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Loitering with Intent

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Wikipedia article

'Loitering With Intent' is a novel by Scottish author Muriel Spark. Published in 1981 by Bodley Head it was short-listed for the Booker Prize that year.http://www.themanbookerprize.com/prize/books/171 It contains many autobiographical references to Spark's early career and was reprinted in 2001 by New Directions, in the US, and in 2007 by Virago Press in the UK (with a forward by Mark Lawson).

Plot introduction

Fleur Talbot is struggling to complete her first novel, 'Warrender Chase', in early 1950s London. She manages to secure a job working for Sir Quentin Oliver as secretary for the 'Autobiographical Association', whose eccentric members are seeking to write their memoirs. Fleur assists in this and gains valuable source material for her novel whilst growing increasingly suspicious that Sir Quentin may be blackmailing the association's members. Sir Quentin meanwhile discovers Fleur's novel-in-progress and seeks to suppress it as it reveals his evil plans. Here fact and fiction imitate each other as Fleur and Sir Quentin compete for the truth...


Buy Loitering with Intent now from Amazon

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