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Movies from 1903

A Chess Dispute

A Daring Daylight Burglary

A Message from Mars (1903 film)

A Moonlight Serenade

A Spiritualistic Photographer

Alcofrisbas, the Master Magician

Alice in Wonderland (1903 film)

An Extraordinary Cab Accident

Bob Kick, the Mischievous Kid

Capital Execution

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Desperate Poaching Affray

Diving Lucy

Don Quixote (1903 film)

Electrocuting an Elephant

Extraordinary Illusions (1903 film)

File:Mary Jane's Mishap.webm

Gulliver en el pas de los Gigantes

Hiawatha, the Messiah of the Ojibway

Jack Jaggs and Dum Dum

Jack and Jim (film)

Jupiter's Thunderbolts

Kit Carson (1903 film)

Life of an American Fireman

List of American films of 1903

Los hroes del sitio de Zaragoza

Mary Jane's Mishap

Misfortune Never Comes Alone

Move On (1903 film)

Rip Leaving Sleepy Hollow

Rip Meets the Dwarf

Rip Passing Over Hill

Rip Van Winkle (1903 film)

Rip and the Dwarf

Rip's Toast

Rip's Toast to Hudson and Crew

Rip's Twenty Years' Sleep

Rube and Mandy at Coney Island

Runaway Match

Sherlock Holmes Baffled

Ten Ladies in One Umbrella

The Apparition (1903 film)

The Ballet-Master's Dream

The Cheese Mites

The Damnation of Faust (film)

The Drawing Lesson

The Enchanted Well

The Great Train Robbery (1903 film)

The Infernal Cake Walk

The Infernal Cauldron

The Inn Where No Man Rests

The Kingdom of the Fairies

The Magic Lantern (film)

The Marvellous Wreath

The Melomaniac

The Monster (1903 film)

The Mysterious Box

The Mystical Flame

The Oracle of Delphi (film)

The Pioneers (1903 film)

The Queen's Musketeers

The Sick Kitten

The Terrible Turkish Executioner

The Witch's Revenge

Uncle Tom's Cabin (1903 film)

Vie et Passion du Christ

What Happened in the Tunnel

William Tell (1903 film)

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