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Your Eyelids Are Growing Heavy

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Wikipedia article

'Your Eyelids Are Growing Heavy' is the fourth crime novel by the American writer Barbara Paul.

Set in 1970s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it opens as the groundskeeper of Schenley Park Golf Course tries to waken Megan Phillips on the fourteenth hole fairway, where she is seems to be sleeping off a drinking binge. But Phillips, after psychiatric examination, cant remember a large blank in her life. Slowly she begins to realize that she was hypnotized, and that she must find the culprit to get her life back.

The author has said that she wrote the novel in two weeks, in a deliberate attempt to see how fast a novel could be written. She was pleased with the result, saying that 'Doubleday accepted the book without a murmur... it stands up to re-reading, which is always the acid test.'


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Buy Your Eyelids Are Growing Heavy now from Amazon

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