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Books from 2000

1632 (novel)

24 Hours (novel)

A Conspiracy of Paper

A Friend of the Earth

A Game Called Chaos

A Kiss of Shadows

A Panther in the Basement

A Riddle of Roses

A Stitch in Time (novel)

A Storm of Swords

A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali

A Year Down Yonder

Abduction (novel)

Acorna's World

Adams Fall

Against the Odds (novel)

Aiding and Abetting (novel)

Alice, I Think (novel)

All the Rage (novel)

An Embarrassment of Riches

An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter

An Obedient Father

Angels & Demons

Anil's Ghost

Ashes of Victory

Asleep (novel)

Babe & Me

Back Roads (novel)

Back to Before (Megamorphs)

Balance Point

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (novel)

Balthasar's Odyssey

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress


Bear Pit (novel)

Bee Season

Belle Terre (Star Trek)

Bikini Planet

Billy the Kid (novel)

Birdman (novel)

Blackberry Wine

Blade Runner 4: Eye and Talon

Blonde (novel)

Blue Gold

Branches (novel)

Breaking and Entering (novel)

Brightly Burning

But'n'Ben A-Go-Go

By Night in Chile

Calculating God

Calling Out for You

Calling the Swan

Candid Confessions

Candle (novel)

Carolina Moon (book)

Castle (novel)

Casualties of War (Doctor Who)

Category:Angels & Demons

Centauri Dawn

Ceres Storm

Challenger (Star Trek)

Charlie Wilcox

Cirque du Freak

City of the Rats

Close to the Ground

Code to Zero

Cold is the Grave

Coldheart (Doctor Who)

Colonization: Down to Earth

Colony (Rob Grant novel)

Conditions of Faith

Coram Boy

Corpsing (novel)

Cosmonaut Keep

Counterfeit Son

Cut (novel)

Daisy's Life

Daniel (Mankell novel)

Dark Challenge

Dark Gold

Dark Magic (novel)

Dark Palace

Darkness Descending

Database Nation

Day of Reckoning (novel)

Dead Point

Deadhouse Gates

Deadly Decisions

Death in the Steel City

Death of a Red Heroine

Deep Water (Buffy novel)

Demon in My View

Doomsday Deck


Draconian Measures

Dragon Fire (novel)


Dread Mountain

Dreamland (novel)

Drowning Ruth

Dune: House Harkonnen

Dust to Dust (novel)

E (novel)

Eater (novel)

Eating the Cheshire Cat

Echo (novel)

Eclipse (John Banville novel)

Emotionally Weird

Endgame (Doctor Who)

English Passengers

Ensel and Krete

Esperanza Rising

Evolution's Darling

Excursion to Tindari

Faith of the Fallen

Fantmes dans la rue

Feeling Sorry for Celia

Festival of Death (novel)

Fever 1793

Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates

Fighting Ruben Wolfe

Floodland (novel)

Forty Words for Sorrow

Fox on the Rhine

From the Corner of His Eye

Gathering Blue

Gertrude and Claudius

Ghoul Trouble

Give a Boy a Gun

Go (Kaneshiro novel)

Going, Going, Gone (novel)

Gone for Soldiers

Grand Conspiracy

Grasshopper (novel)

Grave Matter

Gravity Dreams

Greed (Jelinek novel)

Guarding Hanna

Hammerhead Ranch Motel


Harlequin (novel)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Havana Heat

He Shall Thunder in the Sky

Heart of Gold (novel)

Heart of TARDIS

Heaven Eyes

Hell's Horizon (novel)

Her Infinite Variety

Here Be Monsters (Buffy novel)

Hero in the Shadows

Hia groze

Hope Was Here

Hot Six (novel)

Hot Springs (novel)

House of Leaves

How I Survived My Summer Vacation

How the Dead Live

How the Hula Girl Sings

Human Punk

Hunted (novel)

I, Q

Ignorance (novel)

Ilse Witch

Im Haarknoten wohnt eine Dame

Imperial Moon

Independence Day (Doctor Who)

Infinity Beach

Ingrid Caven (novel)


Irish Eyes

Jemima J

Jim the Boy

Jupiter (novel)

Kalvan Kingmaker

Killing Time (Carr novel)

Kindling (Mick Farren novel)

King Kelson's Bride

King of the City

Kingdom of Shadows

Kino's Journey

Kit's Wilderness

Kyo Kara Maoh!

