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Movies from 1900

A Fantastical Meal

A Railway Collision

Above the Limit

Addition and Subtraction

Army Life; or, How Soldiers Are Made: Mounted Infantry

As Seen Through a Telescope

Attack on a China Mission

Bakuvians Walk in the City Park

Beheading the Chinese Prisoner

Capture of Boer Battery by British

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China Versus Allied Powers


Clowns Spinning Hats

Coppelia, the Animated Doll

Crying and Laughing

Cyrano de Bergerac (1900 film)

Explosion of a Motor Car

Fat and Lean Wrestling Match

Faust and Marguerite (1900 film)

Feeding Sea Lions

File:Grandma's reading glass.webm

Going to Bed Under Difficulties

Grandma Threading her Needle

Grandma's Reading Glass

Hamlet (1900 film)

How It Feels to Be Run Over

Joan of Arc (1900 film)

Les Fredaines de Pierrette

Let Me Dream Again

List of American films of 1900

Paris Exposition, 1900 (film series)

Romeo and Juliet (1900 film)

Searching Ruins on Broadway, Galveston, for Dead Bodies

Sherlock Holmes Baffled

Soldiers of the Cross (film)

Solser en Hesse

Spiders on a Web

Thanking the Audience

The Artist and the Mannikin

The Beggar's Deceit

The Christmas Dream

The Cook's Revenge

The Departure of the Second Contingent for the Boer War

The Doctor and the Monkey

The Early Day Christian Martyrs

The Enchanted Drawing

The House That Jack Built (1900 film)

The Life of Bakuvians and Their Movement Along the Velikokniaz Avenue

The Magician (1900 film)

The Miracles of the Brahmin

The Misfortunes of an Explorer

The Old Maid's Valentine

The One-Man Band

The Rajah's Dream

The Tramp and the Crap Game

The Two Blind Men

The World's First Lady Mayor

What Is Home Without the Boarder

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