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Books from 1995

"L" Is for Lawless

1945 (1995 novel)

A Barrel of Laughs, a Vale of Tears

A Fate Totally Worse than Death

A Fine Balance

A Light in the Window

A Long Fatal Love Chase

A Lost Paradise

A Monstrous Regiment of Women

A Place Called Freedom

A Samba for Sherlock

A Spell of Winter

A Warlock in Whitby

A Woman in Amber

Acceptable Risk

All That Glitters (novel)

Allies and Aliens

Alvin Journeyman

Ambush at Corellia

American Knees

American Tabloid

Amnesia Moon

Anastasia Absolutely

Angel Angel

Angel Light (novel)

Arabian Nights and Days


Assassin's Apprentice

Baby (novel)

Babylon 5: Accusations

Babylon 5: Betrayals

Babylon 5: Blood Oath

Babylon 5: Clark's Law

Babylon 5: The Touch of Your Shadow, the Whisper of Your Name

Babylon 5: Voices

Batman: The Ultimate Evil

Battleaxe (novel)


Beach Music (novel)

Becoming Julia

Behind the Scenes at the Museum

Beirut Blues

Belgarath the Sorcerer

Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human

Blindness (novel)

Blood Hunt

Bloodsucking Fiends

Both Sides of Time

Boy Culture (novel)

Brightness Reef

Buck Rogers: A Life in the Future

Byrne: A Novel

Call Me Francis Tucket


Challenger's Hope

Chronicle of a Blood Merchant

Chronicler of the Winds

Circus of the Damned

Conan and the Amazon

Conan and the Emerald Lotus

Conan and the Mists of Doom

Conan the Gladiator

Contagion (novel)

Cranks and Shadows

Crime in the Kennel

Cross-Country Crime

Crown of Shadows

Cycle of Violence

Dancing the Code

Danger Down Under

Danger on Midnight River

Dark Angel (Dale novel)

Darkfall (Carmody novel)

Dead By Sunset

Dead Man's Walk

Dead on Arrival (Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys)

Deal Breaker

Deathstalker (novel)

Deepwater Black

Deucalion (novel)

Distress (novel)

Divorcing Jack (novel)

Double Act (novel)

Down by the River Where the Dead Men Go

Dragon's Rock


Dragons of Summer Flame

Dragonslayer's Return

Dream Boy

Dreams of My Russian Summers



Enigma (novel)

Escape from Fire Mountain


Father of Frankenstein

Fig Pudding

Five Days in Paris

Flag in Exile

From Potter's Field (novel)

From Time to Time (novel)

Fugitive Prince

Galatea 2.2


Geis of the Gargoyle

Gideon's Torch

Glory in Death


Grab Hands and Run

Grantchester Grind

Gridiron (novel)

Gump and Co.

Head Games (Doctor Who)

Hidden Jewel

High Fidelity (novel)

Higher Education (novel)

Highways to a War

Hogg (novel)

Hood (novel)

Hook 'Em Snotty!

Hope (novel)

Human Nature (Doctor Who novel)

I Think I'll Just Curl Up and Die!

I Who Have Never Known Men

Icebound (novel)

In the Empire of Shadow

In the Lake of the Woods

In the Middle of the Night (novel)

In the Time of the Butterflies

Independence Day (novel)

Indiana Jones and the Philosopher's Stone

Infinite Requiem

Inside Dope

Intensity (novel)

Invasion of the Cat-People

Ironman (novel)

Jackson's Dilemma

Just Don't Make a Scene, Mum!


Kaleidoscope Century

Katherine (Anchee Min)

Kiss the Girls

Kyoko (novel)

La Quarantaine (novel)

Ladder of Years

Last Human

Left Behind (novel)

Line of Delirium

Lion of Oz and the Badge of Courage

Living Other Lives

Long Lost

Lords of the Storm

Madeleine's Ghost


Marabou Stork Nightmares

Mary's Land



Mawali (novel)

Memnoch the Devil

Memories of the Irish-Israeli War

Merlin's Bones

Metropolitan (novel)



Millennial Rites

Miracle in Seville

Missing Angel Juan

Moo (novel)

Morality Play (novel)

Morning, Noon and Night (novel)

Morvern Callar

Murder in Grub Street

Murphy's Ambush

Mus of Kerbridge

My Education: A Book of Dreams

Mry no Hako

Naked in Death

Native Speaker (novel)

Nevermore (novel)

New Lives, New Loves

Ninina pesnika dva

Northern Lights (novel)

Oath of Swords

Ocean Waves (film)

Opernball (novel)

Ordinary Heroes (novel)

Original Sin (Doctor Who)

Osiris Rising

Our Game

Out of the Dark (1995 novel)

Outcast of Redwall


Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse

Paula (novel)

People of the Lakes

Petty Pewter Gods

Picture Perfect (novel)