La tarea segn Natacha

La vida y otros sntomas

Ladies' Night (novel)

Last Drinks

Last of the Gaderene

Laura Blundy

Layer Cake (novel)

Leyndardmar Reykjavkur 2000

Light House: A Trifle

Lizzie Zipmouth

Look to Windward

Lord Brocktree

Lord of the Barnyard: Killing the Fatted Calf and Arming the Aware in the Corn Belt

Love, etc (novel)

Magic Steps

Manifold: Space

Marrow (novel)

Mars Crossing


Memorias de Antnoo

Men of Stone

Mendoza in Hollywood

Mercy among the Children

Merrick (novel)

Midnight Robber

Miracle's Boys (novel)

Miss Wyoming (novel)

Missing (Alvtegen novel)

Modrost starodavnega anka

Monkey Beach

Morgan's Run

Morje v asu mrka

Moth Smoke

My Legendary Girlfriend (novel)

My Sad Republic

Nappily Ever After (novel)


Necessary But Not Sufficient (novel)

Never End

Never Mind Nirvana

Never Preach Past Noon

New Finnish Grammar

Night Work



Not Before Sundown

Not Forgotten (Angel novel)

Nothing Is Terrible

Obsidian Butterfly

Ode to a Banker

Omert (novel)

One Man's Bible

Open House (novel)

Operation Luna

Pagan Babies

Page (novel)

Paleo (Buffy novel)

Pappa polis

Parallel 59

Pegasus in Space

Penny Dreadful (novel)

Perdido Street Station

Plastic Jesus (novella)

Plowing the Dark

Pobby and Dingan

Portrait in Sepia

Portrait of an Artist, as an Old Man

Presidential Diaries

Priestess of Avalon

Prime Evil (Buffy novel)

Prime Time (Doctor Who)

Probability Moon

Prodigal Summer

Prophecy: Child of Earth

Push not the River


Reality Dust

Red Dust (novel)


Redemption (Angel novel)


Resurrecting Ravana

Revelation Space

Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot

Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Mutant Mosquitos from Mercury

Riding the Bullet

Rogue Planet (novel)

Roses Are Red (novel)

Rough Trails

Running Blind (Lee Child novel)

Salt (novel)

Sarah (Women of Genesis series)

Scarlet Feather

Scattered Crumbs

Seekers of the Sky


Sence v oesu

Set in Darkness

Shadow Star (novel)

Shadowland (novel)

Shakedown (Angel novel)

Shame the Devil

Sharpe's Trafalgar

She Lover of Death

Ship of Destiny

Shopgirl (novella)

Sick Puppy

Silent to the Bone

Skin & Bones (Hardy Boys novel)

Smeh za leseno pregrado

Snail Mail No More

Soldiers Live

Son of the Shadows

Spell Wars

Spider's Web (novel)

Star Trek: New Earth

Star Wars Episode I Journal: Darth Maul

Stargirl (novel)

Stone and Sea

Storm Front (novel)

Stormbreaker (novel)

Straight White Male


Superstars (Ann Scott novel)

Tainted Blood

Tears of the Giraffe


Telesni uvaj (novel)

Thanksgiving (novel)

That Summer (Greig novel)

The Abomination

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

The Amber Spyglass

The Amethyst Heart

The Ancestor Cell

The Arrival (Animorphs)

The Athenian Murders

The Austere Academy

The Banquo Legacy

The Barn Burner

The Bear and the Dragon

The Betrayal of Bindy Mackenzie

The Blind Assassin

The Body of Christopher Creed

The Book of Revelation (novel)

The Brethren (novel)

The Burning (Doctor Who)

The Burning City

The Captive Temple

The Case of the Raging Rottweiler

The Case of the Saddle House Robbery

The Castle Conundrum

The Character of Rain

The City of Ravens

The Collapsium

The Color of My Words

The Coronation (novel)

The Crossing (Lus Cardoso novel)

The Curry Mile

The Danish Girl

The Dare Game

The Dastard

The Day We Had Hitler Home

The Day of Reckoning (novel)

The Deadly Hunter

The Deception (Animorphs)

The Demon Apostle

The Depths of Time

The Devil and Miss Prym

The Diversion (Animorphs)

