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Split Images

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Wikipedia article

'Split Images' is a crime novel written by Elmore Leonard published in 1981.

Plot summary

The novel begins in Detroit and tells the story of Robbie Daniels, a multimillionaire who guns down a Haitian refugee that broke into his Palm Beach mansion, calling it "practice". Walter Kouza, a 21-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department, sees this case as his one chance to quit being a cop and go to work for a big shot. The only one who can stop him is Lieutenant Bryan Hurd, whose unique method of investigation is supported by his good-looking lover and journalist Angela Nolan. The two follow Daniels and Kouza when they travel Florida to find their next victim: a diplomat and drug dealer.

Characters in 'Split Images'

*Robbie Daniels – multimillionaire and playboy killer

*Walter Kouza – ex-cop and Robbie's bodyguard

*Louverture Damien – Haitian burglar and 1st victim

*Curtis Moore – parking attendant and 2nd victim

*Chichi – drug dealer

*Bryan Hurd – Detroit homicide lieutenant

*Gary Hammond – Palm Beach squad-car officer

*Annie Maguire – Detroit homicide detective

*Angela Nolan – journalist and Bryan's girlfriend

Buy Split Images now from Amazon

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