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Autour d'une cabine

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Wikipedia article

'Autour d'une cabine' (Around A Cabin), original full title ' (Around a Cabin or Misadventures of a Couple at the Seaside), is an 1894 French short animated film directed by mile Reynaud. It is an animated film made of 636 individually images hand painted in 1893. The film showed off Emile's invention, the Thtre Optique. It was shown at the Muse Grvin from December 1894 until March 1900.


The film consists of a series of animations on a beach containing two beach huts and a diving board. Two characters play at diving into the water from the diving board and then appear on the beach. The woman begins to play with a small dog and is then joined by a gentleman. The two play around on the beach before getting changed into bathing costumes and going into the water. They bob up and down in the water before swimming out of the scene. Once the couple have gone, a man sails out in a boat.


Buy Autour d'une cabine now from Amazon

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