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Peace Breaks Out

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Wikipedia article

'Peace Breaks Out' (1981) is a novel by American author John Knowles, better known for 'A Separate Peace' (1959). The books share the setting of the Devon preparatory school, probably a reference to Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire, which Knowles attended in his youth.

Plot introduction

This book follows the story of Pete Hallam as he returns to the school and becomes a history teacher as well as a coach. It is a story of the aftermath of World War II and the loss of innocence of young men.

It starts by Pete Hallam returning to the school he graduated from, war-torn and emotionally scarred. He now is a teacher at Devon School and detects a subtle but deep hate between two members of the class in the first session alone.

Characters in "Peace Breaks Out"

*Pete Hallam – the school teacher and main character

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