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The Bone Readers

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Wikipedia article

'The Bone Readers' is a 2016 novel by Grenadan British author Jacob Ross, the second in his "Camaho Quartet." It won the inaugural Jhalak Prize.


The novel is set on the island of Camaho, based on Ross' native Grenada (Kalinago: 'Camerhogne').

Michael "Digger" Digson testifies in a murder case and is recruited into a plainclothes homicide squad led by the mysterious Chilman, who is obsessed with the disappearance of a young man several years ago. Digger is also researching a cold case: his mother's, who was murdered by police when he was a child.


'The Bone Readers' was praised in 'The Guardian' by Bernardine Evaristo, who wrote "Rosss characters are always powerfully delineated through brilliant visual descriptions, dialogue that trips off the tongue, and keenly observed behaviour. He excels at creating empathetic female characters. [] 'The Bone Readers' is a page-turner, but its insights and language are equally testament to a literary novel of impressive depth and acuity."

It won the inaugural Jhalak Prize, judge Musa Okwonga describing it as "by turns thrilling, visceral and meditative, and always cinematic."

In 2022, 'The Bone Readers' was included on the Big Jubilee Read, a list of 70 books by Commonwealth authors produced to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee.


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