The Doll People

The Doomsday Manuscript

The Ellimist Chronicles

The Empire of the Angels

The Empty Chair

The End of the Trail

The Evil That Men Do (Buffy novel)

The Fall (Garth Nix novel)

The Fall of Yquatine

The Familiar (Animorphs)

The Fanatic (novel)

The Fast Red Road: A Plainsong

The Feast of the Goat

The Fight for Truth

The First Death

The Flaming Arrow

The Forest (novel)

The Forests of Silence

The Forger (2000 novel)

The Fourth World (novel)

The Ghost Behind the Wall

The Glass Palace

The Golden Age (Gore Vidal novel)

The Great War: Breakthroughs

The Hidden (Animorphs)

The Hidden Prince of Oz

The Hiding Place (novel)

The House that Ate the Hamptons

The Human Stain

The Ice Harvest (novel)

The Ice Limit

The Independent Command

The Indwelling

The Janitor's Boy

The Journey (Animorphs)

The Keepers of Truth

The King of Terror

The King's Peace (novel)

The Kingdom at the End of the Road

The Kite Fighters

The Lake of Tears

The Lantern Bearers (Frame novel)

The Last Albatross

The Last Book in the Universe

The Last Jew

The Last Precinct (novel)

The Last Samurai (novel)

The Legend That Was Earth

The Legend of the Emerald Lady

The Light of Other Days

The Lion's Game

The Loveday Fortunes

The Mammaries of the Welfare State

The Mark (novel)

The Medusa Stone

The Miocene Arrow

The Miseducation of Ross O'Carroll-Kelly

The Miserable Mill

The Next Passage (Alternamorphs)

The Night Listener (novel)

The Other (Animorphs)

The Other Side of Truth

The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place

The Phoenix (novel)

The Plant

The Princess Diaries (novel)

The Princess of Dhagabad

The Prometheus Deception

The Quantum Rose

The Redbreast

The Rescue (Sparks novel)

The Resistance (Animorphs)

The Resurrectionists

The Retreat (novel)

The Return (2000 novel)

The Return (Animorphs)

The Return of the Dancing Master

The Revelation (Animorphs)

The Right to Arm Bears

The Royal Family (novel)

The Run

The Sea Devil's Eye (novel)

The Second Coming (Australian novel)

The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic

The Seeing Stone

The Seer and the Sword

The Shadows of Avalon

The Shape of Snakes

The Shattered Alliance

The Ship's Cat

The Sixth Form at St. Clare's

The Skin I'm In

The Soldier's Return

The Space Age

The Space Between (novel)

The Staircase (novel)

The Stars' Tennis Balls

The State Counsellor

The Summons

The Telling

The Test (Animorphs)

The Thief Lord

The Third Option

The Tower at Stony Wood

The Tower on the Rift

The Toy Collector

The Traveling Vampire Show

The Truth (novel)

The Turing Test (Doctor Who)

The Unexpected (Animorphs)

The Unknown Witches of Oz

The Vampire's Assistant

The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip

The Wanderer (Sharon Creech novel)

The Wedding (Steel novel)

The Whalestoe Letters

The Wide Window

The Wind Singer

The Wings of Merlin

The Wish (novel)

The Wrong Boy

Thin Air (Star Trek)

This Blinding Absence of Light


Tides of War

Tomb of Valdemar

Tommy Trouble and the Magic Marble

Touch Me (novel)

Tragic Wand

Training for Trouble

Treasure Island According to Spike Milligan

Triple Door

Troy (novel)

Truchliv Bh

True History of the Kelly Gang

Tucket's Home

Tunnels of Blood

Turning Thirty

U.S.S. Seawolf (novel)

Under the Eagle

Under the Skin (novel)


Valencia (novel)

Vargens lilla lamm

Venus (novel)

Verdigris (Doctor Who)

Vicky Angel

Void Moon

Wagon Train to the Stars

Waiting for Godalming


War Boy

Watch Your Mouth

We All Fall Down (Brian Caldwell novel)

Wheelers (novel)

When I Lived in Modern Times

When We Were Orphans

Whispers of Betrayal

White Teeth

Wikipedia talk:Articles for creation/Last of the Medicine Men

Winter (Marsden novel)

Winter's Heart

Wolf Star Rise

World's End (Chadbourn novel)

Wycliffe and the Guild of Nine

Year of the Griffin

Zabibah and the King

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