Pieprzony los Kataryniarza

Pillar of Fire (novel)

Pollen (novel)

Practical Magic (novel)

Prisoner's Hope

Prizes (novel)

Promise Me (novel)

Proteus In The Underworld

Proud Helios

Puerto Vallarta Squeeze

Pulp (novel)

Raider (novel)

Random Acts of Senseless Violence

Raptor Red

Realtime Interrupt

Redemption (novel)

Relic (novel)

Remake (novel)

Rescued from Paradise

Reservation Blues

Rider at the Gate

Riding the Rap

Rise of a Merchant Prince

Roc and a Hard Place

Rose Madder (novel)

Rule of the Bone

Running Out of Time (novel)

Sabbath's Theater


Sanctuary (Doctor Who)

Santa Evita

Sarek (Star Trek novel)

Secrets in the Fire

Secrets of the Nile

Set Piece (Doctor Who)

Shadow Moon (novel)

Shakedown (Doctor Who novel)

Sharpe's Battle (novel)

Show of Evil

Sidetracked (novel)

Sky Pirates!

Sleeping Dogs (novel)

Slow River

Small g: a Summer Idyll

Snow Falling on Cedars

Songs in Ordinary Time

Spiral (novel)

Spirit Messenger (novel)

Storm Rising

Stormy Weather (novel)

Sudden Death (novel)

Sugat ng Alaala

Superstitious (novel)

System Shock (Doctor Who)

Target for Terror

Tarzan: The Lost Adventure

The Also People

The Anatomy Lesson (1995 novel)

The Apocalypse Watch

The Ashes of Eden

The Between

The Bloody Red Baron

The Body Farm (novel)

The Bomb (novel)

The Book of Atrix Wolfe

The Book of Earth

The Calcutta Chromosome

The Children of the Dead

The Color of Distance

The Commodore (novel)

The Copper Elephant

The Crystal Frontier

The Dancer Upstairs

The Dargonesti

The Dark Room (Walters novel)

The Dead School

The Diamond Age

The Double Tongue

The Earth is Enough

The Empire of Glass

The Fan (Abrahams novel)

The Fey Series

The Final Battle (novel)

The Fire Rose

The Firework-Maker's Daughter

The First Man

The Ganymede Club

The Garden of Unearthly Delights

The Ghost Road

The Ghosts of N-Space

The Gorgon Slayer

The Hawk Eternal

The Horse Whisperer (novel)

The House of Balthus

The Hundred Secret Senses

The Illusionist (novel)

The Information (novel)

The Jade Peony

The Killing Star

The Last Coyote

The Last Ride

The Last Wizard

The Lions of Al-Rassan

The Lost World (Crichton novel)

The Malcontenta

The Man Who Cast Two Shadows

The Memory Cathedral

The Menagerie (Doctor Who)

The Mermaids Singing

The Moor's Last Sigh

The Most Amazing Man Who Ever Lived

The Nano Flower

The Oath (Frank E. Peretti novel)

The Orchard on Fire

The Oversoul Seven Trilogy

The Paperboy (novel)

The People's Choice (novel)

The Piano Man's Daughter

The Polish Officer

The Potato Factory

The Prestige

The Prince and the Pilgrim

The Puppy Sister

The Pyramid (Kadare)

The Rainmaker (John Grisham)

The Rapture of Canaan

The Reader

The Return (novel)

The Return of Merlin

The Rifle

The Rock Jockeys

The Romance of Crime

The Run for el Norte

The Search for Snout

The Seventh Scroll

The Shattered Sphere

The Six Messiahs

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Doctor Who)

The Star Fraction

The Statement (novel)

The Stolen Throne

The Stranger Next Door

The Tent (Paulsen book)

The Terminal Experiment

The Three Evangelists

The Time Ships

The Tortilla Curtain

The Treasure in the Royal Tower (novel)

The Tunnel (novel)

The Unconsoled

The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

The Winter King

The Woven Path

The Wreck of the Zanzibar

Therapy (Lodge novel)

Thin Air (novel)

Thomas (novel)

Thunder Cave

Time of Your Life (novel)

Time to Depart


To Play the Fool

To the Wedding

Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Mirror Image

Total chaos (novel)

Toy Soldiers (Doctor Who)

Traveling with the Dead

Under the Beetle's Cellar

Under the Feet of Jesus


Villains by Necessity

Voodoo River

Warhost of Vastmark

Warlock (Doctor Who)

Ways of Dying

What Jamie Saw

When Christ and His Saints Slept

When Heaven Fell

Where the Heart Is (novel)


Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

Wikipedia talk:Articles for creation/Through Jaguar Eyes - crossing the Amazon Basin

Winning Colors (novel)

Winter Chill

Witches' Brew (novel)

Wonder Boys

Worldwar: Tilting the Balance

Wren's War

Wycliffe and the House of Fear


Zombie (novel)

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