trust

The Sergeant (1910 film)

The Squatter's Daughter (1910 film)

The Stolen Invention

The Stranger (1910 film)

The Telephone (1910 film)

The Two Brothers (film)

The Two Roses

The Unchanging Sea

The Vicar of Wakefield (1910 film)

The Water Nymph (1910 film)

The White Slave Trade

The Wild Flower and the Rose

The Winter's Tale (1910 film)

The Woman Hater (1910 Powers film)

The Woman Hater (1910 Thanhouser film)

The Woman from Mellon's

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1910 film)

The Writing on the Wall (film)

The Yaqui Girl

Their Child

Thelma (1910 film)

Thunderbolt (1910 film)

Twelfth Night (1910 film)

Two kids on a spree in Brussels

Uncle Tom's Cabin (1910 film)

ValueBeyond Price

What the Daisy Said

When Lovers Part

White Fawn's Devotion

Wilful Peggy

Winning Back His Love

Young Lord Stanley

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